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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-05-25
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+[12:00:28] [connected at Wed May 25 12:00:28 2022]
+[12:00:29] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[12:01:29] <Lyude> Hi everyone! time for role call: mfilion, danvet, anholt, mdnavare, rg3igalia
+[12:02:04] <rg3igalia> hi
+[12:02:07] * danvet waves
+[12:03:12] <rg3igalia> The time for the next meeting is wrong, by the way
+[12:03:16] <Lyude> Cool! That's quorum, so the agenda for today: XDC2022/XDC2023, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, MIPI alliance and CSI, replacement for SPI,
+[12:03:31] <Lyude> Oh - the rebranding thing as well
+[12:04:26] <Lyude> I can start with my topics: no updates afaik w/r/t XDC2022, and I believe mfilion started a conversation with the PEI folks who sent us a message
+[12:05:16] <danvet> I have xdc22 sponsor update
+[12:05:21] <danvet> afaik we're complete
+[12:05:26] <mfilion> @lyude still on my to-do, will reply this week
+[12:05:31] <danvet> intel isn't on board, and they might never, but also *shrug*
+[12:05:37] <danvet> we have a pretty nice lineup
+[12:06:08] <Lyude> danvet: good to hear (the complete part I mean!)
+[12:06:17] <danvet> so except if someone wants me to pester an additional sponsor I haven't contacted yet, I'll move to other things now :-)
+[12:06:25] <rg3igalia> What about the money for the previous years?
+[12:06:46] <danvet> rg3igalia, yeah that's why intel will likely not make it onto the sponsor lineup this year
+[12:07:05] <danvet> Lyude, ^^ probably should still keep this out of minutes to avoid phoronix raging, but not sure for how much longer
+[12:07:15] <danvet> maybe I should kick the thread again with intel and add Martin
+[12:07:20] <rg3igalia> Got it, thanks
+[12:07:36] <Lyude> danvet: yeah I figured, I've been keeping most of the intel stuff out w/r/t that
+[12:07:54] <alyssa> ...How much do we care about phoronix raging?
+[12:08:03] <Lyude> we probably should try to kick the thread again if we can, although I don't think we need to be too set on trying to get them to sponor again for a while
+[12:08:05] <Lyude> *sponsor
+[12:08:26] <alyssa> If a tree writes an angry comment in the forest and nobody reads it, does it make a sound? :p
+[12:08:46] <Lyude> alyssa: it's less about how much we care and more that companies get embarassed very easily with such things, as we've learned in the past. it ends up potentially discouraging future sponsorship and that sort of thing
+[12:09:26] <danvet> Lyude, I'll go kick it right now
+[12:09:30] <Lyude> cool
+[12:10:17] <Lyude> So replacement for SPI: I started a mail thread with them, so we're making progress on this - sorry for the delay! So far everything seems quite promising :)
+[12:10:25] <Lyude> erm- with SFC at least I mean
+[12:10:48] <danvet> oh I forgot to cc board
+[12:11:36] <Lyude> Anyway, I think that's pretty much all from my side. tlwoerner - GSoC/etc.?
+[12:11:44] <tlwoerner> thank you
+[12:11:53] <tlwoerner> i have 2 items for today
+[12:11:57] <tlwoerner> evoc and xdc
+[12:12:15] <tlwoerner> evoc: i sent an email out an hour or two ago, sorry for the late notice
+[12:12:27] <tlwoerner> we asked for 4 slots and only got 3
+[12:12:35] <tlwoerner> i've reached out to the mentor of #4 (simon ser) to see if he would be interested in turning it into an evoc
+[12:12:43] <tlwoerner> simon needs to reach out to student to see if they are interested too
+[12:13:10] <tlwoerner> danvet: thank you for your reply
+[12:13:46] <danvet> yeah imo we should blanket approve it, it looks all nice
+[12:13:49] <tlwoerner> would the board be interested in sponsoring an evoc?
