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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-03-17
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+[15:00:18] [connected at Thu Mar 17 15:00:18 2022]
+[15:00:18] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[15:00:23] * danvet waves
+[15:00:25] <samuelig> hi
+[15:01:16] <Lyude> Hi everyone! Agenda for today: MIPI Alliance and CSI, election season, treasurer report 2021, finding more sysadmins, new parent foundation, GSoC
+[15:02:02] <Lyude> also mfilion, keithp, hwentlan____, mdnavare, anholt - who all is here?
+[15:02:08] <anholt> here
+[15:02:14] <Lyude> cool that means we have quorum :)
+[15:02:48] <Lyude> Ok - I'll start with my topics. No updates for MIPI alliance and CSI unfortunately, I still need to make the time to poke them. Same for finding a new parent foundation
+[15:03:12] <Lyude> For the finding more sysadmins item: We need to try to find more volunteer sysadmins to help with upkeeping things. No one's stepping down, but there's definitely less time availability across admins overall, so it would be good for us to try to bring additional people on the team
+[15:03:49] <danvet> agenda += xdc22 sponsors
+[15:04:03] <Lyude> danvet: added, thanks!
+[15:04:06] <danvet> but there's only a tiny update really, sponsor box on the website is now ready, kudos to daniels
+[15:04:38] <mdnavare> Hi All
+[15:04:52] <Lyude> danvet: gotcha
+[15:05:17] <Lyude> Oh btw - the admin stuff came up because I noticed an influx of spam registrations on the gitlab. So I guess if anyone else knows any ways to deal with that, let me know :)
+[15:05:37] <Lyude> (also not currently causing anyone real problems atm, but would like to get that fixed sooner then later)
+[15:05:58] <tlwoerner> how many admins are there now?
+[15:06:44] <Lyude> tlwoerner: we've got bentiss, emersion (iirc, I'm bad with names so hopefully I'm not misremembering), and daniels (although they really don't have much time available, and probably won't for quite a while)
+[15:07:40] <tlwoerner> what's involved?
+[15:07:49] <keithp> the fd.o admins have been chatting about reducing the self-hosted services to things we can't host in the cloud, and that looks to be limited to mailing lists mostly. That might help a little with the amount of work needed to manage stuff?
+[15:07:59] <tlwoerner> i guess if you want to attract people you'd need to have a "job posting", perhaps?
+[15:08:11] <Lyude> tlwoerner: đź‘€
+[15:08:29] <danvet> we've done that in the past at xdc presentations
+[15:08:53] <daniels> ++
+[15:08:54] <Lyude> tlwoerner: what it entails is probably a better question for daniels or bentiss. and tlwoerner yeah we've mentioned it a number of times, although I'll probably send out some mails about it once the election is over (just to make sure we're not throwing too much noise onto the mailing lists)
+[15:10:18] <Lyude> tlwoerner: are you interested at all btw?
+[15:10:39] <daniels> I can detail some things and better docs are WIP, but I was looking to step out pre-bentiss and certainly still am
+[15:11:28] <daniels> so would definitely appreciate some more active support in advertising and scouting for that
+[15:11:53] <tlwoerner> i'm considering it. i'm often "the linux person" at work and end up running the jenkins server, the svn/git server, the bugzilla instance, etc
+[15:13:02] <tlwoerner> (if that's the same sort of thing)
+[15:13:27] <Lyude> tlwoerner: for the most part, a lot of the management these days is around cloud stuff and gitlab, + some of the legacy services like the wiki
+[15:13:36] <Lyude> (although I think we'd eventually like to move stuff like the wiki into the cloud as well)
+[15:13:50] <keithp> well, gitlab pages for much of it
+[15:13:58] <Lyude> that's what I meant yeah
+[15:14:11] <tlwoerner> so... gitlab then :-)
+[15:15:04] <Lyude> I guess we can continue this over email :)
+[15:15:12] <Lyude> this would definitely be a huge help
+[15:15:33] <Lyude> anholt: do you want to go over the treasurer report stuff now?
+[15:15:52] <anholt> we have 2021 data now, so I can start writing a report when I scrape together some time
+[15:16:24] <anholt> the other treasurer issue is is still open, once again.
+[15:17:05] <Lyude> Sigh
+[15:17:21] <Lyude> danvet, mdnavare: can y'all help us again with poking Intel
+[15:17:46] <danvet> hm I haven't been involved in any of these mails
+[15:17:51] <danvet> maybe best for mdnavare to poke I guess
+[15:17:59] <danvet> or if there's something I can forward?
+[15:18:43] <mdnavare> Lyude: danvet: Yes I can poke again there
+[15:19:24] <Lyude> mdnavare: cool, thanks!
+[15:19:31] <Lyude> tlwoerner: Any updates with GSoC?
