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1. Collect personal statements from potential candidates. Potential candidates are required to send a personal statement to the elections mailing list <> by the deadline. Reminders to the potential candidates are very helpful, and this will also give them the opportunity to update their statement of contribution (from their membership application).
1. Determine if there are enough valid candidates to run the election. After the nomination period deadline passes, the committee should convene to determine if there are enough valid candidates to run the election. If there are not enough candidates, the nomination period should be extended to allow more candidates to be nominated. If there are enough valid candidates, create an announcement with the slate of candidates and attach the personal statements they submitted and their statement of contributions (from their membership application, which can be retrieved from the membership system), and send it to the members list <>.
1. Encourage open discussion of issues relevant to the election, the candidates' positions on issues, etc. on the members list. This can be accomplished in the announcement of the slate of candidates or by a separate email to the members list <>.
-1. Make sure that only the election members have access to the membership system
+1. Make sure that only the election members have access to the membership system - Remove their "Staff" and "superuser" rights on
+1. After the membership renewal deadline has passed, do _not_ approve new memberships/renewals until the election has completed.
1. Create an election poll on the member website from the slate of candidates, and set the start and end times. The voting system works automatically once the poll has been created.
1. Create announcement that the election voting is open and send it to the members list only <> on the first day of the election. Include in the announcement voting instructions, and when the election period ends.
1. Collect, summarize, discuss and approve election results. The voting system on the members website automatically keeps track of the election's on-going results. Once the election period ends, the final results should be collected, summarized, discussed and approved by the election committee. Approval should be simple if a quorum was reached and there are no ties.