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This week's meeting minutes
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+Summary of the 04 September 2014 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2014/01-09|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2014/09-04]].
+# Minutes
+## Attendees
+* Stuart Kreitmann, Alex Deucher, Matt Dew, Peter Hutterer, Alan Coopersmith, Egbert Eich, Keith Packard
+* Martin Peres
+## Summary
+Several travel sponsorships approved for XDC.
+X.Org will join Round 9 of the Outreach Program for Women, we're now looking
+for mentors and projects.
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: XDC 2014 travel sponsorhips
+Approved for David Herrmann, Jamey Sharp, Roy Spliet
+STATUS: Complete
+ITEM: EvOC mid-term payment/travel sponsorship for Check
+Waiting on mentor mid-term eval
+ACTION: Waiting for evaluation
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: Outreach Program for Women
+X.Org has signed up to the OPW, sponsoring one participant.
+Wiki page with the required details is here:
+ACTION: Waiting for mentors and projects
+STATUS: Complete