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Today's BoD meeting minutes and irc logs
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* [[June 13|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2013/06-13]]
* [[June 27|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2013/06-27]]
* [[July 11|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2013/07-11]]
+* [[July 25|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2013/07-25]]
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+Summary of the 25 July 2013 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2013/07-25|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2013/07-25]].
+## Attendees
+ * Alan Coopersmith, Martin Peres, Peter Hutterer, Alex Deucher, Keith Packard, Matthias Hopf, Stuart Kreitmann
+ * Matt Dew
+## Summary
+XDC is getting closer with less than two months remaining. CfP for proposal
+ends on Aug 1 and the paper committee is forming and about to review the
+submissions. Keith is negotiating a conference rate for the hotel.
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: Eric Anholt flushed the member admin-queue, we can now welcome some
+new members from FreeBSD (including others). Welcome!
+ACTION: none
+STATUS: Complete
+ITEM: X.Org Wiki license
+License information has been added to the wiki frontpage.
+ACTION: Martin P to figure out how to add it to the edit page
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: XDC Hotel arrangements
+Keith P arranging for a conference hotel and negotiating a price, likely
+around USD 80 per night.
+ACTION: Keith P to finalize negotiations with the hotel
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: XDC paper submissions
+Several proposals were submitted already, CfP deadline is Aug 1. Martin is
+contact to the board, will take care of organising the committee.
+ACTION: Papers reviewed by committee
+STATUS: Ongoing