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Xorg BoD minutes 2018-06-07
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+Summary of the 07 June 2018 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/]]
+## Attendees
+Martin Peres,
+Bryce Harrington,
+Taylor Campbell,
+Keith Packard,
+Rob Clark,
+Eric Anholt,
+Harry Wentland,
+Daniel Vetter
+## Summary
+Agenda: gsoc, evoc, credential management, treasurer questions, fd.o
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: gsoc
+ * First evaluation period is on the 11th of June. Both students have been doing
+ great.
+ * Martin is waiting for students to write blogs posts so he can write an article
+ about their work.
+ACTIONS: Martin to remind students of their responsibility to blog about their
+ work.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: evoc
+ * Rob updated SummerOfCode project page and pinged dcback about mesa build related
+ projects.
+ * Looks like projects not requiring particular HW are popular. The perception
+ is that projects requiring HW poses a greater difficulty to students.
+ * After talking about a potential HW sponsorship the conclusion is that it's
+ not currently an issue. If it comes up we can look at it on case-by-case
+ basis.
+ACTIONS: Rob to follow up again about potential mesa build related projects
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: credential management
+ * Bryce sent patch to handle credential management. The board agrees to move
+ forward with his patch.
+ACTIONS: Follow up in next meeting on what credentials remain to be added.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: treasurer questions
+ * Bryce hasn't heard back yet from Stuart about the missing asset check.
+ * SPI has no records of XDC sponsor donations arriving, except for Intel.
+ACTIONS: Daniel to touch base with sponsors.
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: fd.o
+ * Harry started reviewing bylaws with FDO merge in mind.
+ACTIONS: Harry to send first draft of bylaw update by next meeting.
+STATUS: Pending