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+# Call For Proposals
+**2012 X.Org Developers Conference (XDC 2012)**
+**19-21 September 2012**
+**N├╝rnberg (Nuremberg), Germany**
+The [2012 X.Org Developers Conference]
+( is the annual
+technical meeting for [X Window System]( and
+[Free Desktop]( developers. The
+attendees will gather to discuss outstanding technical
+issues related to X and to plan the direction of the X
+Window System and its software ecosystem. The event is free
+of charge and open to the general public.
+The XDC 2012 Technical Program Committee (TPC) is requesting
+proposals for papers and presentations at XDC 2012. While
+any serious proposal will be gratefully considered, topics of
+interest to and developers are encouraged.
+There are three particular types of proposal the TPC is seeking:
+ 1. Technical talk abstracts: 250-1000 words describing a
+ presentation to be made at XDC 2012. This can be
+ anything: a work-in-progress talk, a proposal for
+ change, analysis of trends, etc.
+ 2. Informal white papers: 1000+ words on something of
+ interest or relevance to developers,
+ developers or the X community at large. These papers will
+ appear in the online conference proceedings of XDC 2012,
+ and are unrefereed (beyond basic checks for legitimacy and
+ relevance). Papers can be refereed if requested in advance.
+ 3. Technical research papers: 2500+ words in a format
+ and style suitable for refereed technical publication.
+ Papers that are judged acceptable by the TPC and its
+ referees will be published in the printed conference
+ proceedings of XDC 2012, available on a print-on-demand
+ basis online.
+XDC 2012 technical presenters will be chosen from the
+authors of any of these submissions (as well as other
+presenters invited by the TPC).
+Normally, there is time for everyone who wants to present to
+do so, but one can never tell. As much as possible,
+presenters will be selected from those who submit before the
+deadline. We also may be able to offer financial assistance
+for travel for presenters who could not otherwise afford to
+attend and who submit before the deadline. Please do submit
+your proposal in a timely fashion.
+**Proposals due:** Wednesday 15 August 2012 17:00 UTC
+*Accepted formats: PDF and ASCII text.
+**Notification of acceptance:** Monday 3 September 2012
+**E-mail:** board at