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+Date is 2015-08-07, times are UTC+10.
+[[!format txt """
+--- Day changed Fri Aug 07 2015
+01:04 < danvet> fyi I added the two talk proposals to the wiki
+01:04 < danvet> plus added mine since I'm too lazy for a mail ;-)
+02:30 < mupuf_> hrehe
+06:57 -!- mupuf-jolla [] has joined #xf-bod
+06:58 < mupuf-jolla> hey guys!
+07:00 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:01 < whot> good morning
+07:01 <+egbert> good evening, gentlemen!
+07:02 < agd5f> hi
+07:03 < marcoz> hi
+07:04 < mupuf-jolla> keithp, egbert: ping
+07:04 < mupuf-jolla> danvet ping
+07:04 <+egbert> mupuf-jolla: i'm here. i already said 'good evening'!
+07:05 < whot> you didn't say it loud enough. say it again. with a smile!
+07:05 <+egbert> good evening, gentlemen :)))
+07:05 <+egbert> better?
+07:05 < whot> that's better :)
+07:05 <+egbert> ;p
+07:05 < mupuf-jolla> egbert, sorry, i just joined with my phone :) How was your vacation?
+07:05 <+egbert> good! thanks!
+07:06 <+egbert> very lazy this time
+07:06 < mupuf-jolla> :)
+07:07 < whot> keithp: present?
+07:08 -!- robclark [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:09 < mupuf-jolla> whot, shall we start?
+07:09 < whot> alright, that's 7 of us now, let's get started. I slept in, so my brain isn't fully in gear yet
+07:09 < stukreit> (lurking)
+07:10 < whot> agenda is: evoc payment, xdc travel funding, xdc generaly, bylaws
+07:10 < whot> anything missing?
+07:10 < mupuf-jolla> stukreit, hello!! will we see you at xdc??
+07:10 < mupuf-jolla> looks good to me
+07:10 < stukreit> dunno yet. our manager has not come back from the well yet.
+07:11 < whot> did you throw him/her into a well? that seems unusual
+07:11 < stukreit> "go to the well": to fetch resources
+07:11 < whot> workplace hazards are different at oracle :)
+07:12 < robclark> hi
+07:14 < whot> so, evoc payment: what is OKPAY, anyone dealt with it before? i never heard of it
+07:15 < mupuf-jolla> never heard of it...
+07:15 < marcoz> Juliet sent an email saying her OKPAY application was refused.
+07:15 <+egbert> right, i had the same question when i read this.
+07:15 < stukreit> I got another response from Juliet saying that she could not setup a Payoneer account because the govt of cameroon has some kind of anti-terrorism lockdown on creating new accounts.
+07:15 < marcoz> stukreit: did you recient that?
+07:16 < stukreit> I got an OKPAY payment request. But now you have a message that there's no OKPAY account?
+07:17 < marcoz> she sent that email last night at 7:50pm PST
+07:17 < stukreit> Would you like me to send $1 and see what happens?
+07:17 < marcoz> sorry, 12:29am MST
+07:18 <+egbert> maybe any such emails should be forwarded to the treasurer right away.
+07:18 < marcoz> stukreit: you're the treasurer rigth?
+07:18 < stukreit> I will accept them, but I don't know any better than you whatto do with this info
+07:18 < stukreit> marcoz: yes
+07:18 < whot> yeah, can you please fwd these to him so he has the full trail. and maybe to secretary@ (i.e. me) so I can archive them as needed
+07:19 < marcoz> egbert: our treasurer was on the recipient list
+07:19 <+egbert> marcoz: ok, didn't know.
+07:19 < stukreit> looking thru my email, not seeing it.
+07:19 < marcoz> no worries. I was being extra judicious
+07:19 < whot> well, ball's back in juliet's court, if she doesn't have an account we can't do much. but I'm starting to get a bit weary. don't know the situation in cameroon but this shouldn't be that hard. Check did it a while ago iirc
+07:20 <+egbert> in some african countries people have issues getting accounts.
+07:21 <+egbert> a very polpular way of transferring money in those countries is by mobile phones.
