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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-03-31
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+[14:59:28] [connected at Thu Mar 31 14:59:28 2022]
+[14:59:28] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[15:00:13] <mfilion> o/
+[15:00:55] <Lyude> Hi everyone! Time for rolecall: danvet, mdnavare, samuelig, hwentlan____, keithp
+[15:01:06] * danvet waves
+[15:01:08] <keithp> o/
+[15:01:09] <mdnavare> Hi All
+[15:01:28] <samuelig> hi!
+[15:01:41] <Lyude> (gimme one sec, finishing up making some coffee real quick)
+[15:02:53] <Lyude> Alright hi! We've got quorum now, so the agenda for today: XDC2022, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, MIPI Alliance and CSI, Election season, Treasurer Report for 2021, new parent organization, find more sysadmins
+[15:03:15] <Lyude> For MIPI: no updates yet, meant to poke about this but got distracted at work. Will try to get to this soon.
+[15:03:27] <Lyude> As for the parent organization, going to start looking into that post-election
+[15:03:52] <Lyude> samuelig: do you want to go over XDC2022?
+[15:04:00] <samuelig> sure thing
+[15:04:02] <samuelig> XDC 2022: contacted organizers to prepare the CFP. We are going to do a separate announcement for XDC and WineConf, but we will mention each other in the respective ones. I plan to send it next week.
+[15:04:13] <hwentlan____> hi, sorry i'm late
+[15:04:23] <Lyude> eh, I -did- forget to remind you
+[15:04:28] <Lyude> so no worries :P
+[15:04:31] <samuelig> XDC 2023: I have contacted all European potential candidates that I am aware of. We will send the RFP email at the same time than XDC 2022 CFP one, but it is good to test waters first. I heard one that is considering it seriously :)
+[15:04:54] <samuelig> Note: At some point in the next 30 days, I will be in a parental leave. There is no volunteers yet to take over my tasks. I will try to follow-up things until the election, but we would need to find a replacement for me to avoid me blocking stuff.
+[15:05:33] <Lyude> mfilion: ^ any chance you would be up to this?
+[15:06:26] <danvet> I can help out, but given that I'm behind on sponsorship hunt probably not a good idea to rely on me
+[15:06:41] <mfilion> depends if I'm re-elected right? :p
+[15:06:53] <mfilion> ask me after the election lol
+[15:07:29] <mfilion> but sure samuelig, if I'm still here, and you need some follow ups, let me know
+[15:07:38] <samuelig> good thanks!
+[15:07:51] <Lyude> good point. I think I should have the time to be the backup volunteer if you can't find anyone samuelig until we can pass over to someone else
+[15:08:09] <samuelig> roger
+[15:08:21] <samuelig> thanks mfilion and Lyude!
+[15:09:22] <Lyude> no problem! I think we can skip the treasurer report for right now unless emma comes in later since it seems that they're mia
+[15:09:53] <Lyude> tlwoerner/siqueira : any updates on GSoC stuff?
+[15:11:58] <Lyude> (will wait a few minutes to see if they're around, and we can go ahead if I don't see any response in like 4min)
+[15:12:28] <samuelig> Just to mention that I published
+[15:12:46] <samuelig> I think we should do more effort on announcing our GSoC slots in our twitter account
+[15:12:57] <danvet> mfilion, ^^ for you
+[15:12:58] <samuelig> who is managing it? alanc ?
+[15:13:08] <Lyude> I think mfilion got the password from alanc iirc
+[15:13:08] <danvet> mfilion since a while, alanc stepped down from taht
+[15:13:26] <samuelig> I see
+[15:13:59] <alanc> both of us - I still do a bunch of the retweets there, but he does most of the new posts, since he's more in touch with what the board is up to
+[15:14:34] <mfilion> nope
+[15:14:37] <mfilion> alanc still tweeting
+[15:14:41] <mfilion> I mean I do it too
+[15:14:48] <mfilion> but he's the one retweeting stuff
+[15:15:11] <mfilion> But good idea to post more about GSoC
+[15:15:19] <mfilion> can you share the link here, I'll prepare some tweets
+[15:15:48] <mfilion> (for the link I mean the direct link to the GSoC page about X.Org)
+[15:15:49] <alanc> I did RT samuelig's tweet about his blog yesterday
+[15:16:00] <mfilion> see, thank you alanc!
