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SubmittingPatches: Kill off "Plain text format" section
The section is contradictory and confusing wrt the 'use git send-email' instructions throughout the page.
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If you are sending the patch to the list, you may include additional information (benchmark results, a method how to reproduce it) after the -- in the git formatted patch. When the patch is applied, this information is omitted. If you are submitting a patch for a specific server version (not git master), then please note your version here. If this bug affected previous released versions of the X server it helps to say so too.
-## Plain text format
-Always attach patches as plain text files - if emailed then either attached or in-line. Never attach a zip file, tarball or any other archive with patches. Posting a link to a pastebin is permissible on IRC, don't post links on mailing lists, just attach the patch directly to the email.
-Apply common sense: make it as easy as possible for others to look at the patch. The more steps required to look at your patch and write a review, the more likely it will be ignored.
# E-Mailing a patch
E-mail the patch you have just created to the xorg-devel list for review and approval. Let's use the [[git-send-email|]] command for that. Of course, you can use other e-mail clients to attach your patch. If you decide to use a mailer, make sure your mailer isn't altering the spaces or lines of the patch, or the patch won't work.