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BoD: this weeks' minutes
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+Date is 2014-05-16, times are UTC+10
+[[!format txt """
+--- Day changed Fri May 30 2014
+06:56 < whot_> good morning gentlemen
+06:57 < agd5f> hi
+06:58 <+alanc> good afternoon
+06:59 < stukreit> hi
+07:01 < marcoz> howdy
+07:02 < whot_> egbert, keithp, mupuf_: ping
+07:02 < mupuf_> whot_: thanks :) I had completely forgotten about the meeting :)
+07:03 < keithp> yup
+07:03 < whot_> it won't be a long one today I guess. From last week we had the XDC video tool, otherwise SPI updates. Nothing else on the agenda at this point.
+07:03 < keithp> I haven't heard back from SPI; they're having a meeting soon (I think), so I need to go prod them again
+07:04 < whot_> ok
+07:04 < mupuf_> keithp: it would be nice to poke them, we need results :)
+07:04 < stukreit> my old video cameras are DOA.
+07:04 < keithp> mupuf_: agreed
+07:05 < mupuf_> and if it takes that long just to get in, maybe it isn't such a great idea to merge since htey may take forever to do payments
+07:06 < stukreit> I suspect merging is a lot bigger process than cutting checks.
+07:06 < keithp> no, payments are handled by the treasurer, not the board ;-)
+07:06 < mupuf_> well, you know them better than me ;)
+07:06 < stukreit> wait, what? I don't get out of it??
+07:06 < keithp> stukreit: SPI treasurer
+07:06 < whot_> hehe
+07:06 < stukreit> k
+07:07 < whot_> ok, so in that case SPI is once again moved to the next meeting
+07:07 < whot_> mupuf_: anything noteworthy on XDC?
+07:07 < keithp> sorry, will try to move that forward
+07:08 < mupuf_> whot_: I just checked, I thought I had sent a mail to jcristau and the debian video team .... but it still is in my draft folder :o
+07:08 < whot_> mupuf_: also, do you want/have an organising committee? it seems wrong to have 8 ppl discuss most of what comes up when it could be just 2/3 sorting this out and letting the board know
+07:08 < mupuf_> anyway, I was asking them what hardware they have and would be willing to lend us
+07:09 < mupuf_> on my side, I also checked a little more our options
+07:09 < mupuf_> and an HDMI/YUV -> USB converter is relatively cheap
+07:10 < mupuf_> that could be an option too
+07:10 < mupuf_> it is designed for gamers who want to record the output of their new-gen consoles
+07:10 < mupuf_> hence the relative low price
+07:10 < mupuf_> it may require a windows box, but that's doable
+07:11 < mupuf_> otherwise, many conferences just use one camera for the slides and it isn't that bad
+07:11 < mupuf_> renting cameras is possible
+07:12 < mupuf_> renting the VGA->DV or USB isn't
+07:12 < mupuf_> I have a paper deadline on sunday, so I didn't spend too much time on this
+07:12 < mupuf_> I'll get back to it next week
+07:12 <+alanc> does the university have an A/V department we can rent equipment from? I thought that's what we did last year, had barts get hardware from PSU and had jrayhawk set it up & run it
+07:14 < mupuf_> alanc: there are no A/V team in my research lab. I talked to the general techies we have and they all said we need to figure out something
+07:14 <+alanc> okay
+07:14 < mupuf_> as for the university, it is apparently next to impossible to get them to do anything
+07:15 < stukreit> For your sake, I hope they get it together to confer degrees on time.
+07:15 < mupuf_> should be good ;)
+07:16 < mupuf_> the hdmi recorder is very very slim. Having one or two additional webcams would complete the system quite well and we would have a system we could carry around
+07:17 < mupuf_> but if we are going to stay in Portland & at Suse, that may not be a valid investment
+07:18 < mupuf_> especially since the debian video team could lend us the hardware
+07:18 <+alanc> and we'd want to make sure SPI hasn't already bought equipment like that for projects to share
+07:18 < marcoz> for something we'd use once a year, seems like rental would be more feasible.
+07:18 < mupuf_> marcoz: rental could be much more expensive and require to re-learn every year
+07:19 < mupuf_> and I would rather not have something as complicated as what jrayhawk had to pull off last year
+07:20 < marcoz> mupuf_: yea, more expensive, but storing it 362 days of the year and relearning it seems troublesome as well.
