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Xorg BoD minutes 2022-09-14
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+[11:11:08] [connected at Wed Sep 14 11:11:08 2022]
+[11:11:09] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[11:12:45] <Lyude> Hi everyone! Time for rolecall ( samuelig, mdnavare, mfilion, rg3igalia, anholt)
+[11:12:59] <mdnavare> Hi All!
+[11:13:31] <Lyude> aaa I realized I totally forgot to send out reminders because of the PEI meeting we had immediately before this ._.
+[11:14:39] <rg3igalia> was the meeting at 4:00PM UTC or at 3:00PM UTC?
+[11:14:58] <Lyude> ._.
+[11:15:00] <Lyude> lmao
+[11:15:02] <Lyude> I am an hour off
+[11:15:19] <rg3igalia> yeah, I mean, I'm here no problem, just wondering for others :D
+[11:16:16] <Lyude> yeah we can wait until 12, I will just leave secretary bot running. hopefully it doesn't mind
+[11:17:16] <Lyude> mfilion, anholt, guess that's the ~1hr reminder for y'all then
+[12:00:55] <alyssa> hello!
+[12:01:28] <Lyude> Alright everyone, real rolecall time, anholt, mdnavare, mfilion, rg3igalia, samuelig
+[12:02:24] <rg3igalia> hello!
+[12:02:32] <rg3igalia> samuelig is not coming today
+[12:03:19] <Lyude> ah ok, we just need one other person then (mfilion, mdnavare ?)
+[12:06:00] <Lyude> mdnavare: poke? hopefully you're still around
+[12:08:50] <mdnavare> Hi All
+[12:09:41] <Lyude> oh cool! So the agenda for today is just: XDC 2022/2023, MIPI alliance (no updates unfortunately), and GSoC if siqueira or tlwoerner is around
+[12:10:30] <rg3igalia> regarding XDC 2022, the schedule is already up in indico and publicly visible
+[12:11:09] <Lyude> and for XDC2023 we just met with PEI today and things went quite well - they seem like they'd be quite capable
+[12:11:19] <Lyude> erm, *capable of hosting our conference
+[12:11:52] <rg3igalia> for XDC 2023, I have to say Igalia is seriously considering sending a proposal to host it again in A Coruña
+[12:12:14] <rg3igalia> we'll have a definitive answer in about a week
+[12:12:21] <tlwoerner> who are PEI?
+[12:12:32] <Lyude> tlwoerner: prince edwards island in canada
+[12:12:50] <rg3igalia> and, if positive, the actual proposal could take a few more weeks to arrive, if that's acceptable
+[12:13:05] <tlwoerner> oh really?! (i wouldn't have assumed it was that PEI)
+[12:13:32] <Lyude> tlwoerner: yeah, actually the local government reached out to us and asked if we'd be interested. first time we've gotten a proposal that way but it's worked out quite well so far, set us up with a uni and everything
+[12:13:58] <Lyude> erm sorry, tourist division, center? unsure what it's called lol
+[12:14:47] <Lyude> rg3igalia: and yeah I think we can be flexible with RFPs given the circumstances
+[12:14:54] <Lyude> tlwoerner: anything regarding GSoC to go over btw?
+[12:15:26] * anholt around for a little bit
+[12:15:54] <tlwoerner> GSoC 2022 ends Sep 19
+[12:16:06] <tlwoerner> our final evaluations are done, everyone passed
+[12:16:41] <tlwoerner> siqueira and melissa did everything this year (i've been mostly out of the loop)
+[12:17:04] <siqueira> Also, the students will attend xdc; please, say hi to them during the event :)
+[12:18:24] <Lyude> tlwoerner: nice! I assume that's it then for your report?
+[12:18:55] <tlwoerner> yes, thanks (unless siqueira has anything else)
+[12:19:11] <siqueira> that's all, thanks
+[12:19:55] <Lyude> cool! that's pretty much it for the meeting then, thanks everyone
+[14:19:00] <Lyude> tlwoerner: I just realized, before I send out the meeting minutes should I mention the students passing? (if I don't receive a response in a bit I'll just assume it's a no to be safe)
+[14:28:21] [disconnected at Wed Sep 14 14:28:21 2022]