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+[16:22:10] <danvet> agd5f, do you have more of these docs?
+[16:22:23] <danvet> I could collect them here in the secretary git repo
+[16:55:31] <agd5f> danvet, I can send you everything I have
+[20:09:40] <danvet> agd5f, thx
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+[21:44:11] <whot> the US is off DST now, right? so our meeting moved?
+[21:44:50] <alanc> nope, US changes in 3 days
+[21:44:57] <alanc> is 13:44 PDT now
+[21:45:02] <whot> oh, right, thanks
+[21:45:38] <alanc> I think EU moved already
+[21:45:47] <keithp> I'm getting on a plane in about two minutes; will be missing the meeting
+[21:46:20] <keithp> I'm still working through the domain name stuff with network solutions; will update when I have anything to let you know about
+[21:48:59] <whot> ack
+[21:50:33] <keithp> having to be in US timezones to call them is making this take a bit longer :-)
+[21:50:47] <keithp> see y'all later
+[22:00:36] <marcoz> hi all
+[22:01:44] <whot> good morning
+[22:01:54] <whot> fwiw, danvet and keithp are out today
+[22:02:49] <marcoz> whot, do you guys have Halloween down there?
+[22:03:32] <whot> sort-of, not in the way you do
+[22:03:45] <marcoz> what's it like? how's it diff from US?
+[22:03:52] <whot> people have halloween parties, shops sell you junk, but no-one goes trick-or-treating
+[22:04:49] <robclark> hi
+[22:04:54] <whot> and people look at it as an american concept, not as a australian thing, so it's not something you really get behind as such. maybe closer to st patricks's day or so
+[22:05:50] <agd5f> hi
+[22:06:04] <robclark> heh, st patricks day vs halloween. I think we come out the loosers in that ;-)
+[22:07:19] <whot> hehe
+[22:07:23] <whot> mupuf_: ping
+[22:07:36] <marcoz> so no dressing up in costumes and going out and acting stupid? wait, yep you're right. that sounds like St. Patty's day
+[22:08:03] <whot> halloween is the same, just different costumes :)
+[22:08:55] <whot> egbert: ping
+[22:10:21] <egbert> ghi!
+[22:10:34] <egbert> i'm here
+[22:10:37] <whot> alrighty, that makes 5 of us, maybe mupuf_ joins later
+[22:10:48] <whot> danvet isn't here today, I'll take the notes and whatnot
+[22:11:28] <whot> agenda: bylaws, expo, XDC2016
+[22:11:41] <whot> egbert: I think your bylaw review is still missing, so is keithp's
+[22:12:07] <egbert> right. i was just reading thru it. not fully finished, yet.
+[22:13:24] <whot> oh, and a side-note from XDC2015 - samuel's reimbursement is complete
+[22:14:14] <egbert> how about Tom?
+[22:14:48] <whot> I don't know, I haven't seen any requests from him. stukreit?
+[22:14:49] <agd5f> He still hadn't heard back, but he's out of town this week
+[22:15:04] <stukreit> true. have not received a bill from Seneca yet. Have sent Juliet $2500 and $2000. There was a snag that her bank refused us as an "NGO" but she straightened that out
+[22:15:27] <stukreit> still, she hasn't ack'ed either payment yet
+[22:16:05] <whot> ok, thanks
+[22:16:19] <whot> robclark: any updates from expo?
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+[22:52:10] <danvet> secretary, hi
+[22:52:10] <secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
+[22:52:18] <danvet> seems to have survived vacations
+[22:54:03] <whot_> hehe
+[22:54:06] whot_ is now known as whot
+[22:54:17] <danvet> whot, thx a lot for standing in
+[22:56:09] <whot> np
+[23:00:12] <mupuf_> ping
+[23:00:21] <egbert> good evening!
