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+# Alexander Monakov - A standalone threaded dispatch library for OpenGL
+This talk describes implementation of a library that performs
+threaded (multithreaded) dispatch for OpenGL API calls. The goal is to
+have a thin layer between the application and the vendor GL library
+that saves the GL API call arguments in a buffer and then calls the
+vendor implementation in a secondary thread, asynchronously. This
+technique is known as "GL threaded optimization" in NVIDIA drivers and
+has also been experimentally implemented in Mesa. The project aims to
+implement this technique as a standalone library, independently of
+underlying vendor implementation, and with very high efficiency. The
+talk describes the overall approach, several specific takes taken to
+reduce dispatch overhead, and notes a couple of missing features in
+the OpenGL API that would make such approach more powerful. At
+present, a work-in-progress implementation (iow: quick-hack-level) can
+outperform NVIDIA's counterpart on Unigine Heaven.