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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-07-06
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+[12:13:50] [connected at Wed Jul 6 12:13:50 2022]
+[12:13:50] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[12:14:05] <Lyude> there we go :), should be happy now. gimme a sec to type up the agenda
+[12:15:36] <Lyude> Hi everyone, time for roll call: alyssa, anholt_, mfilion, rg3igalia, mdnavare (cc tlwoerner ?)
+[12:15:52] * rg3igalia waves
+[12:16:00] <alyssa> hi hi
+[12:16:26] <anholt_> here
+[12:16:29] <mfilion> o/
+[12:17:54] <Lyude> Agenda for today: XDC2022 / XDC2023, MIPI alliance and CSI, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC (if tlwoerner is here)
+[12:18:12] <siqueira> Hi, I'll add the report for GSoC today :)
+[12:18:26] <Lyude> oh - and getting a VM for legacy services (will need to check whether we went over that last meeting but I don't think we did)
+[12:18:29] <Lyude> siqueira: sgtm!
+[12:18:37] <anholt_> err, wasn't sfc our main agenda item?
+[12:19:04] <Lyude> anholt_: somewhat but I had thought we were doing most of the discussion around that via email unless we had specific points to discuss?
+[12:19:49] * Lyude also may have just misunderstood
+[12:20:04] * rg3igalia needs to go away for 5 minutes, brb (perfect moment, doh!)
+[12:20:13] <anholt_> ok, email works.
+[12:21:25] <Lyude> So for MIPI/CSI: no updates for me, dropped the ball on that one since last two weeks were very busy for me but I'll try to get on it this week since things should be calmer now
+[12:21:39] <Lyude> siqueira: do you want to go over outreach stuff?
+[12:21:50] <siqueira> Sure
+[12:22:52] <siqueira> For GSoC, we have three students who have already had tremendous progress. You can see their recent reports aggregated at:
+[12:22:59] * rg3igalia back
+[12:23:05] <alyssa> siqueira: woo!
+[12:23:09] <siqueira> Their main series are available at:
+[12:23:13] <siqueira>
+[12:23:17] <siqueira>
+[12:23:22] <siqueira>
+[12:23:41] <siqueira> They are pushing really hard to enable Kunit in amdgpu drivers and DRM :)
+[12:23:47] <Lyude> :D
+[12:23:53] <rg3igalia> that's great to hear
+[12:23:57] <Lyude> a student after my own heart, love it
+[12:24:20] <anholt_> neat!
+[12:24:56] <siqueira> This year, I also requested them to write tutorials and blog posts under the FLUSP website (student group) because I want to aggregate content about DRM/AMDGPU/KUNIT/GSOC in an easy way for newcomers to read.
+[12:25:06] <alyssa> Exciting :)
+[12:25:07] <siqueira> Finally, they submit a talk to XDC and Linux Plumbers
+[12:25:14] <siqueira> and I guess that's all :)
+[12:25:28] <mfilion> nice update, thanks siqueira!
+[12:25:42] <alyssa> GSoC students work as a team now?
+[12:25:46] * alyssa OOtL
+[12:26:16] <siqueira> Yeah! I decided to make them work as a group to support each other and create a sense of community...
+[12:26:17] <Lyude> alyssa: they can I believe, it's just not a default
+[12:26:26] <alyssa> nice :-)
+[12:26:32] <Lyude> siqueira: oooooh, I didn't realize it was intentional. Nice thinking :)
+[12:26:45] <siqueira> Thanks :)
+[12:27:49] <Lyude> OK - so for XDC2022/XDC2023 there's a few updates... and something I just noticed that seems rather important
+[12:28:12] <Lyude> I was going to mention that the deadline for CFP for was coming soon but I just noticed the deadline mentioned here is september 5th
+[12:28:30] <rg3igalia> yes, I can explain that
+[12:28:47] <mfilion> both Wine & XR have their own deadline
+[12:28:51] <Lyude> aaah right
+[12:29:02] * Lyude a bit tired right now
+[12:29:13] <mfilion> but XDC's has closed (although I still think it should be extended a little)
+[12:29:19] <rg3igalia> the deadline was July 4th as in previous years, so when the CfP closed, I reached out to the Wineconf and XR guys
+[12:29:38] <Lyude> ok - anyway XDC cfp passed, but I guess the question is if we want to extend it. rg3igalia you said we already have more then we can schedule right?
+[12:29:58] <rg3igalia> and the XR guys mentioned they wanted to extend it to Sep 5th, and the Wineconf guys agreed it was a good deadline, so I reopened it with that date
+[12:30:08] <alyssa> are we reviewing now?
+[12:30:16] <rg3igalia> but I did several changes to make it clear the full slots and half slots for XDC are closed
+[12:30:38] <rg3igalia> I'm not opposed to reopening the CfP if you agree we really want that, let me give you the numbers
+[12:30:45] <Lyude> alyssa: possibly, I think we're currently figuring out if we want to extend
+[12:31:21] <mfilion> 24-25 talks for 19 slots doesn't seem like much of a selection, means only a handful get rejected
+[12:31:40] <Lyude> that's pretty normal tbh
+[12:31:44] <rg3igalia> at a minimum, we have 24 full-slot proposals, and 9 half-slot proposals, yes
+[12:32:01] <Lyude> mfilion: it's actually recent that we even started getting enough talks to reject more then one or two, if even
+[12:32:03] <rg3igalia> the typical schedule could contain like 19 full-slots and 5 half-slots
+[12:32:21] <alyssa> I am extremely biased, but of the full slots, 9 are Mesa talks, and ideally they'd all be accepted :-)
+[12:32:50] <rg3igalia> if we agree to reopen, we should announce it, and set a new deadline, I guess, not too far away in the future
+[12:33:28] <mfilion> @lyude still, last year we had 49 total for XDC, this year we have 41 total, which include Wine & XR talks too
+[12:33:54] <alyssa> Do we expect that there are talks that have not been submitted yet, but will be submitted and are better than the 19 best talks we have now?