+[15:16:41] <samuelig> you can also mention and It is all in my blog post, but it is worth to do a follow-up some days after
+[15:17:03] <Lyude> may still want to post something that mentions generally as well
+[15:17:27] <Lyude> also btw - I noticed you mentioned EVoC on there, we still don't have anyone running that do we?
+[15:17:32] <mfilion> thanks samuelig
+[15:17:47] <mfilion> Lyude what do you mean, mentions generally?
+[15:18:14] <samuelig> Lyude, nope, but I hope some of the new board members can be on charge of EVoC coordination
+[15:19:02] <Lyude> mfilion: I guess I'd need to see the tweet, I was just wondering if the tweet mentioned specifically in the thumbnail - but I realized that might just already be obvious since it's coming from the twitter account lol
+[15:19:07] <Lyude> so probably doesn't matter too much
+[15:19:38] <Lyude> Anyway - I think we can move on to the next item
+[15:19:46] <mfilion> Well yes, I meant tweeting from the account, to talk about GSoC and inviting students to submit
+[15:19:46] <alanc> was the RT, which mentions @XorgFoundation EVoC in the body
+[15:19:55] <Lyude> ahh gotcha
+[15:19:57] <Lyude> cool
+[15:20:21] <alanc> but yes, a specific invite from the foundation itself would be a good thing in addition to that one
+[15:21:58] <Lyude> ok - so election season, I can cover this one: Things are going smoothly, we ended the nomination period on Monday and will be ending the membership renewal period tomorrow
+[15:22:15] <mfilion> how many members do we have now, compared to last year?
+[15:22:23] * Lyude looks
+[15:22:42] <danvet> 80
+[15:22:57] <danvet> 97 last election
+[15:23:01] <mfilion> ouch ok
+[15:23:04] <danvet> so a bunch of folks didn't renew
+[15:23:13] <mfilion> that's not a good look
+[15:23:16] <danvet> mfilion, you didn't tweet enough :-P
+[15:23:21] <mfilion> apparently
+[15:23:23] <mfilion> doing it now
+[15:23:31] <Lyude> should we extend the period at all?
+[15:23:35] <danvet> 2 years ago it was 66
+[15:24:19] <danvet> 2019 was 84
+[15:24:21] <Lyude> yeah… actually I think the 81 out of 97 people voting last election was the largest turnout ever technically
+[15:24:22] <danvet> I think we're in line
+[15:24:43] <Lyude> cool
+[15:24:45] * danvet spotted a mistake in the wiki on the 2019 page
+[15:24:45] <mfilion> hmm ok. still frustrating to see it go up and down
+[15:25:25] <samuelig> losing interest? maybe this is something to discuss at the next XDC
+[15:25:42] <samuelig> and gather feedback
+[15:25:56] <Lyude> I think in general just having XDC might also make it easier to get people involved again wouldn't it?
+[15:26:04] <danvet> yeah
+[15:26:06] <samuelig> because we are increasing steadily the # attendants to XDC but I don't see that reflected in memberships
+[15:26:21] <mfilion> maybe the renewing yearly isn't ideal
+[15:26:29] <danvet> yeah xdc usually gathers a handful of applicants
+[15:26:29] <Lyude> I've been attributing a lot of loss of interest in various things recently to COVID
+[15:26:38] <danvet> mfilion, if you don't, you just clog up the membership
+[15:26:48] <danvet> also, we have very strict rules for bylaw changes
+[15:26:57] <danvet> if you drop the renewal, bylaw changes become impossible
+[15:27:01] <danvet> imo this is perfectly fine
+[15:27:10] <danvet> it's like voting in .ch, participation is low
+[15:27:10] <Lyude> and as well we want it to represent some level of activeness in the community, particularly since we use membership as a gatekeeping mechanism for VESA spec access and such
+[15:27:17] <mfilion> danvet a few people told me "you need to renew!?" when I pinged them
+[15:27:22] <danvet> because as long as the right people get elected, you kinda don't have to go vote :-)
+[15:27:44] <danvet> mfilion, I have no idea why they don't know, we do this for as long as is open to general membership
+[15:27:54] <danvet> and they all should have gotten a mail about it too
+[15:28:11] <mfilion> we could switch it around, and have it automatically renew every year except if you decline?