+07:21 <+egbert> in some african countries there exists a system to transfer money by sending a message.
+07:22 < mupuf-jolla> thanks egbert! did not know that!
+07:22 <+egbert> this is just to illustrate how difficult it is to set up an account at a bank. not suggesting that we use that.
+07:23 < stukreit> marcoz: got your forward mail. That's the same transmission I have from Aug 4. It says she was refused the payoneer account, doesn't mention the okpay account, but again requests payment through her aunt.
+07:23 <+egbert> i'd suggest we set aside the money until she finds a way to collect it.
+07:23 < whot> yeah, I agree
+07:23 < stukreit> Back to my idea of sending $1 thru okpay. any thoughts on that?
+07:24 <+egbert> it is bad as she may need it the most now but there are times where we cannot do much either.
+07:24 <+egbert> stukreit: if she says she doesn't have the account it may end up in someone else's pocket.
+07:24 <+egbert> and you still won't know where it went.
+07:25 < stukreit> That is exactly my concern. We can't vet her "aunt/guardian", and it looks bad for us to send money to a stranger.
+07:25 <+egbert> not that i'm not for some experiments but i'm sure it is not worth the effort.
+07:25 < stukreit> All we would have is her ack of getting the $1.
+07:25 < stukreit> or not.
+07:26 <+egbert> but if she hasn't gotten the account?
+07:26 <+egbert> at least that's what i understood.
+07:26 < whot> it looks bad for us, but how's the legal situation? 501c3 etc.
+07:26 -!- variable [] has joined #xf-bod
+07:26 < robclark> simple thing is send her some random amount <$1.00 and ask her to confirm the amount received..
+07:26 < stukreit> I'm referring to the OKPAY account. But also, I'm thinking about this like a network eng, not a banking person.
+07:27 < marcoz> i'm ok with robclark 's idea.
+07:27 <+egbert> stukreit: understood.
+07:28 <+egbert> how could the payment request be generated if her application for the account was refused?
+07:28 < stukreit> Proposal: we assert that we cannot send money to an account other than directly owned by the EVOC participant.
+07:28 < stukreit> egbert: the P.R. is on okpay. It is payoneer that cannot get setup.
+07:29 <+egbert> 23:14 < marcoz> Juliet sent an email saying her OKPAY application was refused.
+07:29 < stukreit> I think marcoz misread it. Marcoz: please re-read and agree with me that her message refers to refusal of a payoneer account
+07:30 < marcoz> stukreit: you are correct. I misread. the payoneer acct was refused
+07:30 <+egbert> if that was the case, I'm +1 for stukreit's suggestion!
+07:31 < marcoz> i'm getting old. eyes are failing
+07:31 <+egbert> ok +1 from me then
+07:31 < mupuf-jolla> yep, +1 for me!
+07:31 < agd5f> +1
+07:31 < robclark> +1
+07:31 < marcoz> +1 for sending a random amount <1 and asking her to state the amt.
+07:33 < stukreit> (reminder: I don't have a vote)
+07:33 < mupuf-jolla> sounds like a great idea
+07:33 < whot> +1 for the test amount
+07:34 < whot> ok, so summary: stukreit to transfer $1 through OKPAY and get juliet to confirm receipt of the amount
+07:34 < stukreit> k, thanks
+07:35 < whot> right, next item: XDC travel funding
+07:36 < whot> for the public logs, we approved travel funding to Jake from LWN this week over email
+07:36 <+egbert> +1
+07:37 < danvet> whot, mupuf-jolla sorry for being late, just caught up, +1
+07:37 < mupuf-jolla> Chandler and samuel also requested funding
+07:37 < whot> are you guys happy to do the others via email too? it's likely a back/forth, given that one doesn't include the amount yet either
+07:38 < whot> plus it's getting to the point where we should approve quickly anyway rather than waiting for the meeting, lest the flights go up
+07:38 <+egbert> whot: yes.