+[12:34:03] <alyssa> (talking full slots, sub in the numbers for half.)
+[12:34:19] <alyssa> Will there be talks that miss the deadline that are worth booting out the current talks for?
+[12:34:44] <alyssa> If we're going to extend just to reject all the new talks, that's not helpful to anyone
+[12:34:47] <alyssa> wastes our time and there's
+[12:34:52] <alyssa> theirs
+[12:34:54] <Lyude> mfilion: yeah but I thought we didn't have extra slots for XDC talks at this point
+[12:35:31] <mfilion> isn't the point of a CfP to get the most talks possible to choose from so we can get a quality schedule in the end?
+[12:36:11] <mfilion> if everyone is happy with just going with what we have, then ok
+[12:36:27] <rg3igalia> of course, the question is if we think we already have a high number of quality proposals, and if there are any important proposals that we have missed
+[12:36:40] <rg3igalia> on my side, I think all the "usual suspects" have submitted proposals
+[12:36:44] <alyssa> i mean. it's not an amazing line up. but yeah, what important proposals are we missing?
+[12:37:21] <alyssa> rg3igalia: I think same here
+[12:37:56] <alyssa> er, #15 and #16 seem to be duplicates
+[12:38:01] <alyssa> I guess subtract one from all the above numbers
+[12:38:21] <rg3igalia> it was submitted for both XDC and FOSS XR
+[12:38:27] <alyssa> right I see that now. confusing.
+[12:38:33] <Lyude> yeah I think I'm fine with keeping the deadline
+[12:38:45] <mfilion> alright.
+[12:38:54] <alyssa> anholt_: are you submitting any talks this year? :-p
+[12:39:00] <anholt_> nope
+[12:39:12] <mfilion> in that case we can finish the schedule this week, shouldn't take more than a day to review 23-24 talks and eliminate 4-5
+[12:39:22] <alyssa> Okay, I take that back
+[12:39:28] <alyssa> we're missing an important proposal, extend the deadline! :-p
+[12:39:33] <alyssa> ;-P
+[12:39:39] <mfilion> what are we missing?
+[12:39:40] <Lyude> alyssa: like actually?
+[12:40:04] <rg3igalia> is anyone aware of someone who has missed the deadline and would like the deadline extended?
+[12:40:31] <Lyude> ahh I think it was a joke
+[12:41:11] <alyssa> hm do we have any Intel talks?
+[12:41:18] <Lyude> alright, other stuff with XDC2023: there's a meeting right after this board meeting with one of the folks from PEI to discuss their interest in hosting us
+[12:42:12] <Lyude> So if anyone wants to join the details should be in email, if they aren't for some reason (p sure I forwarded most of it to the board) let me know and I'll send you the relevant links
+[12:42:34] <mfilion> alyssa I don't think I saw any (from intel)
+[12:43:43] <Lyude> also, regarding the VM stuff: tl;dr the admins asked if we could look into getting a VM for hosting some of the legacy services, so I guess we should poke equinix and see if they might be able to help out with that?
+[12:44:38] <daniels> Equinix is not what we want for that
+[12:44:50] <Lyude> daniels: I guess what do you want from our side regarding this?
+[12:45:17] <daniels> it can be at PSU, just that the one admin (Tollef) who understands it has no time to do it, and the others have no time to learn it
+[12:45:35] <daniels> I don’t know who asked you for what but we can’t run SMTP on Equinix
+[12:46:27] <Lyude> I had just kind of assumed equinix for lack of any other suggestion
+[12:46:51] <Lyude> daniels: gotcha. I guess that's more on us just trying to find someone who has the time to do it then
+[12:47:07] <Lyude> oh also bentiss had been the one who mentioned the VM iirc
+[12:47:39] <daniels> fair enough - and yeah new blood would be excellent
+[12:50:22] <Lyude> Alright - I think that's pretty much it for this meeting, will probably take a bit to type up meeting notes and end secretary since I'm going right into the PEI meeting in 10 mins. if anyone's attending just a heads up: they're using MS teams so make sure it's working somewhat with your machine beforehand
+[12:50:45] <rg3igalia> I won't be attending, but I want to mention a couple of details regarding XDC2022 if possible
+[12:51:35] <rg3igalia> so Sam was coordinating the CfP committee last year, IIRC, and he gave me some information about the procedure he followed
+[12:52:07] <rg3igalia> there are a couple of details that may be important to do that, I'll send an email regarding what to do next
+[12:52:22] <rg3igalia> and also, I think we're too few reviewers
+[12:52:38] <rg3igalia> ideally I'd like to have more people from the kernel
+[12:52:54] <rg3igalia> was going to ask anholt_ to participate, and/or danvet but he's on holidays
+[12:53:17] <rg3igalia> maybe someone with a WSI background as well? daniels maybe?
+[12:53:40] <daniels> sure happy to
+[12:54:42] <rg3igalia> thanks!
+[12:54:51] <mfilion> with daniels reviewing, you're good to go rg3igalia
+[12:55:16] <rg3igalia> will wait a bit for anholt_'s reply and will send an email about the review process in a few days to kickstart the process
+[12:57:03] <mfilion> sure ok
+[12:57:24] <mfilion> just saying, anholt & daniels will very likely have the same exact opinion on which talks to approve lol
+[12:57:43] <rg3igalia> :)
+[16:25:54] [disconnected at Wed Jul 6 16:25:54 2022]