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+The [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] holds annual elections for its [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]. The full set of election rules is laid out in the [[Bylaws|]]. What follows is a brief unofficial summary.
+Normally half of the board, 4 of the 8 members, are up for election each year for a two year term. If additional vacancies are present in the board, additional members will be elected to fill the remaining portion of vacated terms.
+The [[Members|]] of the X.Org Foundation are eligible to vote in elections. [[Membership|Membership]] is open to individuals who have contributed to the X Window System in some way, typically code, documentation or substantive public service.
+Votes are collected via a web application on [[|]] during an announced period. Each voter provides a ranked list of their preferences among the nominated candidates. The results are then tallied using the [[simple Borda Count method|]].
+For example, in an election with 6 candidates, the rankings are scored as follows:
+* [[!table header="no" class="mointable" data="""
+**rank** | **points**
+ 1 | 6
+ 2 | 5
+ 3 | 4
+ 4 | 3
+ 5 | 2
+ 6 | 1
+ none | 0
+Thus, refusing to rank someone denies them any points at all. Of course each rank can be assigned to at most one candidate.
+Candidates with the highest point total are elected to the board until all available seats for two-year terms are taken. If any remaining seats are open to fill vacancies, the next highest scoring candidates are elected to those until they are all filled.
+There is a limit of no more than two directors affiliated with the same company or institution. Once two seats are filled with affiliates of a given entity, all further candidates from that entity are skipped over in the ranked results list.