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+# XDC2008 Program
+This is the rough program for [[XDC2008|Events/XDC2008]]. If you would like to give a talk, please add a proposal to the Ideas section below. Please do not edit the program itself: instead, if you have any time constraints (e.g. are arriving late or leaving early), please note them with your talk.
+The schedule itself will be available closer to the conference.
+## Program
+[[!table header="no" class="mointable" data="""
+ | **Wednesday** | **Thursday** _(multimedia/GL)_ | **Friday** _(clients and bits)_
+ **10am** | _coalesce, breakfast, live schedule bashing_ | _coalesce, breakfast_ | _coalesce, breakfast_
+ **10:30am** | Welcome, general socialising ([[CarlWorth|CarlWorth]] et al) | DRI2 debriefing ([[KristianHøgsberg|KristianHøgsberg]]) | Tinderbox with tests ([[ChrisBall|ChrisBall]])
+ **11:15am** | [[X11R7|X11R7]].4 status ([[AdamJackson|AdamJackson]] et al) | Future plans for XRender ([[EricAnholt|EricAnholt]]) | Image support in XCB ([[BartMassey|BartMassey]])
+ **12pm** | Introspection ([[KevinMartin|KevinMartin]]) | Radeon state of the art ([[JeromeGlisse|JeromeGlisse]]) | Wine and X ([[StefanDösinger|StefanDösinger]])
+ **1pm** | _lunch_ | _lunch_ | _lunch_
+ **2pm** | Mesa/Gallium overview ([[ZackRusin|ZackRusin]]) | Fixing video ([[DavidSchleef|DavidSchleef]]) | X.Org Foundation (Foundation board members) and [[impromptu XDS presentation with cute fluffy animals|]]
+ **3pm** | Suspend and resume ([[MatthewGarrett|MatthewGarrett]]) | r6xx architecture ([[AlexDeucher|AlexDeucher]]) | A talk not about SELinux ([[EamonWalsh|EamonWalsh]])
+ **4pm** | _afternoon tea_ | _afternoon tea_ | _afternoon tea_
+ **4:30pm** | Xquartz ([[BenByer|BenByer]]) | RandR ([[KeithPackard|KeithPackard]]) | Lightning Talks (5 minutes each) Owen Taylor (by proxy): Fixing glyph performance. John: What's the transition plan for kernel modesetting? Paulo Zanoni and Tiago Vignatti: Multiseat and blocker bug on X server master. Jesse Barnes: Getting off of /dev/mem (helping to run server as non-root). Daniel Stone on input. Adam Jackson on doing Xinerama right.
+## Ideas
+* [[EricAnholt|EricAnholt]]: 3D driver optimization for TTM
+* [[ChrisBall|ChrisBall]]: An X tinderbox with functional and performance tests
+* [[BartMassey|BartMassey]]: X image support in XCB
+* [[KristianHøgsberg|KristianHøgsberg]]: DRI2 Debriefing
+* [[ZackRusin|ZackRusin]]: Mesa/Gallium overview/update
+* [[StefanDoesinger|StefanDoesinger]]: Wine and X
+* [[MatthewGarrett|MatthewGarrett]]: Suspend and resume in modern graphics drivers
+* [[BenByer|BenByer]]: State of Xquartz
+* [[JeromeGlisse|JeromeGlisse]]: Radeon state of the art
+* [[DavidSchleef|DavidSchleef]]: Getting Video Right from a media framework perspective
+* [[AlexDeucher|AlexDeucher]]: Radeon R6xx Architectural Overview
+* [[BartMassey|BartMassey]], [[KeithPackard|KeithPackard]], [[AdamJackson|AdamJackson]], [[EricAnholt|EricAnholt]], [[CarlWorth|CarlWorth]], [[DanielStone|DanielStone]]: X.Org Foundation status etc
+* [[KevinMartin|KevinMartin]]: What have we been up to lately? and what's next?
+* [[AdamJackson|AdamJackson]]: Shattered pixmaps and the future of Xinerama \ No newline at end of file