+[23:00:21] <danvet> hi all
+[23:00:28] <mupuf_> err, I meant hey :D
+[23:02:32] <danvet> hm, slow start
+[23:02:49] <danvet> agd5f, keithp around?
+[23:03:09] <danvet> matt absent?
+[23:03:15] * danvet can't find him anywhere ...
+[23:06:59] <egbert> i've got network trouble
+[23:07:06] <danvet> egbert, seems so ;-)
+[23:07:20] <danvet> and we haven't started yet really for lack of people ...
+[23:07:50] <egbert> yfui: i may not be able to make it to the next meeting.
+[23:07:53] <danvet> only 4 thus far
+[23:07:58] <danvet> noted, thx
+[23:08:24] <keithp> I'm "around", but also busy preparing dinner
+[23:08:41] <danvet> keithp, ok
+[23:08:48] <danvet> I guess agenda gathering then
+[23:08:52] <danvet> whot, any leftovers?
+[23:09:04] * danvet doesn't really have much ...
+[23:09:35] <whot> danvet: same as always, expo, spi, bylaws
+[23:09:41] <danvet> maybe update on server transition and afaik bylaws
+[23:09:46] <danvet> whot, yeah ...
+[23:10:15] <danvet> robclark aint' around for an update, and I haven't seen anything new on board@
+[23:10:21] <danvet> anyone else no anything?
+[23:10:22] <whot> mupuf_: did you want an official email for the XDC vote? I forgot about that last time but I figured you're aware of it either way :)
+[23:10:36] <mupuf_> hehe, I am fine :D
+[23:10:46] <mupuf_> but I have 2 possibles dates for the XDC
+[23:10:52] <danvet> unopposed secretary protocol should be enough ...
+[23:11:16] <mupuf_> if we vote on them today, we can get the room secured maybe tomorrow
+[23:11:31] <mupuf_> I had a meeting with my contact at the uni, he is extatic about it
+[23:11:50] * danvet adds xdc date to agenda
+[23:13:17] egbert is now known as Guest10040
+[23:13:35] <Guest10040> hrm
+[23:13:44] <danvet> mupuf_, so do we need to vote on that now?
+[23:13:55] <mupuf_> the sooner the better?
+[23:14:49] <danvet> so what's the dates?
+[23:14:52] <mupuf_> We have two potential dates: 14-16th or 21-23rd
+[23:15:02] <danvet> both sept I guess?
+[23:15:08] <mupuf_> yes
+[23:15:13] Guest10040 is now known as egbert
+[23:15:48] <danvet> lwn events calendar is empty in there
+[23:16:47] <mupuf_> good good :)
+[23:17:14] <danvet> no relevant linuxfoundation events in there either
+[23:17:37] <egbert> i remember that stukreit had some restrictions in september.
+[23:20:17] <danvet> so should we wait until next time around?
+[23:20:31] <danvet> since thanksgiving I don't guess anyone else will show up ...
+[23:20:45] * danvet just realized what day it is in the US ;-)
+[23:20:47] <egbert> yeah, right
+[23:21:04] <egbert> that's why keithp is cooking ;p
+[23:21:05] <whot> is it thanksgiving today? that'd explain things
+[23:21:36] <keithp> yes
+[23:21:52] <keithp> some of us happen to have a few minutes off just now
+[23:22:37] <danvet> cancel mtg?
+[23:22:54] <danvet> bunch of topics we can't discuss, and feels wrong to decide the date with half the board awol
+[23:23:04] <egbert> probably best.
+[23:23:19] <keithp> yeah, probably not ideal
+[23:23:21] <egbert> we can even vote on the date by email.
+[23:23:30] <whot> yeah, I agree
+[23:23:34] <egbert> or at least collect all restrictions.
+[23:24:02] <danvet> yeah I'll make some notes that we discussed possible xdc dates
+[23:24:38] <egbert> i'm going to email stukreit about the proposed dates as well.
+[23:25:38] <mupuf_> perfect
+[23:25:38] <danvet> mupuf_, ok too?
