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* [[Sep. 14|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2022/09-14]]
* [[Oct. 19|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2022/10-19]]
* [[Nov. 16|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2022/11-16]]
+* [[Nov. 30|BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2022/11-30]]
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+[[!format txt """
+[11:08:46] [connected at Wed Nov 30 11:08:46 2022]
+[11:08:47] [I have joined #xf-bod]
+[11:09:11] * danvet waves
+[11:10:39] <Lyude> hi! updates from my side: I still need to poke SFC about the matrix/mastodon stuff, I meant to do it yesterdy . rest of the agenda: XDC2022/XDC2023, GSoC/outreachy, I think that's it?
+[11:10:51] <Lyude> samuelig: do you want to go over XDC?
+[11:10:55] <samuelig> yes
+[11:11:05] <mfilion> @lyude did you see my comments above re: mastodon?
+[11:11:09] <danvet> Lyude, bylaws
+[11:11:13] <danvet> maybe
+[11:11:40] <danvet> Lyude, oh still missing the MR, so can't really comment on it
+[11:11:49] <samuelig> XDC 2022: contacted organizers asking for the final expenses sheet, so we can reimburse the money (deducting it from the platinum sponsorship or whatsoever) they are wokring on it
+[11:11:55] <samuelig> so we need to wait
+[11:12:08] <Lyude> shit, I will get that fixed right after the meeting. or now if we want
+[11:12:17] <Lyude> mfilion: I am not sure I did
+[11:12:21] <danvet> Lyude, na later is fine imo
+[11:12:30] <mfilion> @lyude scroll up, 17 November
+[11:12:59] <Lyude> mfilion: gotcha, that answers one question
+[11:13:29] <danvet> mfilion, got domain parked?
+[11:13:34] <danvet> or am I on the wrong one
+[11:13:44] <rg3igalia> probably on the wrong one
+[11:13:44] <mfilion> domain parked?
+[11:13:56] <rg3igalia> <-- works for me
+[11:14:14] <Lyude> sounds like a very hygenic social network
+[11:14:16] <danvet> yeah I went with :-)
+[11:14:27] <mfilion> haha I just clicked on the SFC's mastodon instance, and it says its shutting down imminently... oops
+[11:14:44] <mfilion> I'll ping them to ask where they're migrating to
+[11:15:26] <danvet> their own private instance
+[11:15:35] <danvet> there's some service for that or something
+[11:15:46] <alyssa> conservancy's instance was (is?) pleroma
+[11:16:21] <danvet>
+[11:16:57] <danvet> apparently hosted by
+[11:17:09] <danvet> per sage
+[11:17:12] * danvet no idea what that is
+[11:17:20] <Lyude> samuelig: btw, anything on XDC2023?
+[11:17:39] <samuelig> XDC 2023: we got 2 proposals currently. As we are about to start December, I think we need to vote for the proposals. Of course, I am part of one of the proposals so I will abstain, but I think we are very late already and we decided to give end of october as deadline at XDC 2022, we delay it to get the proposals. I don't think we can delay it too much.
+[11:17:41] <mfilion> @danvet this is what's linked on their website:
+[11:18:02] <danvet> yeah that one is dead
+[11:18:12] <danvet> is shut down
+[11:18:30] <danvet> samuelig, seconding on voting
+[11:18:40] <mfilion> I have a third proposal coming soon
+[11:18:47] <danvet> anyone who's kinda unsure about 23 still we can help to make a proposal for 25
+[11:19:03] <mfilion> and we're really not that late, LPC hasn't even narrowed down its list of possibly cities yet
+[11:19:09] <danvet> mfilion, can we have more details on that?
+[11:19:18] <samuelig> mfilion, one of the proposals cannot lock prices more than today
+[11:19:19] <mfilion> MBition will be submitting
+[11:19:23] <danvet> mfilion, I'd like to start sponsor hunting, it's kinda hard without a location and stuff ...
+[11:19:31] <alyssa> who?
+[11:19:40] <Lyude> Oh also right, we don't actually have gsoc stuff to go over now that it's over I think
+[11:19:44] <mfilion> samuelig the only locked price they can't guarantee is for 2024
+[11:19:49] <Lyude> tlwoerner: unless we have any EVoC stuff?