+[12:13:55] <danvet> evoc is 6k usd for us
+[12:14:19] <danvet> also I guess anholt/spi would need to check that we can actually pay it out (we had big troubles in the past with an evoc that took forever to pay out)
+[12:14:20] <Lyude> +1 from me, alyssa mfilion rg3igalia ?
+[12:14:32] <danvet> so board approval would be contigent on all that
+[12:14:32] <rg3igalia> Sounds reasonable, +1
+[12:14:33] <mfilion> +1
+[12:14:44] <danvet> tlwoerner, also I'm assuming you help coordinate this so it's not lost?
+[12:14:52] <alyssa> the 6k is for the wayland input project?
+[12:14:54] <tlwoerner> danvet: absolutely
+[12:14:59] <danvet> tlwoerner, thx a lot!
+[12:15:00] <tlwoerner> alyssa: yes, exactly
+[12:15:01] * danvet also +1
+[12:15:08] <alyssa> +1, I think
+[12:15:18] <mfilion> why I think?
+[12:16:00] * rg3igalia be back in 20 min
+[12:16:10] <tlwoerner> alyssa: do you have any questions/reservations?
+[12:16:53] <alyssa> tlwoerner: Not explicitly, I just haven't looked at all the details so it doesn't seem right for me to make an unreserved 100% confident +1 or -1 at this point
+[12:17:23] <tlwoerner> okay, if you have any questions feel free to reply to the email or here
+[12:17:31] <tlwoerner> 2nd topic: xdc
+[12:17:43] <tlwoerner> the mentors of the 3 who received slots are asking about sponsorships for sending the students to xdc to talk about their work
+[12:17:48] <alyssa> (but in the context of "project looks good, I trust emersion, everybody else is satisfied, that is probably worht a +1)
+[12:17:54] <tlwoerner> cfp closes july 4, but gsoc isn't done until sept
+[12:18:02] <tlwoerner> do they put CFPs in now knowing they might not succeed or might not get funding
+[12:18:16] <alyssa> funding for travel?
+[12:18:22] <tlwoerner> alyssa: yes
+[12:18:32] <tlwoerner> perhaps this is more a question for the papers committee?
+[12:18:37] <Lyude> tlwoerner: for XDC? I think we can extend it tbh
+[12:18:44] <alyssa> (for the record I'm still in favour of allowing remote presenters but I realize that's nontrivial, logistically.0
+[12:18:49] <Lyude> Like last week I also still haven't received any talks quite yet
+[12:19:17] <alyssa> (but would mostly neutralize the travel funding question if that fallback is available.)
+[12:19:27] <danvet> tlwoerner, gsoc/evoc gets blanket approval by papers committee
+[12:19:30] <mfilion> we always keep a spot in the schedule for gsoc, so the deadline doesn't really apply here anyway
+[12:19:37] <mfilion> right
+[12:19:39] <danvet> sometimes we ask for smaller slot
+[12:19:52] <danvet> and frankly it's not worth the bother for travel grants if someone falls through completely
+[12:20:07] <danvet> imo at least
+[12:20:30] <Lyude> yeah, probably a good idea to wait around the end of GSOC for travel grants
+[12:20:44] <danvet> Lyude, I actually mean we should just approve it
+[12:20:48] <danvet> that's how we've done it in the past
+[12:20:51] <Lyude> oh oops
+[12:20:53] <Lyude> yes you're right
+[12:20:55] <danvet> as soon as the cfp comes in, we approve
+[12:21:01] <danvet> so they can book cheaper flights&hotel
+[12:21:09] <danvet> also less approval if we don't pile them up
+[12:21:37] <danvet> plus travel grant is not contingent on acceptance, but just on "is it a reasonable cfp"
+[12:21:50] <Lyude> yeah makes sense. +1 from me then, alyssa mfilion?