+[23:25:42] <mupuf_> yes
+[23:25:42] <danvet> ;-)
+[23:26:02] <danvet> ok, thanks everyone who joined, let's meet again in 2 weeks
+[23:26:10] <keithp> see y'all later
+[23:27:05] <danvet> happy cooking&eating
+[23:27:30] <egbert> yup! and good night!
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+[18:14:56] <alanc> egbert: stukreit's restrictions are the jewish holidays (Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur), which appear to be in October next year due to the lunar calendar alignment:
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+[22:55:21] <whot> good morning
+[22:56:07] <danvet> hi
+[22:59:05] <robclark> hi
+[23:01:32] * whot waves at secretary^
+[23:02:02] <danvet> whot, it's pretty stupid really ;-)
+[23:02:13] <whot> doesn't know how to wave back yet, eh?
+[23:02:30] <danvet> it's a one-trick bot
+[23:03:18] <danvet> agd5f, egbert here too?
+[23:03:19] <agd5f> hello
+[23:03:29] <danvet> mupuf_ ?
+[23:04:39] * danvet can't find marcoz or keithp ...
+[23:07:36] <danvet> well let's start with agenda and hope mupuf shows up at least
+[23:07:46] <danvet> expo, spi, bylaws, xdc date
+[23:07:49] <danvet> I guess election too?
+[23:08:12] <whot> yeah. I had a reminder go off last week about member expiry
+[23:08:25] <whot> because we need to handle this better this year :)
+[23:09:21] <danvet> well since I wasn't there last time around I have 0 clue
+[23:09:34] <danvet> should we vote and member expire at the same time? roughly I mean?
+[23:10:12] <danvet> and bylaws/spi is also stuck in "pls review the latest version" since months ...
+[23:10:19] <agd5f> historyically we expired everyne before the election and send out a reminder to renew
+[23:10:33] <danvet> well bylaws say we need to do that
+[23:10:43] <whot> danvet: no, the order is: email to all members about upcoming expiry, then expire them, then call the election
+[23:10:50] <danvet> ok
+[23:11:06] <whot> and there are a couple of time limits, so we need to wait in between. I'll look those up
+[23:11:56] <danvet> oh well we have 5 people here, that's enough to get votes through, lets get started
+[23:12:04] <whot> danvet: who's still missing for the bylaw review?
+[23:12:12] <danvet> robclark, any updates on expo?
+[23:12:16] <danvet> whot, lemme check
+[23:12:27] <robclark> sorry, no expo update..
+[23:13:26] <danvet> egbert&keithp, if we assume that mupuf has given his +1 by just sending out the mail
+[23:13:55] <danvet> so we'll need to do the current round of elections an membership stuff with the old box?
+[23:14:12] <whot> old box?
+[23:14:20] <danvet> current expo
+[23:14:31] * danvet doesn't have clue about this server transition business tbh
+[23:14:54] <robclark> it shouldn't matter too much from a migration standpoint..
+[23:14:58] <danvet> I thought we couldn't move because the mail stuff isn't working yet ...
+[23:15:12] <robclark> either way, we need to snapshot the mysql db before finally switching off the old machine..
+[23:15:18] <robclark> to be sure we have latest state
+[23:15:22] <danvet> yup
+[23:15:30] <danvet> robclark, so still stuck on handling mail somehow?
+[23:15:39] <danvet> you poked daniels to get the fdo side going?
+[23:15:53] <robclark> basically need to make a reminder to poke keithp at some time when we are both online..
+[23:16:11] <robclark> yeah, need to re-ping daniels for the list migration (but that is orthogonal)
+[23:16:11] <danvet> I thought we just need some fdo admin to do this, and daniels offered to help?