+[11:19:51] <mfilion> so doesn't matter
+[11:20:21] <danvet> mfilion, which mbition? google's not helping much and I have no clue
+[11:20:46] <danvet> the merc-benz one?
+[11:21:34] <samuelig> mfilion, are they going to submit soon? I really think we need to decide for a proposal. I agree with danvet that if they cannot make it, we can tell them to go to 2025 and have a solid proposal for that year
+[11:22:02] <samuelig> and it affects sponsors hunt as he said
+[11:22:03] <mfilion> danvet, with possibly the help of the KDE organizing team
+[11:23:25] <Lyude> (anyway, y'all with meetings to go to I think we can call the meeting at this point)
+[11:23:44] <danvet> I think we should minimally at least set a deadline for mbition to submit something
+[11:23:45] <mfilion> it's a really great opportunity for XDC to get some new faces, worth waiting a bit for them.
+[11:23:56] <danvet> or at least pipe up with some mail about who's planning to do something
+[11:24:00] <samuelig> how much time they need?
+[11:24:01] <mfilion> yes of course, I told them we needed very soon
+[11:24:18] <danvet> mfilion, can you drag them onto board@ with that?
+[11:24:18] <mfilion> I spoke to them on Monday, should hear back this week
+[11:24:45] <mfilion> yes that was my plan with their next reply
+[11:25:29] <mfilion> they're really excited about submitting :)
+[11:26:33] <danvet> can we also make them excited about 25 or so?
+[11:27:10] <danvet> the thing is, we're kinda burning down goodwill with the coruna team if we ask them to jump in with a bid and then ignore them because someone super late rolls around the corner
+[11:27:37] <danvet> _after_ we spend months scratching for a bid in every corner
+[11:27:40] <danvet> or at least I did
+[11:28:12] <Lyude> i should still look into boston for 2024
+[11:28:31] <danvet> we don't have a surplus of xdc organizers, burning them like this is not really great
+[11:28:42] <danvet> and we've asked for an early heads up for over half a year
+[11:28:49] <danvet> so we can adjust plans and all
+[11:29:10] <danvet> or maybe not go into "lets call in all the favors to get an xdc organized" mode
+[11:29:32] <mfilion> favors? who called in favors here? I certainly didn't.
+[11:30:22] <mfilion> we all agreed we wanted 2023 to be in Europe, I've just been trying to get more than one option in to have a proper vote
+[11:30:48] <Lyude> FWIW: I feel like most years even pre-pandemic we many times ended up with a single choice
+[11:30:56] <mfilion> red hat are interested in a future edition too, as is arm, so it won't be a problem getting more going forward
+[11:30:59] <danvet> yeah we really don't need two
+[11:31:16] <danvet> and I did ping everyone we have in the list
+[11:31:27] <danvet> mbition wasn't in there, so would have been great you mention this a /tad/ earlier
+[11:31:39] <danvet> instead of surprise party
+[11:32:11] <danvet> even the bid is a pile of work, so two just means one team has done a pile of work for nothing
+[11:32:19] <danvet> much better to queue them in for 2 years later imo
+[11:33:13] <mfilion> that's exactly what a RFP is for
+[11:33:36] <mfilion> unless we start saying that going forward, we'll automatically accept the first proposal submitted
+[11:34:10] <mfilion> we already have two who put in proposals, what's the problem with having a third?
