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#### Election Process
+Please also look at the [[documentation for the site|]]
1. Establish an election committee (generally this consists of the four current directors that are not up for re-election this year)
1. Add the election committee members to the <> mailing list, and make sure that no other people are on this mailing list ([[list admin page|]]). All communication about the election should take place on this mailing list so that it can be archived in case of an election dispute.
-1. Make sure that all members of the election committee have access to the membership system (get an admin to click the "Make an admin" for every committee member in [the member page](
+1. Make sure that all members of the election committee have access to the membership system by giving them "Staff" and "Superuser" rights on [[]].
1. Establish a chair for the committee (optional, but useful). This person will be responsible for [setting up the membership website](, calling for meetings when necessary, hand out tasks to other election committee members, and make sure that the election runs on time.
1. Determine election timeline by working backward from the election announcement date. The process takes at least 8 weeks, but padding may be required to avoid conflicts with, for example, holidays.