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+# Andy Ritger - Enabling Alternative Window Systems with a non-Mesa Graphics Driver Implementation
+Alternates to the X Window System, such as Wayland and Mir, have evolved
+through novel use of the building blocks of the Mesa-, DRI-, and DRM-based
+Linux graphics driver stack.
+We have been working to support alternative window systems in the NVIDIA
+Linux Graphics Driver through:
+ * Refactoring our driver stack to more closely align to the organization
+ assumed by these alternative window systems (e.g., by working to plug
+ into DRM-KMS).
+ * Proposing new EGL extensions that alternative window system
+ implementations can use to enumerate GPUs, correlate objects between
+ EGL and DRM-KMS, and present frames through EGL + DRM-KMS.
+In this talk, I will describe the work NVIDIA has been doing to prepare
+to plug into DRM-KMS, present the EGL_EXT_device_* and EGL_EXT_output_*
+family of extensions:
+ * [EGL_EXT_device_base](
+ * [EGL_EXT_device_drm](
+ * [EGL_EXT_output_base](
+ * [EGL_EXT_output_drm](
+and suggest an EGLStream-based mechanism to present frames to an [EGLoutput](