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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-02-03
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+[13:59:31] [connected at Thu Feb 3 13:59:31 2022]
+[13:59:31] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[14:00:48] <Lyude> Hey everyone! Time for roll call ( mdnavare, mfilion, keithp, hwentlan____, danvet )
+[14:01:07] <mdnavare> Hi everyone!
+[14:01:25] <keithp> o/
+[14:02:20] <hwentlan____> hi
+[14:02:55] <Lyude> Cool, we've got enough folks to start. Agenda for today: domain status, XDC2022, XDC2023, GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC, MIPI Alliance and CSI, elections + election schedule
+[14:03:18] <Lyude> I can start with the XDC stuff since samuelig isn't going to be here and gave me some updates:
+[14:03:24] <Lyude> 13:17 <samuelig> XDC2022: I will ping the organizers to start working on the website to have it on time for opening the CfP.
+[14:03:26] <Lyude> 13:19 <samuelig> XDC2023: I will start soon to nag European companies about organizing XDC 2023. The idea is the same than last year: give them enough time for internal discussions, so at the time the RFP is open, we know if there are somebody really interested on submitting a proposal.
+[14:03:45] <danvet> Lyude, I'm around
+[14:03:58] <Lyude> danvet: I figured! since we talked earlier lol
+[14:04:26] <danvet> well got sidetracked prepping salad for dinner and so still a bit occupied with eating :-)
+[14:04:33] <danvet> so not fully around yet
+[14:04:49] <danvet> Lyude, should I do quick domain update?
+[14:04:51] <Lyude> So for GSoC/Outreachy/EVoC: no updates quite yet. MIPI alliance and CSI: I need to poke partners at work again to see what the status/interest in this is
+[14:05:06] <Lyude> danvet: yeah - I think the domain update : election schedule is basically the only things we still need to go over for the meeting lol
+[14:05:23] <keithp> I haven't done anything on domains from my end
+[14:05:28] <danvet> ok I sent some mails around for and
+[14:05:32] <danvet> no replies yet
+[14:05:59] <danvet> I guess I'm also going to bite the sour grape now, I'm running out of excuses :-)
+[14:06:08] <danvet> (maybe don't put it like that in the summary ...)
+[14:06:13] <Lyude> of course lol
+[14:06:59] <danvet> also I guess I need to check with anholt for when they have bw for starting the sponsorship hunting
+[14:07:09] <danvet> but that's not yet pressing I think
+[14:07:41] <Lyude> Oh - that reminds me, I totally forgot to add switching away from SPI on the agenda. Although there's no updates with that quite yet since I haven't yet had the time to start looking into it
+[14:07:49] <anholt> I have enough bw to do the starting-invoices-process steps for sponsorships.
+[14:08:40] <danvet> anholt, cool, I'll kick it off then as soon as I find some quiet time
+[14:08:50] <anholt> what's quiet time like?
+[14:10:20] <Lyude> BTW - if no one else has anything else that just leaves the elections schedule, which only me and danvet really need to work on atm. I'm fine waiting for whenever you're finished with dinner stuff, and I think we can just call it the end of the meeting for everyone else.
+[14:10:36] <keithp> anholt: something that you get twenty years from now
+[14:15:20] <mdnavare> okay yes that was a quick one
+[14:20:08] <danvet> Lyude, got distracted?
+[14:20:34] <Lyude> danvet: nah we just don't have anything in the meeting but the election schedule stuff :P, was waiting for you to be ready
+[14:20:44] <danvet> ah sry I am
+[14:21:16] <danvet> Lyude, did you already prepare a copy of the election page?
+[14:21:33] <Lyude> np - and do you mean just having opened?
+[14:21:39] <danvet> I think we only need to do that + link it + fill in dates per guideline and then send out the heads-up about membership
+[14:21:49] <danvet> or I can type it
+[14:22:42] <Lyude> danvet: if you've got the time for that that'd be appreciated! I can try to make time for it as well if you need though
+[14:22:52] <danvet> ok let me scream at the wiki a bit
+[14:24:36] <Lyude> danvet: do we want to decide on the dates right now btw?
+[14:24:45] <danvet> hold a sec
+[14:24:49] <Lyude> sure thing
+[14:24:55] <danvet>
+[14:25:01] <danvet> copypaste from last year + adjusted
+[14:25:04] <danvet> but not yet the dates
+[14:25:14] <danvet> I think we can just roll it out now
+[14:25:24] <danvet> and then put it into minutes, if you want
+[14:25:47] <danvet> Lyude, you've done all the permission wrangly already, including membership site?
+[14:26:07] <danvet> <- i.e. we can go to step 5 now on this?
+[14:26:09] <Lyude> danvet: let me double check, pretty sure I should have done that already (you and I should have the special election permissions)
+[14:26:41] <danvet> otherwise I'd say we give the heads up now, and then start at 14th Feb with membership renewal
+[14:26:50] <danvet> week after opening nomination period
+[14:26:52] <danvet> and so on
+[14:27:11] <danvet> which is exactly 1 day earlier than last year :-)
+[14:27:21] <Lyude> yep - things should be setup there
+[14:27:43] <Lyude> danvet: sgtm
+[14:28:45] <danvet> <- looking good before I push?
+[14:30:14] <Lyude> danvet: yep - just double checked the dates, everything looks good to me
+[14:30:33] <danvet> Lyude, I'm also going right ahead an push all the updated links
+[14:30:58] <danvet> also noticed we've lost the links to 2020 elections, going to add that too
+[14:32:09] <danvet> ok now I also fixed the year in the link description, not just the link
+[14:32:13] <danvet> Lyude, I think we're ready
+[14:32:28] <danvet> Lyude, will you send out the heads-up to members@ with extra attention grabbing subject?
+[14:32:35] <danvet> for all those who don't read the minutes
+[14:32:40] <Lyude> danvet: sure thing, will get to that in just a bit!
+[14:32:44] <danvet> thx
+[14:37:16] <Lyude> I guess that's all for now, thanks!
+[14:44:01] <danvet> uh except for the most recent election, the old ballot view blows up :-/
+[14:47:25] <Lyude> danvet: hm?
+[14:48:53] <danvet> oh I just tried looking at old results on the members page
+[14:52:03] <mfilion> o/ sorry got caught up in aother meeting
+[14:52:09] <mfilion> another
+[14:53:33] <mfilion> danvet for the two domains (pipewire & gstreamer), pretty sure it's the same person that owns both
+[14:53:50] <danvet> mfilion, can you spill the beans?
+[14:53:53] <danvet> maybe in private
+[14:54:50] <mfilion> sure ok
+[15:18:31] [disconnected at Thu Feb 3 15:18:31 2022]