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+= X.Org community releases X11R7.2 =
+''February 15, 2007.''
+The X.Org community is proud to announce the release of !X11R7.2, the third modular release of the X Window System.
+!X11R7.2 supports Linux, BSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and GNU Hurd systems. It incorporates significant stability and correctness fixes, including improved autoconfiguration heuristics, enhanced support for GL-based compositing managers such as Compiz and Beryl, and improved support for PCI systems with multiple domains. It also incorporates the new, more extensible XACE security policy framework.
+The full source code is free to use, modify and redistribute and is available from and mirrors worldwide.
+For more information on the X Window System, including how to get involved with development, please see
+* Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Solaris is a trademark of Sun Microsystems. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Company names are trademarks of their registered owners.