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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-08-17
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+[12:03:06] [connected at Wed Aug 17 12:03:06 2022]
+[12:03:06] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[12:04:16] * danvet waves
+[12:04:17] <Lyude> Thanks secretary! Time for role call, mdnavare_ (also sorry! I didn't see the underscore at the end of your name so you may not have gotten a meeting reminder), rg3igalia, anholt
+[12:04:40] <rg3igalia> hi
+[12:05:14] <Lyude> woooo we have quorum
+[12:06:30] <Lyude> So topics for today: XDC2022/XDC2023, requiring vaccination for covid at XDC, and rg3igalia do we have any travel approval or XDC schedule stuff that needs to be gone over?
+[12:07:22] <rg3igalia> all travel sponsoring requests have been approved and the people have been notified, no need to go over any more requests right now
+[12:07:58] <danvet> rg3igalia, thx a lot for taking care of that
+[12:08:09] <Lyude> yeah thank you :)
+[12:08:13] <rg3igalia> re: xdc 2022 we have a preliminar schedule already, but we're still missing confirmation of 3 talks I judged today
+[12:08:17] <rg3igalia> np!
+[12:08:43] <rg3igalia> we could publish the schedule as soon as they're confirmed
+[12:09:08] * Lyude looking at email now
+[12:10:24] <Lyude> danvet, mfilion - what are your opinions on the PSR-SU and freesync stuff?
+[12:11:09] <rg3igalia> so far those are not needed, but it would be good to have them in mind in case one or two talks are dropped for some reason
+[12:11:53] <danvet> freesync stuff?
+[12:11:59] <mfilion> haha yeah same question here
+[12:12:16] <Lyude> danvet, mfilion: the two XDC talks from AMD that were rejected
+[12:12:47] <danvet> Lyude, yeah I'm trying to find some kind of mail or whatever?
+[12:12:56] <Lyude> ah one sec, lemme get the subject
+[12:12:57] <danvet> or I'm just massively lost?
+[12:13:03] <Lyude> Possible XDC 2022 explicit synchronization workshop
+[12:13:13] <danvet> like the past few weeks have been a complete mess here, but I'm slowly recovering :-/
+[12:13:48] <danvet> Lyude, isn't that about the sync/fencing talks from bas and james?
+[12:13:55] <danvet> that's not the psr/freesync stuff
+[12:14:12] <rg3igalia> I don't think mfillion is familiar with that, he's not in the CfP committee :\
+[12:14:15] <danvet> and it looks like we ended up accepting these two to fill free slots, per some mail from rg3igalia I just got
+[12:14:18] <Lyude> oh right, sorry lol
+[12:14:29] <danvet> I didn't see anything around psr/freesync fly by
+[12:14:41] <danvet> rg3igalia, btw maybe cc: board on these for less confusion :-)
+[12:14:44] <Lyude> danvet: sorry, it was the two lower links in the email. I just reread it though and realized it was mostly about james and bas
+[12:15:15] <Lyude> tbh then I think we can just keep the other talks in mind then if we did it with the nvidia talks
+[12:15:26] <rg3igalia> danvet: yeah, I'm only now getting used to CC board just in case for almost everything :)
+[12:15:41] <danvet> my take is that this is cfp lead discretion
+[12:16:05] <Lyude> alright, sgtm then
+[12:16:12] <danvet> like we discussed all the tradeoffs and everything, in the end for finalized program it's imo best if a single head does these last calls
+[12:16:28] <mfilion> +1
+[12:16:39] <danvet> like should we add one more half slot or maybe keep some talks open for a bit longer (i.e. not yet reject them) in case we need or whatever
+[12:16:52] <danvet> trying to shovel these through full cfp board every time takes forever
+[12:17:02] <Lyude> yeah, that makes sense
+[12:17:09] <danvet> in the past when I wasnt sure I just wrote up a proposal and ask 1-2 others to ack and done
+[12:17:41] <danvet> like also sometimes I picked another talk just to get to a more balanced program that covered every topic that was submitted and things like that