+[23:16:24] <robclark> probably just need $some_fdo_admin
+[23:16:33] <danvet> daniels should be able to help I think
+[23:16:57] <robclark> yeah, I think last time I pinged him, he blamed skl for being too busy :-P
+[23:17:13] <danvet> we fixed that meanwhile ;-)
+[23:17:18] <robclark> heheh
+[23:18:02] <danvet> let's go to xdc date then, and keep the voting stuff for the end
+[23:18:17] <danvet> last time around we didn't vote due to lack of people, now it's not really more
+[23:18:26] <danvet> and mupuf is awol too
+[23:19:01] <agd5f> what were the dates again?
+[23:19:02] * danvet just realized that egbert isn't here, it's just his irc client
+[23:19:11] <danvet> 14-16th or 21-23rd Sept.
+[23:19:12] <mupuf_> sorry guys!
+[23:19:22] <mupuf_> got a slight bus problem
+[23:19:25] <danvet> egbert has a conflict on the 14-16
+[23:19:28] <mupuf_> and the phone was dead
+[23:19:32] <danvet> stuart seems fine with either
+[23:19:44] <whot> I have no preference
+[23:19:48] <danvet> mupuf_, tsk ;-)
+[23:19:59] <danvet> no one else piped up with preferences either
+[23:20:09] <danvet> mupuf_, any preference from an organizer pov for xdc dates?
+[23:20:48] <mupuf_> the earlier the better I would say
+[23:21:03] <mupuf_> before students get really into classes
+[23:21:11] <agd5f> no preference from me either
+[23:21:29] <danvet> mupuf_, they're both while classes are on?
+[23:21:48] <mupuf_> sure, but the further along they are, the hardest it is for people to miss
+[23:22:25] <agd5f> I guess I'd prefer the later ones though when push comes to shove
+[23:22:53] <mupuf_> never heard this idiom before
+[23:23:07] <danvet> well I'd say given egberts conflict and no other hard conflict we should just vote for 21-23 sept
+[23:23:22] <danvet> and better to fix the date earlier than later imo
+[23:23:29] <danvet> ok, or further discussion?
+[23:24:08] <agd5f> danvet, sounds good to me
+[23:24:29] <whot> +1 from me for 21-23
+[23:24:32] * robclark has no preference.. although earlier seems like it would mean longer days which seems like a good thing
+[23:24:32] <danvet> there's few folks, so need full agreement anyway for the vote to carry ;-)
+[23:24:40] * danvet +1 on 21-23
+[23:24:52] <mupuf_> +1 on 21-23
+[23:25:08] <mupuf_> I had forgotten about the conflict of egbert
+[23:25:19] <whot> robclark: doesn't matter if the light's out while we're at the pub :)
+[23:25:19] <agd5f> +1 on 21-23
+[23:25:19] <robclark> heheh
+[23:26:03] <mupuf_> september is fine, it is just like Bordeaux, we may actually have more light still
+[23:26:22] <mupuf_> it is only in november that it gets really bad
+[23:26:28] <danvet> robclark, +1/-1?
+[23:26:44] <robclark> sure, +1
+[23:27:04] <danvet> thx, next xdc is 21-23 sept 2016
+[23:27:12] <danvet> mupuf_, happy organizing!
+[23:27:25] <danvet> mupuf_, might be good to give a note for their calendar ...
+[23:27:36] <mupuf_> yep!
+[23:28:45] <danvet> so next up all that voting stuff
+[23:28:50] <agd5f> mupuf_, you should get into event planning ;)
+[23:28:57] <danvet> whot, have you dug out the timeline?
+[23:29:36] <mupuf_> agd5f: what do you mean?
+[23:29:54] <danvet> just relocate to a new city every two years and have xdc there, deal?
+[23:30:04] <agd5f> this is your second xdc
+[23:30:06] <mupuf_> danvet: sounds good!
+[23:30:12] <mupuf_> oh, sorry, yes :D
+[23:32:17] <danvet> whot, ping
+[23:33:17] <whot> danvet: oh, you wanted me to do this now?
