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@@ -28,13 +28,13 @@ The rectangle ops are probably about as perfect as they're going to get.
### Text ops
+When damage is active for a drawable we look up the glyphs twice, once in damage and once in glamor, which is a waste of CPU.
### Span ops
FillSpans might benefit from an alternate calling convention, where rather than being passed a span list the caller asks the driver to allocate the span storage, fills that in, then calls Set or Fill. This would let us eliminate the copy into the vbo and just store there directly.
-GetSpans and SetSpans are irrelevant, you can't hit it unless you're using the mi blit routines, and we're not.
+GetSpans and SetSpans are irrelevant, you can't hit them unless you're using the mi blit routines, and we're not.
## Render
@@ -64,4 +64,8 @@ The Render implementation needs major work:
## XVideo
+Might be nice to add support for more formats? Should inspect the source to various video players and see what they'd prefer.
+## Ɯbershader
+Switching among shader programs isn't free. Would be worth investigating whether a single shader performs as well as the current design.