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+= X11R6.9 and X11R7.0 Officially Released =
+=== Landmark version X11R7.0 released today with X11R6.9 by the X.Org Foundation ===
+''Brookline, Massachusetts, December 21 2005.''
+The first major version release
+of the X Window System in more than a decade, !X11R7.0 is the first release
+of the complete modularized and autotooled source code base for the X Window
+System. !X11R6.9, its companion release, contains identical features, and
+uses the exact same source code as !X11R7.0, but with the traditional imake
+build system.
+These changes in source code management, giving openness and transparency to
+the source code base and employing current technology, invite a new
+generation of developers to contribute, building on the long tradition of
+the X Window System. The new modular format offers focused development, and
+rapid and independent updates and distribution of tested modular components
+as they are ready, freed from the biennial maintenance release timetable.
+!X11R6.9 comprises many distinct components bonded in a single tree,
+based on imake. !X11R7.0 splits that set of components into logically
+distinct modules, separately developed, built, and maintained by the
+community of X.Org developers. This simulaneous release gives a transition
+point for developers, builders, and vendors to adapt their practices to the
+new X.Org modular process. !X11R7.0 supports Linux and Solaris at this time,
+with other support pending. !X11R7.1, the first modular roll-up release, is
+scheduled mid-2006. While the monolithic tree will continue to be fully
+supported and released, new feature development is expected to be
+concentrated in the modular code base.
+The !X11R7.0 and !X11R6.9 releases are the work of more than fifty volunteer
+contributors worldwide, working under the release management team of Kevin
+Martin (Head), Alan Coopersmith, and Adam Jackson, with the support of Red
+Hat, Sun Microsystems, and the unsupported generous contribution of effort
+by Adam Jackson.*
+All X Window System Releases are available from http://ftp.X.Org and mirror sites
+worldwide (see They are distributed under the
+MIT ("X") License by the X.Org Foundation LLC. Information concerning
+organization, activities, and mailing lists can be found at
+http://www.X.Org. Membership is free and open to contributors. Sponsorship
+is encouraged to support the global activities of the X.Org Foundation.
+Current X.Org Sponsors include Sun Microsystems, HP, IBM, !StarNet
+Communications, AttachmateWRQ, Hummingbird, and Integrated Computer
+Solutions Incorporated [ICS].*
+In continuous use for over 20 years, the X Window System provides the only
+standard platform-independent networked graphical window system bridging the
+heterogeneous platforms in today's enterprise: from network servers to
+desktops, thin clients, laptops, and hand-helds, independent of operating
+system and hardware.
+* LINUX is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. "Solaris" is a tradmark
+of Sun Microsystems. Company names are trademarks of their registered