+[23:33:24] <whot> I thought I'd do it after the meeting and then send the email
+[23:33:40] <danvet> well I have honestly no clue ;-)
+[23:34:20] <whot> we need the time schedule by email anyway so we can refer to it later, so I'll do it that way. less chance of getting it wrong too if I have time to double-check it :)
+[23:34:25] <danvet> thing is next bod mtg is likely not happening since everyone on vacation (at least I am), so next proper one is 7th Jan 2016
+[23:34:39] <danvet> yeah makes sense
+[23:35:00] <danvet> do we need to do the member renewal thing before then?
+[23:35:20] <whot> also, the time-frames are usually in the ~30 day frame, so it'll 90 days from expiry warning to election
+[23:35:31] <danvet> ok
+[23:35:46] <mupuf_> yep
+[23:35:46] <danvet> that might even be enough to get spi sorted ...
+[23:36:03] <mupuf_> ...
+[23:36:07] <whot> if the bylaws permit it, doing it before xmas may be better, otherwise we're stuck until min-jan when people return to work/email
+[23:36:07] <danvet> whot, do we need some board decision for the expiry warning?
+[23:36:15] <whot> not that I know of
+[23:36:17] <mupuf_> can I say that we suck at this? :D
+[23:36:32] <danvet> mupuf_, we're even really good at sucking at this
+[23:37:13] <mupuf_> lol
+[23:37:22] <stukreit> I have an issue to bring up.
+[23:37:37] <danvet> whot, so doing expiry warning now, then renew until middle of january?
+[23:38:02] <danvet> or warning that it'll expire in the middle of january?
+[23:38:11] <danvet> stukreit, about?
+[23:38:26] <whot> warning now, expiry before xmas, give ppl 30 months to re-sign up
+[23:38:29] <stukreit> was Keith doing something about ownership of
+[23:38:33] <whot> 30 days
+[23:39:12] <danvet> ok, makes sense
+[23:39:35] <danvet> whot, ok if I assign this to you to write a mail with timeline to board and get the expire warning/renewal started?
+[23:40:17] <whot> ack
+[23:41:21] <danvet> thx
+[23:41:48] <agd5f> I need to go an get my daughter in 5 minutes
+[23:42:05] <danvet> anything else that we have open?
+[23:43:00] <whot> the bylaws have 6 out of 8 acks, that's enough. we wanted SFLC comments on them at some point, mupuf_ do you remember the details?
+[23:43:14] <whot> because they too have timeframes, and we need to ask SPI for re-inviting us
+[23:43:30] <mupuf_> whot: well, just asking them for validation
+[23:43:35] <mupuf_> but I seem to be the only one asking for it
+[23:44:05] <mupuf_> but I guess our bylaws are not as important when we join SPI
+[23:44:16] <mupuf_> we still need ti contact them to give them our status
+[23:47:52] <whot> mupuf_: should we figure it out off list what there is to do then?
+[23:48:14] <mupuf_> I guess, but I have 0 contacts at SFLC :s
+[23:48:31] <whot> same with me, but they should be findable
+[23:49:48] <whot> I'll try to summarise what is needed here in the timeline email then
+[23:51:18] <danvet> oh dear my secretary died
+[23:51:27] * danvet closed the wrong window
+[23:51:57] <danvet> I guess mtg closed, agd5f is off now anyway ...
+[23:52:10] <mupuf_> I guess!
+[23:53:18] <danvet> thx everyone!
+[23:53:45] <danvet> oh and no mtg on 24th in case that wasn't clear ...
+[23:53:51] * danvet will add that to the minutes
+[23:53:58] <robclark> k, gn
+[23:54:40] <mupuf_> good night!
+[23:54:55] <keithp> sorry to have missed the meeting today! My network is dead
+[23:54:56] <mupuf_> yes, will not attend the meeting on the 24th :p
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