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Statement of Contribution
+##### Voting is open
+Subject: 20YY Election and By-laws approval voting OPEN
+To all X.Org Foundation Members:
+The X.Org Foundation's annual election is now open and will remain open until 23:59 UTC on AA MONTH 20YY.
+$NUM_OPEN_SEATS of the eight director seats are open during this election, with the $NUM_OPEN_SEATS nominees receiving the highest vote totals serving as directors for two year terms.
+There were $NUM_CANDIDATES candidates nominated. For a complete list of the candidates and their personal statements, please see the following e-mail: $LINK_TO_CANDIDATES_EMAIL
+In addition to the board election, we are also voting on whether or not to approve of the new By-laws.
+Here are some instructions on how to cast your vote:
+1. Login to the membership system at:
+ If you do not remember your password, you can click on the "lost
+ password" button and enter your user name. An e-mail will be sent to
+ you with your password. If you have problems with the membership
+ system, please e-mail <>.
+2. When you login you will see a row of buttons that will allow you to
+ update your info, list the members, list the open ballots and logout.
+ Below this you will see a list of open ballots, for which you can
+ cast votes. At the bottom of this page you will see another row of
+ buttons with the current privacy policy, the provisional By-laws, the
+ provisional Membership Agreement and instructions on how to contact
+ the admin.
+ Note that if you click on the "Ballots" button at any time, you will
+ see a list of the open ballots.
+3. To cast your vote in a ballot, click on the "Cast" button to the
+ right of the ballot you wish to vote on. This will bring up another
+ page with the list of the candidates, and a question of whether or
+ not to approve the new By-laws.
+4. For the election: There is a pull-down selection box next to each
+ candidate. For your top choice, select "1". For your second choice,
+ select "2" and so forth. You should think of the numbers that you
+ are selecting as the ranking of your preferences. Note that you are
+ only able to vote for $NUM_OPEN_SEATS out of the $NUM_CANDIDATES candidates. For the $NUM_CANDIDATES
+ candidate, simply leave the selection blank.
+ Note that you are NOT required to select your preferences for all
+ $NUM_OPEN_SEATS positions. You can leave more than one blank. The only
+ restriction is that you cannot duplicate any of your choices (i.e.,
+ you can only select one "1", one "2" and so forth).
+5. For the By-laws: If you approve of the new By-laws, select the "Yes"
+ radio button. If you do not approve of the new By-laws, select the
+ "No" radio button. If you wish to abstain from this question, select
+ the "Abstain" radio button.
+ There is a link to the new By-laws in this question, or you can find
+ the latest version of the By-laws here: $LINK_TO_BYLAW_CHANGES
+ Note that answering this question is required for your vote to be
+ validated.
+6. After you have completed your ballot, click the "Vote" button. Note
+ that once you click this button, your votes will be cast and you will
+ not be able to make further changes, so please make sure you are
+ satisfied with your votes before clicking the "Vote" button.
+ After you click the "Vote" button, the system will verify that you
+ have completed a valid ballot. If your ballot is invalid (e.g., you
+ duplicated a selection or did not answer the By-laws approval
+ question), it will return you to the previous voting page. If your
+ ballot is valid, your votes will be recorded and the system will show
+ you a notice that your votes were cast.
+Note that the election will close at 23:59 UTC on AA MONTH 20YY. At that time, the election committee will count the votes and present the results to the current board for validation. After the current board validates the results, the election committee will present the results to the Members.
+ $AUTHOR, on behalf of the X.Org elections committee
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