+[12:21:51] <alyssa> I guess it depends what "doesn't succeed" means specifically ... but negative knowledge is still knowledge and a project that fails for an interesting reason can still be an interesting talk
+[12:21:53] <danvet> so that people who don't get accepted (due to running out of slots) don't have a problem
+[12:22:11] <danvet> alyssa, only "doesn't succeed" really is if the intern is a no-show
+[12:22:26] <alyssa> danvet: ...Is that a recurring problem? :X
+[12:22:31] <mfilion> +1 Lyude
+[12:22:33] <tlwoerner> yes, sometimes a student gives up or is forced to bow out for personal reasons
+[12:22:33] <danvet> I think we had that once, and then simply pushed it off to an evoc next year
+[12:22:38] <Lyude> alyssa: you'd be surprised yeah
+[12:22:47] <danvet> alyssa, I don't think we ever had a no reason no-show
+[12:22:54] <alyssa> right, ok
+[12:22:57] <tlwoerner> it's happened a couple times, not often
+[12:23:03] <danvet> the one case I remember something happened and was all ok
+[12:23:50] <alyssa> (I'd also observe that non-GSoC people might need to bow out of the conference at the last minute, e.g due to illness. That's not exactly a factor for our travel grants.)
+[12:24:03] <alyssa> Lyude: So I think +1
+[12:24:09] <rg3igalia> +1 from me as well, available intermittently
+[12:24:18] <Lyude> cool, approved then
+[12:24:38] <mfilion> you really need to be more confident in your votes alyssa :p
+[12:24:45] <tlwoerner> okay, so i'll tell them to get their CFPs in and apply for the grants now. sooner is better
+[12:25:13] <Lyude> alyssa: fwiw, votes are really more of a formality. obv there's definitely points where it's a bit more then that, but for the most part with stuff like this it's just process and beurocracy
+[12:25:42] <Lyude> also, student stuff is inherently flakey to some extent :)
+[12:25:50] <alyssa> human stuff is inherently flakey :)
+[12:25:52] <danvet> tlwoerner, yeah just get the cfp filled out and make sure they check the travel grant box and the gsoc/evoc/internship box
+[12:25:54] <Lyude> very true
+[12:26:29] <tlwoerner> danvet: sounds good, will do. thanks!
+[12:26:31] <Lyude> Anyway - that just leaves the rebranding stuff that was brought up last meeting or the one before, mfilion did you end up reaching out to any communities about that like we had discussed?
+[12:27:10] <danvet> Lyude, sfc maybe first
+[12:27:10] <mfilion> not yet, danvet told me to wait until you had begun discussions with SFC
+[12:27:31] <danvet> since we have a date there to get something out to them by 14th June
+[12:27:45] <Lyude> mfilion: gotcha
+[12:27:55] <danvet> my proposal is that Lyude and me type up a preliminary version of their questionairy
+[12:27:58] <Lyude> (hadn't checked my email today quite yet, if y'all hadn't noticed :P)
+[12:28:22] <danvet> so that sfc can do some principal yes/no decision and we can start to figure out timelines and details
+[12:28:43] <Lyude> makes sense
+[12:28:53] <danvet> maybe we can type up something in the board gitlab so it's private and easy to edit collective and then run it by board@
+[12:29:06] <Lyude> yeah that works for me!
+[12:29:39] <Lyude> Anyway - if no one else has anything I think that's pretty much it for the meeting today, thanks for coming everyone!
+[12:29:43] <alyssa> as i said to Lyude, happy to help with the questionnaire
+[12:30:47] <mfilion> alright, thanks everyone :)
+[12:32:48] * rg3igalia back
+[12:34:03] <rg3igalia> Will be happy to review the gitlab doc, thanks Lyude danvet
+[12:35:42] <danvet> should we use a snippet for this?
+[12:35:52] <danvet> feels a bit silly editing this in the board git repo itself
+[12:35:58] * danvet no idea what's the best thing here
+[12:36:09] <alyssa> etherpad?
+[12:38:08] <rg3igalia> Gitlab works well to make suggestions on a draft in my experience
+[12:38:54] [disconnected at Wed May 25 12:38:54 2022]