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* [[Events/BookSprint2012|BookSprint]]
* [[Events/XDC2012/Weekend|Weekend Event]]
* [[/Proceedings|Proceedings and Recorded Videos]]
- * [[|Experimental Live Video]] - '''NEW!'''
+ * Experimental Live Video - Closed
The 2012 X.Org Developer Conference (XDC2012) is to be held from September 19th thru 21st 2012 in N&uuml;rnberg (Nuremberg), Germany. The event will be hosted by [[|SUSE]] at their company headquarters in Nuernberg.
Please join us to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the first [[|X11 release]] (15 September 1987, but we'll round a bit) during this conference, we are looking forward to seeing you. An after-conference weekend event will be organized to honor this date [[#beer_hiking_trip|(check below)]].