+[15:28:14] <Lyude> I thought I didn't send enough emails but I think every time I've looked it seems like I technically sent more reminders then last year
+[15:28:38] <danvet> mfilion, like our membership criteria is essentially "can you be bothered to care enough to renew and type in some contribution statement"
+[15:28:49] <danvet> I don't think we can lower the bar more without making it entirely meaningless
+[15:29:10] <Lyude> we could however, automate the renewal reminders couldn't we
+[15:29:19] <danvet> like if people don't care enough about to go to the link and push the button, why should they have voting rights
+[15:29:41] <mfilion> hmm good point
+[15:29:49] <mfilion> automating reminders would be nice though
+[15:29:52] <keithp> participation in the election is way more important than membership
+[15:29:52] <samuelig> IIRC gnome allows renewal of membership if you have enough contributions in hte last two years... I don't know if that means that it is renewed every other year, or it is yearly still
+[15:30:07] <samuelig> but we can consider extending the membership to two years instead, dunno
+[15:30:48] <Lyude> tbh I feel like it's not really a problem tbh
+[15:30:52] <danvet> mfilion, we also allow renewal past when candidates are published
+[15:31:03] <danvet> so if you see someone you really don't like, you can still renew in time
+[15:31:16] <danvet> and past that point it's just a number
+[15:31:20] <samuelig> I think that some people could see like membership is only for elections, and nothing else. I don't know how we can change that feeling
+[15:31:41] <Lyude> well it's definitely for more then just elections since we use it for both vesa and khronos stuff
+[15:31:46] <mfilion> that's my feeling too samuelig
+[15:31:49] <danvet> samuelig, well and all that stuff you indirectly control through that election, which is quite a bit more
+[15:31:53] <Lyude> we do mention that every state of the xorg though
+[15:32:00] <danvet> but yeah nominally the election is all you get
+[15:32:12] <danvet> ah right, I forgot
+[15:32:22] <Lyude> (also if folks are wondering - I do actually verify everyone asking for vesa stuff actually has an active membership :)
+[15:32:29] <samuelig> Lyude, good point
+[15:32:31] <mfilion> maybe when we get around to refreshing the website, we could make a clearer benefits page?
+[15:32:39] <keithp> many people have vesa and khronos interactions through corporations though; for me, is about process
+[15:32:55] <samuelig> but for the khronos thing, several people were surprised when I mention it
+[15:33:05] <samuelig> so probably we need to announce it better, like with the new website
+[15:33:14] <mfilion> ++
+[15:33:16] <Lyude> we really need a new website lol
+[15:33:32] <keithp> heh. wait another year or so and we could do web 4.0 instead
+[15:33:33] <Lyude> but I think I'm preaching to the choir with that one
+[15:33:38] <samuelig> or mfilion tweeting like crazy all these benefits xDDD
+[15:33:42] <mfilion> hahaha
+[15:33:49] <mfilion> well I did mention a new website in my re-election statement
+[15:34:02] <danvet> mfilion, yeah you volunteered pretty well for that one
+[15:34:33] <mfilion> it's on the list, already discussed with our in-house designer
+[15:35:40] <Lyude> Anyway - the last item is finding more sysadmins: although I had this on the agenda mostly to check in to see how tlwoerner was doing with that
+[15:35:48] <Lyude> erm - them volunteering I mean
+[15:36:04] <Lyude> but we do still need more sysadmins, so if anyone knows anyone else who's interested feel free to try to wrangle them into it :)
+[15:36:33] <Lyude> Anyway - I think that's it for the meeting everyone, thanks for coming!
+[15:36:44] <keithp> have fun out there
+[15:37:03] <samuelig> thanks everybody, funny meeting today :)
+[15:37:10] <mfilion> indeed. thanks everyone!
+[15:39:08] <keithp> danvet: raclette?
+[15:40:25] <danvet> keithp, eating the apple/orange/nuts/crumble thing right now
+[15:40:30] <keithp> yum!
