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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-02-17
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+[14:01:38] [connected at Thu Feb 17 14:01:38 2022]
+[14:01:38] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[14:01:44] <tlwoerner_> hello
+[14:01:58] <Lyude> Hey everyone, time for role call while I type up the agenda for today real quick
+[14:02:58] <Lyude> Agenda for today: domain status, XDC2022, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, MIPI alliance and CSI, election season, treasurer report for 2021, and finding a new parent foundation
+[14:03:00] <hwentlan____> Hi
+[14:03:01] <mdnavare> Hi All!
+[14:04:55] <Lyude> Hey! So we've got quorum now, I can start on some ofthe items here. MIPI alliance and CSI: No updates, I had to take some unexpected time off so I didn't get much time to do stuff last week
+[14:07:26] <Lyude> For domain status since danvet asked I handle the update for that. danvet managed to track down the domain owners for the last few of the domains, and started up the process of fixing ownership for the domain (more info on that in email). so we can consider this done for the time being
+[14:07:45] <mfilion> Nice
+[14:09:00] <Lyude> Also for finding a new parent organization: haven't had a chance to get started with that
+[14:09:32] <Lyude> tlwoerner_: do you want to go over GSoC stuff?
+[14:09:39] <tlwoerner_> Lyude: sure
+[14:09:45] <tlwoerner_> while attending university, Rodrigo was part of a group that helped newbies get into Linux (kernel) development
+[14:09:50] <tlwoerner_> he still works with that group
+[14:09:56] <tlwoerner_> he has a couple students who he thinks would make a great addition to X.Org via GSoC
+[14:10:09] <tlwoerner_> i've setup myself as the X.Org admin and have filled out the "paperwork"
+[14:10:27] <tlwoerner_> i just need a 2nd admin and a count of the mentors and we're ready to go
+[14:10:38] <tlwoerner_> we're going to try to put Rodrigo down as the 2nd admin
+[14:11:04] <tlwoerner_> we also have Melissa Wen as a mentor, so if Rodrigo can't be an admin and a mentor, well then at least we still have Melissa
+[14:11:12] <Lyude> oh nice!
+[14:11:18] <hwentlan____> tlwoerner_: thanks for working with siqueira and melissa on that
+[14:11:21] <tlwoerner_> danvet has also stepped up and offered to mentor a drm project
+[14:11:39] <tlwoerner_> the deadline for the paperwork is Monday
+[14:11:46] <danvet> hm should maybe coordinate with melissa and rodrigo on that
+[14:11:53] <danvet> if something happens
+[14:12:05] <tlwoerner_> i've also updated the GSoC ideas page with Rodrigo's project
+[14:12:10] <danvet> tlwoerner_, should we have a #gsoc or can you ping them to join here for oddball coordination?
+[14:12:25] <tlwoerner_>
+[14:12:34] <tlwoerner_> we ask them to join #dri-devel
+[14:12:42] <tlwoerner_> and the dri-devel mailing list
+[14:12:56] <tlwoerner_> oh.. sorry
+[14:13:02] <tlwoerner_> you mean Rodrigo and Melissa
+[14:13:11] <tlwoerner_> Rodrigo is here, siqueira
+[14:13:19] <mfilion> wow very nice, so great to see all this moving again
+[14:13:25] <tlwoerner_> so i could ask Melissa to join here too
+[14:13:41] <tlwoerner_> mfilion: it always hinges on mentors
+[14:13:48] <tlwoerner_> we get mentors, we do GSoC
+[14:14:10] <tlwoerner_> siqueira is doing really awesome stepping up like this
+[14:14:26] <mfilion> *thank you* siqueira
+[14:14:50] <tlwoerner_> hwentlan____: np
+[14:15:07] <tlwoerner_> that's all for now
+[14:15:19] <Lyude> Yeah thank you big time!
+[14:15:24] <mdnavare> Yes this is excellent, thanks siqueira, is this is going to be more around VKMS project?
+[14:15:38] <Lyude> GSoC is the entire reason I'm here today, so it's really good to see us being involved with it again
+[14:16:37] <Lyude> samuelig: any chance you're around today?