+[15:20:10] <tlwoerner> not much, potential students start applying Apr 4, so we're in a little limbo for now
+[15:20:46] <tlwoerner> by the way, if we switch parent (financial) organizations, that could get messy wrt the gsoc payment
+[15:21:02] <danvet> tlwoerner, we're not going to be that fast
+[15:21:12] <danvet> and there's going to be some overlap until everything is moved
+[15:21:18] <danvet> was at least the case when we moved to spi too
+[15:21:21] <tlwoerner> sounds good
+[15:21:23] <Lyude> tlwoerner: yeah, I was going to say as well what we would probably do in that case is make sure whenever the switchover happens is after GSoC
+[15:22:01] <Lyude> assuming there is one, since we do need to have an election on it and all
+[15:22:09] <Lyude> but I don't foresee much resistance there
+[15:22:26] <Lyude> samuelig: any updates on GSoC?
+[15:22:28] <Lyude> oops
+[15:22:30] <Lyude> sorry, XDC2022
+[15:22:33] <samuelig> xD
+[15:23:04] <mfilion> o/ sorry I'm late
+[15:23:05] <samuelig> XDC 2022, as danvet said sponsor box now shows the sponsors properly. We added the confirmed sponsors to the website as well.
+[15:23:28] <samuelig> (thanks daniels for the sponsorbox fix! And mfilion for fixing issues with sponsor logos!)
+[15:23:31] <tlwoerner> mfilion: figures… you started off early ;-)
+[15:23:40] <tlwoerner> haha
+[15:23:44] <mfilion> lol :p
+[15:23:55] <samuelig> no more news
+[15:24:41] <samuelig> I don't have news about XDC 2023 either, although I think I will send some emails to potential organizers earlier than expected, i.e. after the elections, as they were delayed
+[15:25:01] <samuelig> so I think next week I can start sending those
+[15:25:27] <samuelig> oh, about XDC 2022, I will talk to organizers to prepare the CFP announcement for April
+[15:25:37] <samuelig> before I go to the parental leave (expected end of April)
+[15:28:04] <mfilion> Lyude when is the deadline for people to renew their memberships to be able to vote?
+[15:28:11] <Lyude> samuelig: alright, thanks for the info! Next up is election season, the end of the nomination period is drawing near and we currently have 4 candidates, so I think we need to extend the election timeline again
+[15:28:23] <Lyude> mfilion: currently 31st march, but will likely be extended per ^
+[15:28:28] <Lyude> has all the info jfyi
+[15:28:28] <danvet> Lyude, we have 5
+[15:28:36] <danvet> since like 5 seconds ago
+[15:28:36] <samuelig> until when it would be extended?
+[15:28:40] <Lyude> i even took notes this time and got the wron-OH
+[15:28:41] * danvet did some arm twisting
+[15:28:44] <Lyude> lol ok
+[15:28:49] <Lyude> so I did take my notes correctly :)
+[15:28:55] <mfilion> how many do we need until we have enough?
+[15:29:05] <Lyude> 6 iirc, lemme check
+[15:29:05] <danvet> well strictly speaking 4 for 4 seats
+[15:29:09] <danvet> but that's not a real election
+[15:29:14] <danvet> 5 is good enough to go
+[15:29:18] <danvet> Lyude, why 6?
+[15:29:27] <Lyude> ah, I thought I had remembered that number from somewhere but I guess not
+[15:29:33] <samuelig> I mention that because I was waiting to the end of the election process to find a replacement for XDC coordination. But the birthday could happen before if we extend it
+[15:29:34] <Lyude> (was about to double check the election page)
+[15:29:36] <danvet> last year we had 6
+[15:30:10] <samuelig> Lyude, do we know the dates if we extend it another time?
+[15:30:12] <Lyude> I guess we're good to go with elections then! which means we'll publish candidates on the 28th of march
+[15:30:35] <Lyude> samuelig: uhh, election would end on may 2nd in that case
+[15:30:40] <Lyude> but I think we're all set
+[15:30:42] <samuelig> too late for me xD
+[15:30:48] <danvet> Lyude, can you take care of getting personal statement (aka sales pitch) and contribution statements from all of them?
+[15:30:53] <danvet> I don't think we have that yet
+[15:31:05] <samuelig> I will write an email with the tasks. I can check email and so on, but I prefer if other can take a more active role than me in that regard
+[15:31:10] <Lyude> danvet: sure thing
+[15:31:24] <mfilion> alright, I'll post some renewal reminders on Twitter
+[15:31:38] <mfilion> @lyude can you send some to the mailing lists too?
+[15:31:54] <danvet> Lyude, thx
+[15:31:58] <Lyude> mfilion: sure.
+[15:32:00] <Lyude> done
+[15:32:03] <Lyude> want to see me do it again
+[15:32:07] <Lyude> (I sent some yesterday :)
+[15:32:45] <danvet> samuelig, <- pls update that one so it's not lost
+[15:32:50] <danvet> if anything is missing there
+[15:34:07] <Lyude> alright, that's it for the meeting. thanks for coming everyone!
+[15:34:19] <samuelig> danvet, ok
+[15:36:45] <mfilion> Posted on Twitter
+[15:56:16] [disconnected at Thu Mar 17 15:56:16 2022]