+07:21 < mupuf_> fair-point. But if it is just 2 webcams + one HDMI->USB adapter, it really isn't taking any space
+07:21 < stukreit> Does anyone have an IEEE membership? I see they have help for their members to organize conferences
+07:21 < mupuf_> I don't, it is waaaaayyyy too expensive
+07:21 < marcoz> mupuf_: more the "how the hell did we do this last year?" than the space. but I digress. I wouldn't object, just playing devil's advocate.
+07:22 < mupuf_> yeah, I don't have a definite answer
+07:22 < mupuf_> just saying it is complicated, especially since we may want to use Linux and some hardware doesn't have drivers for Linux
+07:22 < whot_> imo buying is the last option, which we can do on short notice
+07:22 < whot_> let's see what the debian guys say first
+07:23 < mupuf_> relatively short, yes
+07:23 < mupuf_> totally agree :)
+07:23 < mupuf_> I would rather not spend time on it ;)
+07:23 < whot_> in that case, that should be all for today. anyone have any other points they want to bring up?
+07:24 < mupuf_> We do accept EVoCs, right?
+07:24 < mupuf_> we will get a proposal soon
+07:25 < agd5f> sure, if the proposal is good
+07:25 < marcoz> yep, we, the board, vote after we get and review the proposal.
+07:25 < mupuf_> marcoz: are you still OK about managing that?
+07:25 < marcoz> unless you want it. I shunted one guy over to you. I never heard back from the other 2, so it's been fairly light.
+07:26 < mupuf_> I definitely don't want it ;)
+07:26 <+egbert> hi guys! sorry for being late.
+07:26 < mupuf_> egbert: you didn't miss much, no answer from SPI yet.
+07:26 < mupuf_> that's all I had to say
+07:26 -!- mupuf_ is now known as mupuf
+07:27 < whot_> any other points to discuss?
+07:28 -!- alanc changed the topic of #xf-bod to: X.Org Foundation Board: wfh! (work from home) | Next Meeting: June 12, 2pm pdt
+07:28 -!- alanc changed the topic of #xf-bod to: X.Org Foundation Board: wfh! (work from home) | Next Meeting: June 12, 2pm pdt
+07:28 < whot_> alright, in that case see you in two weeks, as alanc already said here :)
+07:29 < keithp> sounds good
+07:29 <+alanc> heh, I'm good
+07:30 < mupuf> have a good day!
+07:30 < mupuf> and good evening to egbert
+07:30 < whot_> egbert: i suspect you talked to mupuf anyway, but you are the scond name on the "sort out video equipment" list
+07:30 < whot_> anything from your side that mupuf hasn't covered?
+07:30 <+egbert> yeah, regarding the cam issue: the stuff at suse seems to be a bit bulky also the guy who has the most experience with it is about to change jobs :(
+07:31 < stukreit> well, take him to lunch before he splits!
+07:31 < mupuf> egbert: if you see him again, thank him for teaching me ;)
+07:31 <+egbert> stukreit: not sure if he's still there when i go there next time :(
+07:31 < mupuf> and yes, I doubt egbert would be able to carry everything with him in the plane
+07:32 <+egbert> next time i'm there i will talk to the other person who has experience with this and find out what to do.
+07:33 <+egbert> would be a worthwhile little project to put together the free tools needed plus some little easy to follow instructions for conference video ;)
+07:34 < whot_> we need the hw first...
+07:35 <+egbert> yeah, but ideally the project would include some recommendations for a 'cost effective' solution ;)
+07:35 < mupuf> egbert: yes :) and what I found on the interwebs is very scarse and mostly about the expensive solutions, not the cheap HDMI one (that has better quality too!)
+07:36 < mupuf> most laptops do VGA and HDMI. ARM boards usually have HDMI. And there are cheap VGA->HDMI adapters
+07:36 <+egbert> this is exactly what scares me: either noone seems to have worked out a cost effective (and transportable!) solution, yet.
+07:36 < mupuf> or VGA->YUV
+07:36 <+egbert> or kept it to himself.
+07:37 < mupuf> well, people usually film stuff with one camera
+07:39 < mupuf> <-- the $50 one is enough for slides
+07:42 < mupuf> I'll have a look at it later, need to focus on my paper
+07:42 < mupuf> see you guys
+07:44 <+egbert> ok, ttl.