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+## Marc Balmer
+Entrepreneur and owner of Micro Systems, a consulting, development and outsourcing company for 18 years in Basel, Switzerland ([[|]]).
+OpenBSD developer, mostly working on time related stuff (Time Signal Station Receivers, GPS), and maintaining ports like OpenLDAP, [[OpenMotif|OpenMotif]], PostgreSQL etc.
+Licensed radio amateur (HB9SSB), paraglider- and glider-pilot, motorbike rider and adventuror (Land Rover enthusiast). Former lecturor and member of the board of the department [[HyperWerk|HyperWerk]] of the Basel University of Applied Sciences.
+Organizer and chairman of the 2005 European BSD Developers Conference at the University of Basel, Switzerland and organizer and chairman of the 2007 OpenBSD Developers Conference OpenCON in Venice, Italy.
+Project administrator / general contact for X.Org Google Summer of Code 2008 projects
+Email: marc AT SPAMFREE msys DOT ch
+ [[CategoryHomepage|CategoryHomepage]]