+[12:18:14] <Lyude> I think we can just move on to the next topic then: XDC2022/XDC2023
+[12:18:57] <Lyude> Don't think there's really much new to report on here, we got the official proposal for XDC2023 from the one interested party we've been talking to but I haven't had the time to go over it quite yet
+[12:19:46] <mfilion> yeah likewise, haven't had a chance to look at what they sent Lyude
+[12:20:14] <rg3igalia> what they sent is in the mailing list already? sorry if I missed the email
+[12:20:47] <mfilion> not sure, possibly only to Lyude and myself, and then a university also reached out I think
+[12:20:52] <Lyude> That just leaves the vaccination stuff: do we want to try requiring that for XDC this year? It kinda feels like a no-brainer to me, and I think just having a simple requirement of one of either online (as in someone just takes their phone out and shows us an online record) or physical vaccine verification
+[12:20:59] <Lyude> mfilion: I think the university is with PEI
+[12:21:08] <mfilion> yes yes that's what I meant
+[12:21:11] <mfilion> both PEI
+[12:21:38] <Lyude> rg3igalia: I will double check to make sure they sent it to everyone after the meeting
+[12:21:54] <danvet> just discussed the covid measure thing a bit with mfilion, it sounds like osseu+lpc will go with (vax or test) plus masks
+[12:22:14] <danvet> which sounds reasonable-ish to me and if we just follow that might be simplest and avoid endless bikesheds
+[12:22:23] <rg3igalia> vaccination or masks? I thought we had discussed maybe requiring masks, not 100% sure about vaccination
+[12:22:44] <danvet> rg3igalia, (vax or test) plus mask irrespective of the former
+[12:22:47] <rg3igalia> ah, ok, thanks
+[12:22:51] <Lyude> yeah, masks are always good
+[12:22:57] <danvet> seems to be the new consensus or so
+[12:23:22] <danvet> did we poke organizers on this already?
+[12:23:30] <mfilion> and really, at this point, if you're not vaxxed, why are you traveling overseas? just dumb
+[12:23:34] <rg3igalia> +1 on requiring what other conferences are doing
+[12:23:54] <Lyude> mfilion: it is dumb yeah, and danvet I will make sure to poke them today
+[12:24:00] <mfilion> thanks Lyude
+[12:24:03] <Lyude> we may have already but I'm not sure
+[12:24:04] <danvet> Lyude, thx!
+[12:24:33] <Lyude> anyway, I assume danvet is +1, I'm +1, rg3igalia is +1, mfilion ?
+[12:24:39] <mfilion> yep +1
+[12:24:40] <danvet> yeah
+[12:24:43] <Lyude> sgtm
+[12:24:48] <mfilion> oh while you're at it Lyude, could you also poke them about how many catchbox mics their system can handle? I was going to get two, is that enough?
+[12:24:54] <mfilion> I emailed them last week but no reply
+[12:25:05] <Lyude> mfilion: sure thing
+[12:25:29] <mfilion> registration is quite low, so I don't think we'll need more than one per room
+[12:25:57] <Lyude> oh - that's the one thing I forgot meeting wise. tlwoerner, siqueira - anything from GSoC side?
+[12:25:58] <mfilion> unless we want one for workshops, but then again, those are tiny rooms, so I don't think we need actual catchboxes for that
+[12:26:57] <danvet> mfilion, yeah room mic might be enough for those
+[12:27:25] <Lyude> also fwiw: if I don't hear back from gsoc folks in a few minutes I think we can end the meeting
+[12:27:31] <danvet> Lyude, oh while you type that mail, we should also ask them whether ccc video team helps with hosting again
+[12:27:44] <danvet> and if yes, get them added as supporters on the sponsor page and all that
+[12:27:57] <mfilion> good call danvet
+[12:30:11] <Lyude> Alright, I think we can end the meeting early. Thanks for coming everyone!
+[12:31:49] <mfilion> awesome, thanks all
+[12:32:43] <rg3igalia> thanks!
+[13:08:38] [disconnected at Wed Aug 17 13:08:38 2022]