+[15:40:32] <danvet> or do you mean what raclette is?
+[15:40:45] <keithp> oh, well aware of what raclette is, just now wanting some...
+[15:41:01] <keithp> (debconf was a fine introduction to that tradition :-)
+[15:41:06] <danvet> Sat or Sun should be below freezing, I planned it for then :-)
+[15:41:17] <keithp> excellent!
+[15:41:26] <samuelig> danvet, after following your timeline for years, I wonder if you are a kernel developer with cooking as a hobby, or a cook with kernel development as a hobby xDD
+[15:41:41] <keithp> danvet clearly lives to eat
+[15:42:20] <danvet> did you have the big raclette ovens with half cheese wheels?
+[15:42:28] <mfilion> now you're making me hungry. had raclette last month, might be do for another run soon.
+[15:42:29] <keithp> oooo
+[15:42:36] <danvet> I mean at debconf
+[15:42:40] <keithp> alas no
+[15:42:42] <danvet> at home those are serious overkill
+[15:42:43] <keithp> just table-top versions
+[15:42:53] <mfilion> danvet that's what my dad has here, it's the best
+[15:42:54] <danvet> the half wheel stuff is epic
+[15:42:54] <keithp> we do hot plate on the table here
+[15:43:00] <danvet> especially when you have open flames or so
+[15:43:08] <keithp> wow. that sounds amazing
+[15:43:29] <mfilion> haha no flames here though, just heating element
+[15:43:42] <danvet> bwidawsk witness that when I was here and was impressed with the stainless steel machinery and gas flame ovens :-)
+[15:43:50] <danvet> *he was here
+[15:43:55] <keithp> someday we'll be able to enjoy raclette in its native environment again
+[15:44:18] <mfilion> keithp I had some in Chamonix once where they would take a huge brick of cheese out of the fire burning oven, and then just slice it like a loaf of bread onto your plate....
+[15:44:35] <mfilion> just epic
+[15:44:44] <keithp> you're seriously testing the moisture tolerance of my keyboard here
+[15:45:07] <keithp> and I just had about half a kg of nutella
+[15:45:41] <danvet> hm youtube only has the electric ones
+[15:45:45] <samuelig> mfilion, I got it in geneva, that is damn good. Also I went several times to gruyère to eat fondue when I was living in Switzerland... that is the paradise
+[15:46:59] <danvet> samuelig, yeah moité-moité with well aged cheese is great
+[15:47:04] <mfilion> haha that is on my bucket list samuelig, raclette in switzerland
+[15:47:24] <danvet> mkay I do a few tweets if I remember
+[15:47:31] <danvet> but I only have a boring electric table-top thing here
+[15:48:32] <danvet> getting there
+[15:48:40] <keithp> let us know if you're building a wood-fired raclette device
+[15:48:59] <danvet>
+[15:48:59] <mfilion> lol
+[15:49:01] <danvet> that's the thing
+[15:49:17] <danvet> well you can, but the thing is it's a mess because you need to hold the wheel of cheese horizontal
+[15:49:21] <danvet> so it tends to drip down
+[15:49:27] <danvet> only recommended for camping
+[15:49:34] <keithp> 'the world of raclette'. Do we really need any other world?
+[15:51:22] <mfilion> yeah this is basically the one we have here
+[15:52:20] <keithp> ** Cheese not included **
+[15:52:57] <mfilion> ahh there it is on the TTM site
+[15:53:18] <mfilion> amazing, we've had it for 20+ years, still going strong
+[15:54:39] <danvet> dumb heating coil, nothing else needed
+[15:54:47] <danvet> some of the more modern ones have a thermostat
+[15:54:53] <danvet> all that achieves is a crap control loop
+[15:54:59] * danvet not impressed
+[15:55:06] <danvet> I have one of the really old ones here
+[15:55:14] <keithp> need an IR thermometer pointed at the cheese
+[15:55:19] <danvet> yeah
+[15:55:23] <danvet> which they don't
+[15:55:30] <danvet> so it's either too much power or not getting warm
+[15:55:34] <keithp> and which modern toasters (for bread) could also use
+[16:14:51] [disconnected at Thu Mar 31 16:14:51 2022]