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Xorg BoD minutes 2016-05-12
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+[[!format txt """
+[22:48:18] [connected at Thu May 12 22:48:18 2016]
+[22:48:30] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[22:48:36] <danvet> whot, mupuf agd5f bryce keithp robclark: mtg in 15
+[22:50:17] <whot> danvet: ack
+[22:51:06] <bryce> *nod*
+[22:51:07] <robclark> k
+[22:52:24] <keithp> danvet: yup
+[22:58:08] <agd5f> howdy
+[23:01:27] <danvet> hi all!
+[23:03:58] <danvet> mupuf, around?
+[23:04:04] <danvet> Agenda: XDC, travel sponsoring, gsoc, SPI transition
+[23:04:07] <danvet> anything else?
+[23:06:05] <danvet> isn't on the agenda because egbert is absent
+[23:07:08] * robclark has nothing additional..
+[23:07:18] <danvet> well mupuf is not around
+[23:07:25] <danvet> I guess let's get started with travel sponsoring
+[23:07:38] <danvet> jake edge asked for sponsorship for xdc
+[23:07:40] <keithp> anyone other than jake asking yet?
+[23:07:47] <danvet> not that I've seen
+[23:07:59] <bryce> is there an established policy on travel sponsoring?
+[23:07:59] <danvet> usually that happens when people submit talks
+[23:08:04] <danvet> and mupuf hasn't sent out the cfp yet
+[23:08:08] <keithp> +1 for jake at least then :-)
+[23:08:12] <danvet> bryce, until the money runs out ;-)
+[23:08:26] <whot> and we offer to the gsoc students, usually
+[23:08:35] <danvet> jake asked for 1500 USD + hotel
+[23:09:03] <danvet> *hotel for 4 nights
+[23:09:12] * danvet votes +1 too
+[23:09:31] <agd5f> +1
+[23:09:39] <whot> +1
+[23:09:55] <danvet> one more and done?
+[23:09:59] <bryce> I'm not familiar with jake's background in so will abstain but am not opposed
+[23:10:09] <danvet> jake edge is editor from lwn
+[23:10:16] <danvet> he asks to cover XDC
+[23:10:24] <danvet> and imo has done a nice job in the past (when he was there)
+[23:10:58] <robclark> +1
+[23:11:20] <mupuf> hey, sorry!
+[23:11:28] <mupuf> missed the bus again!
+[23:11:37] <danvet>
+[23:11:46] <danvet> bryce, ^^ Jake's coverage from last year
+[23:11:54] <mupuf> +1 from me
+[23:12:02] <whot> lwn articles have the unusual habit of being factually largely correct, not a common thing to see these days
+[23:12:45] <bryce> ok I see the board sponsored him last year as well
+[23:13:09] <mupuf> bryce: and the year before
+[23:13:14] <danvet> and in 2014
+[23:13:19] <mupuf> before that, it was michael kerrisk
+[23:13:23] <danvet> and 2013
+[23:13:30] <mupuf> 2012 was michael
+[23:13:37] <mupuf> in nurnberg
+[23:13:46] <danvet> yeah, 2012 was mkerrisk
+[23:13:55] <danvet> ok, carries
+[23:13:56] <bryce> alright, lacking policy but following established precedent, I'll +1 in that case
+[23:13:59] <danvet> mupuf, XDC update?
+[23:14:12] <danvet> bryce, we might need to document our policy somewhere ...
+[23:14:31] <danvet> it's lwn + presenters
+[23:14:38] <danvet> for xdc
+[23:14:42] <mupuf> danvet: well, our policy is simple. Travel sponsorship for presenters and lwn
+[23:14:50] <danvet> I don't think we've sponsored anyone else
+[23:15:32] <danvet> bryce, feel like adding a blurb to ?
+[23:15:42] <danvet> mupuf, so ... xdc?
+[23:15:42] <bryce> danvet, alright, will do.
+[23:15:46] <danvet> ta
+[23:16:17] <mupuf> danvet: well... I am sorry, I did not do anything these past two weeks
+[23:16:38] <danvet> tsk
+[23:16:43] <mupuf> I will send an email now to the uni to visit the place
+[23:16:47] <danvet> did you check out the room?
+[23:16:50] <danvet> ah ok
+[23:16:52] <mupuf> nope...
+[23:17:01] <mupuf> so, there is this, then there is the list of hotel
+[23:17:31] <danvet> time to kick the CFP can already?
+[23:17:34] <mupuf> I hope the uni already has a list, otherwise, I will just use google maps to find hotels in different price ranges, then check out how many rooms they have
+[23:17:45] <mupuf> yeah, it is about time for the CFP also
+[23:17:55] <mupuf> I will do it after the meeting
+[23:18:06] <danvet> cool, thx
+[23:18:13] <danvet> need to flesh out the wiki first
+[23:18:27] <danvet> anything else for XDC?
