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+Release manager: [[KeithPackard|KeithPackard]]
+Stable branch maintainer: [[JeremyHuddleston|JeremyHuddleston]]
+## Schedule
+* End of feature merge window: 2010-06-01
+* End of bugfix window: 2010-08-01
+* Release of 1.9.0: 2010-08-20
+See also the [[X.Org Calendar|]].
+## Features
+* dix devPrivates rework (changed by a memory-wise version)
+* DRI2:
+ * [[new authentication mechanism|]] allowing build the server without libdrm
+ * [[buffers invalidation|]] to reduce unnecessary round trips to the X server
+ * lot of fixes.
+* configuration: smart set up using xorg.conf.d (FIXME [[DanNicholson|DanNicholson]], [[PeterHutterer|PeterHutterer]]), start up of the server [[without output devices connected|]]
+* xinput: [[invisible cursor sprite not damaging screen anymore|]] (performance improvements)
+* code clean-up:
+ * MAXSCREENS (almost) removal
+ * allocation function wrapping removal
+ * bus PCI related
+ * replacement of all X allocation functions (*alloc) with their C89 counterparts (performance improvement)
+ * removal of bzero
+ * region implementation from mi to dix
+ * mandatory RENDER
+* documentation: conversion of [[LinuxDoc|LinuxDoc]] documents to DocBook/XML
+* deprecation: mibank support, Multibuffer extension (MBE).
+* besides lot of bug fixing as usual ([[sw cursor on multiple screens|]]) and big number of changes (339 commits since X server 1.8.0 - 9th Jun)
+## Proposing patches for 1.9.x
+Server 1.9.0 has been [[released|]]. Patches may be nominated for future 1.9.x releases using the process outlined below.
+ * **Do not push to server-1.9-branch.**
+ * Patches for 1.9 must be in master first. Please follow the guidelines outlined on the [[XServer|XServer]] page to get a patch into master. Exceptions are patches where the master code has changed in a way that git master is not affected by a particular bug.
+ * For single patches: Once a patch is in master, let the stable branch maintainer know that this patch is to be cherry-picked to 1.9. Reply to the original patch email, placing the branch maintainer in TO and CC-ing the list. Make sure that the subject line contains `[PATCH 1.9]`.
+ * For multiple patches: Create a local branch and cherry-pick the patches required (Always use cherry-pick -x). Push this branch to your repository and send a pull request to the stable branch maintainer, CC-ing the list. Make sure the subject line contains `[PULL 1.9]`.
+ * Only regressions over the previous stable will be accepted between the final rc and the release. \ No newline at end of file