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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-03-03
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+[[!format txt """
+[14:00:45] [connected at Thu Mar 3 14:00:45 2022]
+[14:00:46] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[14:00:54] <samuelig> hi!
+[14:01:49] <tlwoerner> hello
+[14:02:01] <anholt> hi!
+[14:02:08] <Lyude> Hi everyone! It's time for role call: anholt, danvet, keithp, hwentlan____, mfilion, mdnavare
+[14:02:18] * danvet waves
+[14:03:06] <hwentlan____> hi
+[14:03:20] <keithp> o/
+[14:03:22] <Lyude> Agenda for today is: XDC2022, XDC2023, GSoC/outreachy/EVoC, MIPI alliance, election season/extending nominations, treasurer report for 2021, and new parent organization
+[14:03:30] <Lyude> samuelig: you can go first with your XDC stuff
+[14:03:40] <mdnavare> Hi All
+[14:03:51] <samuelig> XDC 2022: organizers started editing the website. We adapted the CFP text to include wineconf proposals. We are going to remove past year sponsors from the sponsor box but we plan to add the ones confirmed sponsorship soon.
+[14:04:12] <samuelig> Organizers are looking into booking a good bunch of hotel rooms for the conference days and some days before and after. The idea is to have the majority (ideally all) attendees at the same hotel to increase hallway track and spontaneous activities.
+[14:05:06] <samuelig> but locking that rooms in the hotel is not forever. They will be available for normal booking at some point in September (conference is 4-5-6 October)
+[14:05:40] <samuelig> but the idea is to have special price for those booking them early with this.
+[14:06:00] <samuelig> XDC 2023: no news here. I still need to send emails to potential organizers but I might wait until the election finishes so the new person doing CFP and XDC stuff can take it over and start getting their hands dirty
+[14:06:17] <samuelig> with some simple task
+[14:06:30] <samuelig> (i.e. spam people xD)
+[14:06:55] <samuelig> that's all
+[14:07:01] <samuelig> any question/comment?
+[14:07:25] <Lyude> Oh wow, having a hotel block would definitely be new!
+[14:07:51] <samuelig> yeah, in the past we gave freedom because of the different budgets the attendees have
+[14:08:01] <samuelig> but if prices are reasonable, I think it is a very good idea indeed
+[14:08:34] <Lyude> usually you can get better prices by having a hotel block as well
+[14:09:11] <Lyude> anyway - since it doesn't seem there's any comments we can move on to the next thing, GSoC: tlwoerner siqueira any updates with this?
+[14:09:13] <samuelig> right
+[14:09:20] <tlwoerner> i completed our application and submitted it
+[14:09:27] <tlwoerner> we'll know the results March 7th
+[14:09:35] <samuelig> tlwoerner, siqueira THANKS A LOT!
+[14:09:39] * tlwoerner crosses fingers
+[14:09:44] <Lyude> yeah agreed, this has been a huge help
+[14:09:54] <tlwoerner> np
+[14:10:13] <samuelig> tlwoerner, also, if it is not asking too much
+[14:10:35] <samuelig> if you can document the steps so next years we don't bother you (well, unless you want to do it again ;-D)
+[14:10:50] <samuelig> that would be great.
+[14:11:45] <tlwoerner> do we have a private place to put it? i have all the questions and answers from several previous years' applications, but that's probably not something that should be public
+[14:12:14] <Lyude> We could always come up with another gitlab repo for this and have a group specifically for gsoc people/board members
+[14:12:42] <samuelig> the board has a private repo for our own business. We can use that or create a new project as Lyude says.
+[14:12:58] <tlwoerner> whatever you decide
+[14:13:14] <samuelig> either way works. Better to have another repo, so any GSoC/EVoC coordinator that is not in the board
+[14:13:17] <samuelig> can get access to it
+[14:13:42] <danvet> yeah maybe internship coordinator repo could be useful
+[14:14:43] <Lyude> tlwoerner: if you come up with the docs we can probably setup wherever you want to upload them to once they're ready
+[14:15:16] <tlwoerner> they're ready
+[14:15:36] <Lyude> tlwoerner: alright - I will look into creating a repo afterwards and add you to it
+[14:15:45] <tlwoerner> sounds good
+[14:15:45] <Lyude> danvet: any updates with domain stuff?
+[14:18:33] <danvet> Lyude, we dropped it from the agenda I thought?
+[14:18:49] <Lyude> oh right, sorry - was in previous agenda notes :)
+[14:18:58] <danvet> :-)
+[14:19:22] <danvet> only other thing I have is xdc22 sponsors, we have 2 (plus organizers) now
+[14:19:32] <danvet> but largely I just cleaned out some old gitlab issues
+[14:19:38] <danvet> not really started yet on that
+[14:21:12] <Lyude> Cool. From my side: no updates with MIPI alliance and CSI, that's my fault for not poking partners at work (will try to do that asap). As for a new parent organization, will probably start looking into doing that after the election
+[14:21:28] <Lyude> anholt: any updates on the treasurer report before we go into election stuff?
+[14:21:39] <samuelig> I need to leave, if there is any vote or something worth commenting, I will do it via email.
+[14:21:45] <Lyude> samuelig: np
+[14:21:53] <anholt> we have draft 2021 data from SPI, so I hope we'll get final books soon and I'll be able to put together the report.
+[14:21:55] <samuelig> bye!
+[14:22:28] <Lyude> anholt: Glad to hear!
+[14:23:17] <Lyude> So for the elections: we only have 3 nominations right now, so I think it might be a good idea for us to extend the elections timeline to get more time to find candidates
+[14:24:22] <anholt> oh shoot I never sent in my name.
+[14:25:05] <Lyude> oh right - it would be 4 including you
+[14:26:01] <danvet> Lyude, I thought it was 3 including anholt?
+[14:26:23] <Lyude> ffydsf yes you're right, misread the names from our pms
+[14:26:57] <danvet> anyway I pinged a pile of people, thus far not much
+[14:26:57] <Lyude> danvet, mdnavare - are we alright with extending the nomination period? I will also be sending out a reminder today regarding it jfyo
+[14:27:03] <danvet> but maybe more squeezing will help
+[14:27:14] <danvet> yeah I think we should extend by 2 weeks to align with the next bod mtg
+[14:28:04] <danvet> Lyude, can you also update the wiki with new dates?
+[14:28:12] <Lyude> danvet: sure thing
+[14:28:15] <danvet> thx
+[14:28:31] <danvet> I'll go squeeze another one now, forgot to do that earlier today
+[14:32:06] <Lyude> We have two votes on the election committee out of 4, so I guess we can consider that enough to move the deadline forward
+[14:32:35] <Lyude> That's pretty much it for the meeting, thanks for coming everyone!
+[14:32:59] <hwentlan____> thank you
+[14:39:37] <danvet> cheers
+[15:00:29] <mdnavare> Lyude: Yes fine with extending since its only 3 nominations
+[15:35:18] <Lyude> mdnavare: cool
+[15:47:30] [disconnected at Thu Mar 3 15:47:30 2022]