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+# X11R7.1 Release
+[[!toc ]]
+## About the X11R7.1 Release
+X11``R7.1 is the first roll-up release of the modularized X Window System source tree. It builds on the X11``R7.0 release, which was the first completely modularized and autotooled release. What modularization means for developers is that they can work on individual components with less interference from unrelated changes, and users can acquire new features and bug fixes asynchronously from the main release stream. This makes it easier than ever for developers and users to participate in the growth and success of the X Window System.
+## Documentation for X11R7.1
+* [[Primary release site|]]
+* [[README|]]
+* [[Release Notes|]]
+* [[Press release|PressReleases/X11R71Released]] \ No newline at end of file