+07:38 < robclark> whot, +1
+07:38 <+egbert> so +1
+07:38 < mupuf-jolla> we can do that. i checked the prices fir samuel, it would be around 1.3k
+07:39 < whot> mupuf-jolla: I'd like him to give us a quote, much easier (I told that to Lyude too)
+07:39 < mupuf-jolla> agreed
+07:39 < whot> what about our GSoC students? I think last year we offered travel funding for successful ones
+07:40 < danvet> yeah approving by mail makes sense +1
+07:41 < mupuf-jolla> whot, right, we need to check when it finishes
+07:42 < mupuf-jolla> google asked me to write a blog post about gsoc 2015
+07:43 < mupuf-jolla> we can ask mentors if they plan on failing the students or not
+07:44 < whot> bit of a giveaway then if we ask them beforehand
+07:44 < mupuf-jolla> and tell them to ask yheir student if they want to talk about their work
+07:45 < whot> btw, offer should extend to Asal as well (OPW participant)
+07:45 < mupuf-jolla> yeah, well, if we accept the student and he stops working, we can spank him at the XDC!
+07:45 < whot> what's the timeline for GSoC?
+07:46 < mupuf-jolla> forgot, need to check
+07:46 < mupuf-jolla> i'm on my phone
+07:48 < mupuf-jolla> 21th of aughust
+07:48 < whot> anyone against offering GSoC students travel support?
+07:48 < mupuf-jolla> sorry for the spelling...
+07:48 < robclark> get flights now, but pay a bit extra for cancellable/refundable flights..
+07:50 < mupuf-jolla> robclark, i think it is a bad idea. if the student wants to belong in the community, i would say let's accept them. even if they failed. they already passed midterms!
+07:51 < mupuf-jolla> A student who really feels he failed will not want to see us!
+07:51 < robclark> well, I mean, if they pass midterm then I wouldn't expect them to fail other than for something major (ie. simply stop working, etc)
+07:52 < agd5f> I agree
+07:52 < whot> yeah, true
+07:52 < robclark> but if concern was about the small chance they would wander off or fail, then refundable flight is the way out..
+07:52 < whot> mupuf-jolla: can you send an email to the mentors/students to get this started? Make sure you include that they need to give us a dollar amount :)
+07:53 < mupuf-jolla> ok!!
+07:53 < whot> oh, and: +1 for offering GSoC/OPW completers travel funding?
+07:53 < agd5f> +1 from me too
+07:53 < agd5f> I gotta go and pick up my daughter.
+07:53 <+egbert> +1 from here as well.
+07:53 < whot> agd5f: no worries
+07:54 < robclark> +1
+07:54 < mupuf-jolla> +1
+07:56 < whot> do we have any other XDC business to handle?
+07:57 <+egbert> point is: it is getting close to my bed time ...
+07:57 < danvet> +1 too for gsoc travel funding
+07:58 < danvet> I added the two talks submitted to the talks page, tstellar seemed ok with that
+07:58 < danvet> plus my own
+07:58 < marcoz> +1
+07:58 < whot> I'll contact Tom to ask him if there's anything he needs from us
+07:58 < whot> danvet: thx
+08:00 < whot> alright, so last item: bylaws. nothing changed since last meeting, so not sure there's much to discuss
+08:00 < whot> and we said we'll discuss this with keithp/egbert in the loop but keithp isn't here todays, so...
+08:00 < whot> summary of all that though is: we need to have the bylaws acked by the board in final version by XDC so we can present them there
+08:00 <+egbert> i'm here but it is getting late ... so can we postponethis until next time?
+08:00 < robclark> oh, I guess on topic of expo, I can mention that wiki is migrated.. I think only thing left is setup mail once keith is back..
+08:01 < robclark> (just for the record)
+08:01 < robclark>
+08:01 < whot> ah, thanks
+08:02 < robclark> (hmm, ofc it doesn't seem to be responding at the moment..)
+08:02 < whot> alright, our time is up, so barring any emergency item I'd say we call it a day
+08:02 < robclark> sounds good
+08:03 <+egbert> ok, thanks!
+08:03 <+egbert> good night :)
+08:03 < whot> thanks for attending, talk to you guys in two weeks
+08:06 < mupuf-jolla> ttyl guys!