+[23:18:43] <danvet> I guess still a bit too early to solicit bids for 2017?
+[23:18:49] <danvet> but maybe time to ping folks ...
+[23:19:04] * danvet considering asking google cros to host in mountain view
+[23:19:16] <whot> is it ever too early for that?
+[23:19:39] <danvet> well, we need to hold up our reputation ;-)
+[23:19:45] <mupuf> danvet: nothing for XDC
+[23:19:59] <mupuf> danvet: why google?
+[23:20:15] <mupuf> I mean, what about RH in boston?
+[23:20:26] <mupuf> they asked many times but never fleshed out the proposal well-enough
+[23:20:37] <mupuf> maybe we can ask kem personally to make it happen!
+[23:20:37] <danvet> mupuf, they're pretty serious with pushing android to upstream
+[23:20:46] <mupuf> fair point!
+[23:20:50] * danvet was at a meeting recently in MV with robclark and others
+[23:21:09] <danvet> I think there could be some momentum and a good opportunity to pull in new folks into the fold ;-)
+[23:21:17] <agd5f> I was thinking of possibly proposing XDC in VA or DC
+[23:21:24] <robclark> fwiw, I would like to do XDC in boston.. but 2018 might have better options in the city..
+[23:21:40] <danvet> robclark, why that?
+[23:21:49] <robclark> so if folks are interested in a west-coast then east-coast then europe sequence, that could work..
+[23:22:00] <robclark> not sure how much I can explain publicly right now..
+[23:22:43] <danvet> ah, so not something where boston itself is just unuseable in 2017?
+[23:22:48] <robclark> right
+[23:23:00] <danvet> sometimes they do construction work and stuff in cities in silly amounts ;-)
+[23:23:17] <mupuf> robclark: usually, it is one year in north america, one year in europe
+[23:23:19] <danvet> ok, but sounds like we have a few ideas already
+[23:23:30] <danvet> pls keep thinking and starting pinging people
+[23:23:32] <robclark> no, not like that.. I can explain via email one board list I think..
+[23:23:40] <danvet> sure
+[23:23:56] <robclark> mupuf, true, but west coast is about as far away from me as europe, so it's almost like two different continents :-P
+[23:24:06] <mupuf> right
+[23:24:38] <danvet> robclark, one thing to consider is that at least in the past we had more attendance in europe than americas
+[23:24:46] <danvet> but imo for good reasons we can make exceptions
+[23:25:18] <robclark> btw, anywhere else in the world we have a reasonable concentration of dev's? I guess their is austrailia..
+[23:25:19] <whot> heh, for all I care we could move it to europe permanently :P
+[23:25:35] <whot> australia is too far away from anywhere
+[23:26:57] <danvet> we don't have much in asia I think
+[23:27:07] <danvet> or at least no one who'd volunteer to hold it
+[23:27:16] <danvet> there's a big intel office in bangalore
+[23:27:24] <danvet> but that team doesn't get open source really :(
+[23:27:44] <mupuf> danvet: well, sponsorship for everyone else would cost a lot
+[23:27:58] <danvet> yeah, that too
+[23:28:18] <danvet> anyway just wanted to start raising this
+[23:28:25] <danvet> I guess we can go to gsoc now?
+[23:28:28] <danvet> mupuf, agd5f ?
+[23:28:55] <mupuf> so!
+[23:29:04] <mupuf> gsoc, this is the community bounding time
+[23:29:14] <mupuf> I need to check up with Ian if everything is fine
+[23:29:31] <mupuf> on my side, I need to ping my student again, he was a bit busy this past two weeks
+[23:29:36] <agd5f> we could possibly host it at AMD shanghai or Malaysia
+[23:30:39] * mupuf is afraid of the poor attendance if we did this
+[23:30:58] <danvet> mupuf, still wonder whether we shouldn't start wiki'ing all this gsoc stuff
+[23:31:10] <danvet> in case you're occupied with stuff next year too ;-)
+[23:31:24] <danvet> agd5f, yeah, just remote for remote's sake seems silly&expensive
+[23:31:35] <danvet> would need a reason besides the place itself imo
+[23:31:54] <mupuf> danvet: sure, but trust me, there is not much
+[23:32:07] <mupuf> well, there is, but it is more on the student selection time
+[23:32:12] <danvet> mupuf, so nothing else for gsoc
+[23:32:17] <mupuf> nope
+[23:32:18] <danvet> yeah, that's what I meant
+[23:32:22] <danvet> thx for the update
+[23:32:26] <agd5f> danvet, I'm sure there'd be good AMD attendance ;)
+[23:32:28] <mupuf> maybe I can ask agd5f to take care of Ian's student
+[23:32:30] <danvet> spi transition
+[23:32:33] <mupuf> and I will keep track of mine
+[23:32:33] <danvet> agd5f, ;-)
+[23:32:39] <mupuf> this waym it will lighten up my load
+[23:32:44] <agd5f> mupuf, sure, I'll ping idr
+[23:32:46] <mupuf> especially with xdc
+[23:33:01] <danvet> first an update from my side: few mails with martin, and we're now officially listed as member project
+[23:33:01] <mupuf> agd5f: good, then you will just need to make sure he blogs every two weeks
+[23:33:17] <danvet>
+[23:33:50] <danvet> bryce, any updates from the treasurer side?
