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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-05-12
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+[14:59:27] [connected at Thu May 12 14:59:27 2022]
+[14:59:27] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[14:59:39] <tlwoerner> hello
+[15:00:10] <alyssa> Hello! :)
+[15:00:33] <Lyude> Hi! Time for rolecall ( alyssa, danvet, mfilion, rg3igalia, mdnavare ) (the other two directors are absent, jfyi)
+[15:00:48] <rg3igalia> hi!
+[15:00:51] * danvet somewhat here-ish
+[15:01:50] <Lyude> Cool! We should have enough people :), agenda for today:
+[15:03:28] <Lyude> XDC2023, XDC2022, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, MIPI alliance and CSI, and SPI replacement
+[15:04:13] <Lyude> Oh- krhonos adopters agreement for opencl I think should also be on the agenda according to
+[15:04:43] <alyssa> is there anything to discuss for opencl?
+[15:04:44] <tlwoerner> were we going to discuss a possible time change (not that i'm giving any opinion either way)
+[15:04:47] <alyssa> thought we're waiting on khronos
+[15:05:07] <Lyude> For MIPI alliance and CSI: No progress from my end but we had someone from the fdo community poke us and ask if we'd be interested in them getting us some contacts to try.
+[15:05:32] <Lyude> alyssa: ah you're right, take the opencl off then
+[15:05:39] <Lyude> tlwoerner: yeah I thought I was missing something
+[15:06:38] <Lyude> Although I wonder if we should do the time change over email to make sure everyone gets a chance to give their opinion. I guess we can start it here and finish it off on email for anholt
+[15:07:26] <Lyude> So on the SPI replacement: didn't actually get the time to start this but will be doing so asap now that elections are over
+[15:07:36] <alyssa> \o/
+[15:08:02] <Lyude> XDC2022/XDC2023: no real updates other than I sent out the CFP, however I'm a bit concerned that I haven't seen any kind of talks come through yet since posting the CFP. Is that normal this early on?
+[15:08:42] <alyssa> I wager "first in-person conf since the pandemic for a lot of us" is a part of that?
+[15:08:56] <rg3igalia> I suppose so, it's probably too early to send reminders also
+[15:09:08] <tlwoerner> proposals only come in a day or two before/after closing
+[15:09:48] <Lyude> ahh, as long as it's normal then I'm fine with it :). I just wanted to make sure the email didn't somehow miss mailing lists or something like that
+[15:10:03] * alyssa is still in denial that there's an in-person XDC
+[15:11:16] <Lyude> Alright, wow we have a short agenda today. I guess tlwoerner you can go over GSoC stuff?
+[15:11:32] <tlwoerner> today is slot request day, i've got our 4 proposals ranked and ready to go
+[15:11:39] <tlwoerner> we'll find out on May 20th
+[15:11:44] <mdnavare> Hi All, sorry for joining late
+[15:11:46] <tlwoerner> perhaps we could run any slots we don't get as EVoC?
+[15:11:51] <tlwoerner> (that's all)
+[15:11:54] <mfilion> o/
+[15:12:10] <Lyude> tlwoerner: if the mentors we've got would be willing to help run such a program I'd be alright with that!
+[15:12:28] <rg3igalia> +1
+[15:12:30] <tlwoerner> sounds good
+[15:12:44] <alyssa> I thought we weren't doing EVoC this year? i'm confused
+[15:13:01] <Lyude> alyssa: only because of a lack of volunteers
+[15:13:09] <Lyude> but if that's not an issue I see no problem
+[15:13:13] <alyssa> right, okay
+[15:14:14] <Lyude> Alright - so one thing I did forget to add real quick:
+[15:14:49] <Lyude> one more sponsor since the last sponsor update we had. that's pretty much all on that
+[15:16:13] <Lyude> So that just leaves the timechange: I guess a good question is what timezone is everyone actually in? I'm in EST, iirc mdnavare is PDT, not sure what everyone else is
+[15:16:26] <alyssa> EST
+[15:16:32] * anholt_ here now
+[15:16:34] <alyssa> that's America/Toronto, not America/New_York ;p
+[15:16:46] <anholt_> pdt
+[15:16:52] <tlwoerner> alyssa: you mean EDT
+[15:16:54] <mdnavare> Yup I am in PDT
+[15:17:00] <alyssa> tlwoerner: err yes I do. can never remember which is which
+[15:17:05] <alyssa> thanks
+[15:17:18] <rg3igalia> Europe/Madrid, the current time is a bit atrocious for me
+[15:17:38] <Lyude> danvet, mfilion if you are here: what timezone are you two in?
+[15:17:49] <Lyude> Also I know samuelig is in rg3igalia's timezone iirc
+[15:17:54] <rg3igalia> yes, he is
+[15:18:16] <tlwoerner> i assume danvet is in CEST?
+[15:18:20] <danvet> yup
+[15:18:26] <danvet> also not really here :-(
+[15:19:08] <tlwoerner> mfillion is in Montréal? so that's EDT as well
+[15:19:17] <Lyude> hm, I guess then the bigger question is whether folks in EDT-PDT would be ok with the meeting getting made earlier
+[15:19:44] <alyssa> Lyude: Any time during regular work hours is good for me
+[15:20:09] <Lyude> I could likely do 11-12 but in that case we might need to move the meeting to a different day of the week
+[15:20:25] <Lyude> which probably isn't too big of a deal tbh
+[15:22:05] <rg3igalia> any time earlier than now is good for me, and the only other fixed meeting I have during the week is on Thursdays 7:30am-8:30am Pacific Daylight Time
+[15:22:09] <Lyude> So like - would wed at like 11-12 AM EDT - ~5-6 PM
+[15:22:16] <Lyude> work?