+[14:17:00] <tlwoerner_> mdnavare: their project is adding unit tests to AMDGPU
+[14:17:24] <tlwoerner_> see
+[14:17:39] <Lyude> ooooooooooooh. I like that
+[14:18:13] <tlwoerner_> there are several great people in X.Org who are here because of GSoC, including Rodrigo and Melissa! ;-)
+[14:18:17] <mdnavare> tlwoerner_: Awesome thats great
+[14:19:29] <mfilion> right so what's next on today's list?
+[14:20:20] <Lyude> yeah sorry - was switching between windows for a sec
+[14:20:29] <Lyude> I think we gotta skip the XDC2022 update for today
+[14:20:53] <Lyude> election season: No updates here quite yet, next week is when nomination periods start
+[14:21:03] <mfilion> are we still sending out reminders to renew memberships?
+[14:21:41] <danvet> tlwoerner_, did you or siqueira kick of a mail to look for mentors to the usual dev lists?
+[14:21:42] <Lyude> I haven't sent one out since the first one, I'll send another one today. thanks for reminding me
+[14:21:44] <mfilion> speaking of which - mdnavare anholt keithp you haven't renewed yet :)
+[14:21:54] <danvet> since we restart I expect a lot of people simply missed this
+[14:22:07] <mfilion> 52 renewed so far, not bad
+[14:22:12] <Lyude> yeah
+[14:22:13] <mfilion> what was our count for 2021?
+[14:22:17] <Lyude> I don't think too too many people have missed it
+[14:22:43] <mfilion> I don't have admin anymore so can't see the list for 2021
+[14:22:56] <Lyude> it doesn't let you see the list?
+[14:23:03] <mfilion> nope
+[14:23:04] <Lyude> I definitely went through and re-added folks
+[14:23:06] <Lyude> weird
+[14:23:24] <mfilion> I'm up for re-election, makes sense that I'm not admin
+[14:23:36] <Lyude> mhm - just didn't realize member lists were an admin privilege
+[14:23:41] <mfilion> so, what was our count for 2021? slightly below 100 I think?
+[14:24:03] <Lyude> oh wow
+[14:24:08] <tlwoerner_> danvet: oops no. i sent one 7 days ago to the mentors listed on the ideas page but didn't sent one to the usually places, i'll go ahead and do that now
+[14:24:10] <Lyude> 66
+[14:24:16] <mfilion> really?
+[14:24:16] <keithp> oops, tnx!
+[14:24:18] <Lyude> yep
+[14:24:21] <mfilion> it was way higher before no?
+[14:24:21] <Lyude> 52 votes cast
+[14:24:29] <Lyude> yeah I am pretty sure it was higher in previous years
+[14:24:37] <hwentlan____> yeah, i remember member counts around the 100
+[14:24:49] <mfilion> hmm clearly we need to make more noise
+[14:24:51] <Lyude> 2018: membership 91, 49 votes
+[14:25:14] <mfilion> ok so I'll post a reminder on Twitter too
+[14:25:15] <hwentlan____> yeah, votes are a lot less than member, usually
+[14:25:20] <Lyude> (or 2019? think rob might have typo'd that email)
+[14:25:32] <mfilion> and will do it a few times in the next week or so. when does the election period start? march 1st?
+[14:25:53] <mfilion> oh no March 17, ok exactly one month away
+[14:26:12] <mfilion> right so I'll get some reminders going, timing is good
+[14:27:46] <Lyude> ah alright - thank you very much. do you want me to handle the email reminder mfilion?
+[14:29:09] <mfilion> yes please, I'll do Twitter
+[14:29:19] <Lyude> sgtm
+[14:29:52] <Lyude> alright - anholt is afk as well I'm fairly sure we can skip the update on treasurer report for todya
+[14:29:54] <Lyude> *today
+[14:30:18] <Lyude> Thanks for coming everyone!
+[14:32:23] <tlwoerner_> thank you
+[14:34:27] <mfilion> thanks everyone!
+[14:39:55] <anholt> sorry, was off in another meeting. no updates on treasurer today
+[15:05:00] [disconnected at Thu Feb 17 15:05:00 2022]