+[23:34:10] <agd5f> mupuf, will do
+[23:34:16] <bryce> danvet, SPI had some questions for us on the donation setup side of things
+[23:34:27] <danvet> keithp, did you see mishi's reply that you should have guidance for the LLC already?
+[23:34:41] <bryce> not sure if stuart plans on answering them or me, but if the latter I'll be working on drafting text and so on
+[23:34:59] <keithp> yeah, I think we're clear on what to do, just waiting for SPI to close
+[23:35:15] <bryce> danvet, after last meeting stuart mentioned something about tax form filings, but I haven't heard back on him if he needs my help on that or not
+[23:35:30] <danvet> keithp, does SPI know what to do?
+[23:35:35] * danvet totally out of the loop
+[23:35:42] <keithp> I don't know
+[23:35:47] <danvet> or should we wait until all assests are transferred
+[23:35:55] <bryce> danvet, couple other really basic questions... do we have a 2016 FY budget. and is there a ledger of this year's income/expenses tallied somewhere I should be looking at?
+[23:36:03] <danvet> keithp, who would be the contact there who'd know?
+[23:36:18] <danvet> bryce, you have too high standards ...
+[23:36:28] <danvet> bryce, probably best to ask stuart
+[23:36:41] <bryce> Mishi Choudhary and Martin Michlmayr have been on CC's. I can ask them if y'all aren't sure
+[23:36:49] <danvet> whot, do we have a treasurer@ alias for bryce+stuart?
+[23:36:59] <danvet> I think it'd be good to list the functional mail address, not the personal
+[23:37:06] <bryce> agreed
+[23:37:09] <danvet> at least I asked Martin to list secretary@
+[23:37:19] <danvet> we'll screw up the next transition otherwise ;-9
+[23:37:41] <bryce> danvet, we'll want a donations email address as well if we don't already have one (that was their Q1...)
+[23:38:07] <whot> danvet: yes, there is on, need to figure out where that is configured now
+[23:38:14] <whot> I'll chase that up
+[23:38:22] <bryce> whot, cool, thanks.
+[23:38:33] <bryce> I think that's the limit of what I know or wonder at present
+[23:39:03] <danvet> whot, thx
+[23:39:11] <bryce> are there any other things I should put on my todo list?
+[23:39:44] <danvet> taxes are on it?
+[23:39:52] <danvet> transferring the moneys probably
+[23:40:35] <danvet> we probably need the donation stuff first before we can transfer the money, but can't hurt asking
+[23:40:46] <bryce> ok. I'll need to ask some questions on both those. Hopefully stuart won't mind some pestering
+[23:42:12] <danvet> hm, we should update once that's all set up
+[23:42:18] <danvet> bryce, ^^ I'll add this too
+[23:43:41] <danvet> bryce, as soon as we can accept donations I also need to dig out some old mails with people who asked to donate
+[23:43:51] <danvet> plus a bit of PR with blog posts I think
+[23:43:58] <bryce> danvet, ok
+[23:44:44] <bryce> sounds like they'll be able to help set up PayPal and Click & Pledge
+[23:44:54] <danvet> yeah, they have that all
+[23:44:55] <bryce> (I'm not yet familiar with the latter service)
+[23:46:04] <bryce> danvet, check donations are already possible, if your contacts are wanting to do it that way.
+[23:46:43] <danvet> I'll wait until all the options are set up ;-)
+[23:46:50] <danvet> ok anything else?
+[23:46:56] <bryce> nope
+[23:47:03] <danvet> as said, is for next time around when egbert is back in shape
+[23:48:11] <agd5f> I've got to leave in 5 minutes to pick up my daughter
+[23:48:28] <bryce> oh one other thing, after last meeting whot mentioned voting systems and I promised to provide a link to one we used for Inkscape...
+[23:48:35] <bryce>
+[23:48:40] <bryce> that page is pretty explanatory
+[23:48:45] <bryce> example:
+[23:48:53] <bryce>
+[23:49:23] <bryce> also to note, they suggest E-Vote may be better; there's a link on their page to it.
+[23:49:50] <robclark> cool
+[23:50:07] <whot> bryce: well, the good news is you'll be on the election committee next year.... :)
+[23:50:25] <danvet> ;-)
+[23:50:30] <danvet> ok, sounds like we're all done here
+[23:50:43] <danvet> thx a lot, and have a good day/night/morning all!
+[23:50:46] [disconnected at Thu May 12 23:50:46 2016]