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There is a limit of no more than two directors affiliated with the same company or institution. Once two seats are filled with affiliates of a given entity, all further candidates from that entity are skipped over in the ranked results list.
+#### Election Process
+1. Establish an election committee (generally this consists of the four current directors that are not up for re-election this year)
+1. Add the election committee members to the <> mailing list, and make sure that no other people are on this mailing list. All communication about the election should take place on this mailing list so that it can be archived in case of an election dispute.
+1. Make sure that all members of the election committee have access to the membership system.
+1. Establish a chair for the committee (optional, but useful). This person will call meetings when necessary, hand out tasks to other election committee members, and make sure that the election runs on time.
+1. Determine election timeline by working backward from the election announcement date. The process takes at least 8 weeks, but padding may be required to avoid conflicts with, for example, holidays.
+* [[!table header="no" class="mointable" data="""
+**Week** | **Tasks**
+1 | Ask for renewals/new members
+2 | Nomination period begins
+4 | Nomination period ends
+5 | Publish slate of candidates
+5 | Deadline for new membership applications and renewals
+6 | Election period begins
+8 | Election period ends
+8 | Election committee presents results to the current X.Org board for certification
+8 | Results published to the membership
+1. Create announcement that the election process will begin soon, and send it to the members list <> and the development list <>. The purpose of this announcement is to have the existing members renew their membership and encourage new members to join that want to vote in the election, and to let everyone know the deadline for new memberships and renewals.
+1. Create announcement that the nomination period has begun, and send it to the members list <> and the development list <> when the nomination period begins. The purpose of this email is to solicit nominations, to let people know the people know how the election process works, who the current directors are and who is leaving, how to nominate yourself and/or others, and announce the deadlines for nominations.
+1. Send reminders that the election nomination period is in progress at regular intervals -- e.g., 1 week before ending, 3 days before ending, and the last day. Also include a reminder that the renewal and new membership application deadline is approaching.
+1. Collect personal statements from potential candidates. Potential candidates are required to send a personal statement to the elections mailing list <> by the deadline. Reminders to the potential candidates are very helpful, and this will also give them the opportunity to update their statement of contribution (from their membership application).
+1. Determine if there are enough valid candidates to run the election. After the nomination period deadline passes, the committee should convene to determine if there are enough valid candidates to run the election. If there are not enough candidates, the nomination period should be extended to allow more candidates to be nominated. If there are enough valid candidates, create an announcement with the slate of candidates and attach the personal statements they submitted and their statement of contributions (from their membership application, which can be retrieved from the membership system), and send it to the members list <>.
+1. Encourage open discussion of issues relevant to the election, the candidates' positions on issues, etc. on the members list. This can be accomplished in the announcement of the slate of candidates or by a separate email to the members list <>.
+1. Make sure that only the election members have access to the membership system
+1. Create an election poll on the member website from the slate of candidates, and set the start and end times. The voting system works automatically once the poll has been created.
+1. Create announcement that the election voting is open and send it to the members list only <> on the first day of the election. Include in the announcement voting instructions, and when the election period ends.
+1. Collect, summarize, discuss and approve election results. The voting system on the members website automatically keeps track of the election's on-going results. Once the election period ends, the final results should be collected, summarized, discussed and approved by the election committee. Approval should be simple if a quorum was reached and there are no ties.
+1. Present results to full Board of Directors for certification. Once the results have been approved by the election committee, they should be presented at a full Board of Directors for certification. If the full board approves that the election has been run properly and agrees that the results are valid, then a formal vote to certify the results can be called for and voted upon. If approved, the election committee can move forward with the official announcement. If not approved, then the board and election committee must resolve the dispute.
+1. Announce the results to the members list and the development list. The final duty of the election committee is to announce the results to the members list <> and the development list <>. This announcement should list the election results, the old board, the new board, and the number of votes cast/turn-out percentage.
#### Email templates
##### Request for nominations