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+= X11R6.8.2 Officially Released =
+=== X.Org Foundation Releases Update ===
+=== For X Window System Release X11R6.8.0 ===
+''Brookline Massachusetts, February 9, 2005''
+The X.Org Foundation today announced the fourth release of the X Window System since the formation of the Foundation in January of 2004.
+The new X.Org release, called X Window System Version 11, Release 6.8.2 (X11R6.8.2) builds on the work of X11R6.8.0 and X11R6.8.1 released in 2004. X11R6.8.2 combines the latest developments from many people and companies working with the X Window System and an open X.Org Foundation Release Team. All Official X.Org Releases are available for download from and at mirror-sites world-wide.
+== About this Release: ==
+The X11R6.8.2 release is intended to be a stable bug fix release ("Maintenance update") for the X11R6.8.0 and X11R6.8.1 X11 releases of the Xorg Foundation, containing bug fixes, security updates and a small set of new features, which include the following:
+ * ATI R100 video driver
+ * ATI "radeon" video driver
+ * ATI Rage128 video driver
+ * CYGWIN infrastructure update
+ * DMX Library updates
+ * Intel i810 video driver
+ * libXpm security update (CAN-2004-0914)
+ * Mesa (OpenGL) update to release 6.2
+ * Fixes to the pseudocolor emulation layer (currently only used by the Neomagic driver.)
+ * "nv" (Nvidia) video driver
+ * Postscript print driver
+ * Xprint infrastructure update
+Please refer to the X11R6.8.2 Release Notes at for further details. The full list of changes between the initial X11R6.8.0 and this release can be found in the Changelog.
+== About participation and membership in X.Org: ==
+Membership in the X.Org foundation is free and open to all participants. Active participants in the further development of the X Window System are invited to visit: to complete a membership application. Participation in the Foundation's Sponsor Group is also available to those who wish to financially support the activities of the X.Org Foundation. Current Sponsors include Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Hummingbird, IBM, Starnet Communications, WRQ, and Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS).
+== About the X.Org Foundation: ==
+X.Org Foundation L.L.C. is a Delaware company organized to operate as a scientific charity under IRS code 501(c)(3), chartered to develop and execute effective strategies that provide worldwide stewardship of the X Window System technology and standards. The group is currently managed by its Board of Directors that includes: Stuart Anderson (Free Standards Group), Egbert Eich (Novell), Jim Gettys (HP), Stuart Kreitman (SUN Microsystems), Kevin Martin (Red Hat), Jim McQuillan (Linux Terminal Server Project), Keith Packard (HP), and Leon Shiman (Shiman Associates). The website for the X.Org Foundation can be found at
+== About Community Participation: ==
+This release was built on X11R6.8.0 by the direct contributions of 66 developers, with the support of X.Org's Release Wranglers. Names of all contributors can be found in the Release Notes.
+== About The X Window System: ==
+The X Window System provides the only common networked windowing environment bridging the heterogeneous platforms in today's computing. The X Window System is one of the most successful open-source, collaborative technologies developed to date and is the standard graphical window system for the Linux® and UNIX® operating systems. The inherent independence of the X Window System from the operating system, the network and the hardware, as well as its successful interoperability, have made it widely available and deployed with more than 30 million users worldwide. All major hardware vendors support the X Window System and many third parties provide technologies for integrating X Window System applications into the networked computer or personal computer environments including Microsoft Windows®, UNIX, Linux and Mac OS® X. Further, thousands of software developers provide X Window System applications, and with the continued growth of Linux and the emergence of Mac OS X, the number of users is growing rapidly.
+''Notes to Editors:''
+(1) Distributed Multihead X Project:
+(2) The Mesa 3D Graphics Library:
+(3) The Xprint Project:
+UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the US and other countries. LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac OS is a registered trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other company names are trademarks of the registered owners.
+For questions, please contact: Leon Shiman, Secretary, X.Org Foundation, at:
+ Shiman Associates Inc
+ (00)1.617.277.0087