+[11:35:14] <danvet> it's just wasting goodwill for nothing
+[11:35:35] <danvet> also we made it pretty clear that we want people to pipe up early that they're working on it
+[11:38:37] <rg3igalia> hmm, it's not about going with the first proposal, the RFP has a deadline and we're very late already
+[11:39:04] <danvet> the other thing is also, PEI isn't workeable for us
+[11:39:16] <danvet> they don't have actual organizers, they just collected bids for locations
+[11:39:19] <danvet> if I got that thing right
+[11:39:27] <danvet> so all PEI gets us is a location, not a conference
+[11:39:46] <danvet> since unlike LF/lpc we do not have professional paid conference staff that sorts out everything else
+[11:39:56] <danvet> so we had nothing
+[11:39:59] <mfilion> LPC is all volunteers
+[11:40:09] <mfilion> LF just helps with finances
+[11:40:22] <danvet> LF staff runs the location stuff with badges
+[11:40:47] <danvet> I mean we can do it with PEI, but then /someone/ needs to step up to volunteer to organize this remotely
+[11:40:49] <danvet> which we don't have
+[11:41:01] <danvet> volunteers wont magically appear
+[11:43:23] <danvet> also the problem isn't really that mbition+kde is submitting
+[11:43:37] <danvet> it's that the proposal didn't pop up here or on board@ in any discussion for months
+[11:43:47] <danvet> months after the initial deadline where we asked for a headups
+[11:44:01] <danvet> but now that we finally have an xdc we need to wait for that mysterious proposal
+[11:44:20] <danvet> and that xdc proposal we have now is already burning down a pile of goodwill credits
+[11:44:24] <mfilion> yeah because its been hard finding people ready for next year.
+[11:44:44] <mfilion> but now we have people lined up for years, so we're looking at 3-4 consecutive XDC's in Europe
+[11:45:17] <danvet> I wouldn't be so sure
+[11:45:21] <mfilion> I would
+[11:45:30] <mfilion> Red Hat are very interested, as is Arm
+[11:45:34] <mfilion> both Europe
+[11:45:48] <mfilion> just a question of planning ahead with them, but both could make it work
+[11:48:31] <daniels> Lyude: I'd like to go back to Boston for sure, but I'm lucky; I can get a visa, whereas quite a few countries just cannot get a US visa
+[11:48:51] <Lyude> this is a very fair point
+[11:49:34] <danvet> yeah but canada is about as bad I thought last time we looked at at least
+[11:49:42] <danvet> because of easy travel between usa and .ca
+[11:49:58] <danvet> kinda like visa is all about the same anywhere in europe (i.e. bs for like 2/3rd of the world)
+[11:51:38] <Lyude> I wonder what the policy is like in mexico
+[11:54:41] <daniels> afaik Canada has just as much annoying bureaucracy, but without the 1.5-5 year waitsfor certain countries
+[11:56:03] <mfilion> @daniels for events in Canada it's been relatively good. OSSummit North America is in Vancouver next year because its significantly easier than the US to get visas to attend.
+[12:09:40] <alyssa> daniels: "slightly less bad than the US" is our national motto :p
+[14:24:07] <Lyude> honestly if we ever needed locations: I mentioned mexico because I know GUADEC has been held there
+[14:25:57] <Lyude> hm, looks like it might not be much better there either
+[16:25:12] <Lyude> btw samuelig I totally forgot to ask - should we do a vote for the RFP over email?
+[16:26:59] [disconnected at Wed Nov 30 16:26:59 2022]
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* [[Sep. 14|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2022/09-14]]
* [[Oct. 19|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2022/10-19]]
* [[Nov. 16|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2022/11-16]]
+* [[Nov. 30|BoardOfDirectors/MeetingSummaries/2022/11-30]]
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+Summary of the 30 November 2022 meeting of the [[X.Org Foundation|XorgFoundation]] [[Board of Directors|BoardOfDirectors]]
+Full IRC meeting logs are posted at [[BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/]]
+## Attendees
+Daniel Vetter,
+Samuel Iglesias Gonsálvez,
+Lyude Paul,
+Mark Filion,
+Alyssa Rosenzweig,
+Ricardo Garcia
+Trevor Woerner
+Manasi Navare,
+Emma Anholt,
+## Summary
+Agenda: XDC2022/XDC2023, Matrix, Mastodon
+## Items discussed
+[[!format txt """
+ITEM: XDC2022
+Samuel contacted organizers asking for the final expenses sheet
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: XDC2023
+Currently have two proposals, voting to start soon
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: Matrix
+Lyude still needs to contact SFC to look into this
+STATUS: Pending
+ITEM: Mastodon
+Turns out that there's an instance we might be able to use that SFC was previously using :)
+STATUS: Pending