+[15:22:23] <Lyude> sorry-~5-6 PM CEST
+[15:22:37] <tlwoerner>,12,8&h=5&hf=1
+[15:22:57] <Lyude> ah yes, my good buddy world time buddy
+[15:23:40] <rg3igalia> works very well for me
+[15:23:56] <anholt_> I wouldn't be available at that time, I'm getting the kid to school.
+[15:24:09] <mdnavare> Lyude: Usually mornings till 10 am PDT are a lot fo wrk meetings since colleagues in India time and Europe time zone
+[15:24:45] <Lyude> anholt_: is that all week or just certain days of the week?
+[15:24:53] <anholt_> all week, unfortunately.
+[15:25:15] <tlwoerner> what about 1 hour earlier than the current?
+[15:25:15] <mfilion> lyude - same timezone as alyssa, EDT
+[15:26:04] <Lyude> anholt_: if it was at 12 would you be able to make it? Because I think that just leaves us 12PM and 1PM
+[15:26:17] <anholt_> that works for me
+[15:26:22] <Lyude> (assume I'm saying my times in EDT, jfyi)
+[15:26:51] <Lyude> Alright, 12AM EDT on wednesdays then
+[15:27:11] <tlwoerner> 12am??
+[15:27:18] <Lyude> *pm, sorry lol
+[15:27:22] <tlwoerner> lol
+[15:27:22] <Lyude> AM/PM always gets me confused
+[15:27:50] <danvet> is that 3h earlier than now?
+[15:27:54] <alyssa> danvet: yeah
+[15:28:01] <tlwoerner> noon for mfilion alyssa tlwoerner
+[15:28:05] <danvet> +1
+[15:28:10] <rg3igalia> would it be possible to keep it on thursdays at that time?
+[15:28:30] <rg3igalia> or does wednesday work better for everyone?
+[15:28:45] * danvet doesn't care either way
+[15:29:00] <Lyude> rg3igalia: unfortunately 11AM-~12PM is when I've got meetings on thursdays, and meeting with my boss biweekly before that. so if we could do a different day that'd probably be preferable, but I can make thursday work if needed
+[15:29:48] <Lyude> can do p much any other day of the week as well
+[15:30:24] <rg3igalia> no problem, my attendance may be spotty a few times before summer but it should be ok after that
+[15:30:43] <Lyude> that's np, wed it is then
+[15:31:24] <Lyude> mfilion, mdnavare does that work for y'all?
+[15:31:40] <danvet> Lyude, btw edt or in cet like we have now for tz fun?
+[15:32:18] <Lyude> danvet: 12PM my time, 6PM yours
+[15:32:32] <danvet> Lyude, I mean do we fix this into edt or cet
+[15:32:37] <tlwoerner> danvet: it *was* switching with Europe before, so let's switch it with NA this time :-D
+[15:32:44] <tlwoerner> haha
+[15:32:47] <danvet> i.e. will it move relative to cet when you switch from summer to winter time
+[15:32:57] <danvet> tlwoerner, atm it's cet fixed
+[15:33:03] <danvet> and before that it was pdt iirc
+[15:33:09] <danvet> I don't think we ever had it aligned with europe tz
+[15:33:40] <mdnavare> Lyude: Yes 9am PST Wed then? Every 3 weeks, I have a meeting at that time, but otherwise its hould work
+[15:33:42] <Lyude> oh, I was probably going to keep it UTC
+[15:33:44] <danvet> oh also sorry I meant UTZ fixed
+[15:33:50] * danvet not working
+[15:33:53] <danvet> *UTC
+[15:34:00] <tlwoerner> yes, we could set it to UTC
+[15:34:24] <danvet> I mean they all suck somewhat, but UTC seems to have resulted in least amount of "uh I missed the meeting by 1h" twice a year
+[15:34:37] <Lyude> mhm, plus in a year the US won't even have DST
+[15:35:18] <alyssa> ooh
+[15:35:26] <Lyude> anyway, seems like we've got a new time :). so that's the end of the meeting everyone, thanks for coming!
+[15:35:29] <tlwoerner>,12,8,100&h=5&hf=1
+[15:35:57] <danvet> so is it edt or utc fixed now?
+[15:36:05] <danvet> I need to adjust my calendar entry correctly :-)
+[15:36:06] <tlwoerner> i'll believe it when i see it, regardless canada will very likely follow the US
+[15:36:30] <alyssa> tlwoerner: IIRC Ontario voted to change when New York and Quebec change, here's hoping :p
+[15:36:53] <Lyude> danvet: is there an unfixed UTC?
+[15:37:04] <danvet> well utc is always fixed
+[15:37:21] <Lyude> ahhhh ok yeah, it's fixed UTC then (we also have a google calendar event for this iirc with the corret timezone)
+[15:37:31] <danvet> and europe/us can't agree when to do dst switching, so those are lolz
+[15:37:45] <danvet> Lyude, oh right do you know how to update that one?
+[15:38:00] <Lyude> I believe so, iirc I've done it in the past to cancel meetings on holidays
+[15:54:41] <mfilion> sorry lost track of the conversation - so what's the new time?
+[15:55:13] <mfilion> 3 hrs earlier than previously?
+[15:55:48] <Lyude> nah we went all in, 10 hours later. (yes-it is 3 hours earlier, and now on wednesday)
+[16:08:13] <mfilion> ha ok cool
+[16:43:03] [disconnected at Thu May 12 16:43:03 2022]