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+Date is 2015-10-15, times are UTC+1.
+[[!format txt """
+22:47 -!- secretary [] has joined #xf-bod
+22:47 < whot_> all hail the secretary bot!
+22:54 < danvet> it replies when you ping it ...
+22:57 < whot_> secretary: ping
+22:58 < whot_> must have an awful ping time :)
+22:58 < danvet> secretary, howdy
+22:58 < secretary> danvet: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
+22:58 < danvet> likes me more ;-)
+22:59 < whot_> hehe
+22:59 -!- whot_ is now known as whot
+22:59 < danvet> it's not terribly bright
+23:00 <+egbert> hi guys!
+23:00 -!- robclark [] has joined #xf-bod
+23:00 < danvet> hi all!
+23:00 <+egbert> secretary, hi!
+23:00 < whot> danvet: the board secretary doesn't have to be :)
+23:00 < secretary> egbert: I'm just the secretary, dutifully keeping logs of this meeting
+23:00 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
+23:00 < danvet> whot, a perk of the job
+23:01 < mupuf_> hey al
+23:01 < danvet> agd5f, marcoz, mupuf_
+23:01 < mupuf_> sorry for the late
+23:01 < danvet> keithp, ping too
+23:02 < danvet> we should have everyone now, so agenda
+23:02 < stukreit> (treasurer here)
+23:02 < danvet> bylaws, evoc, travel,
+23:02 < danvet> anything else?
+23:03 < agd5f> hello
+23:03 < marcoz> Hi danvet, mupuf_ stukreit agd5f
+23:03 < marcoz> hi whot
+23:04 < danvet> I guess we can start with travel/evoc
+23:04 < mupuf_> marcoz: Hi marcoz!
+23:04 < danvet> stukreit, updates from juliet's payement?
+23:05 < stukreit> yes, the second attempt to send the $500 has succeeded. She informed me yesterday
+23:05 < danvet> so what happened to the first one?
+23:06 < stukreit> and her aunt/sister ("my mother's daughter" is how she described her) gave me a US bank account number
+23:06 < stukreit> our bank informed me that the first wire did not go through.
+23:06 < danvet> iirc the first one was stuck somewhere in the catacombs of us banking ...
+23:06 < danvet> ah ok, so we're all set (expect probably a few fees)?
+23:06 < stukreit> I asked them why they didn't refund the $35 fee..
+23:07 < stukreit> dunno who's catacombs. Probably Cameroon's catacombs
+23:07 < stukreit> So, if the board agrees, I will send the next payment to her "aunt's" US account.
+23:07 < stukreit> or sister
+23:07 < danvet> banks don't refund fees worldwide :(
+23:08 <+egbert> +1
+23:08 < stukreit> anyway, Ngassa has a GSOC relationship, so that's a positive
+23:08 < danvet> imo that's ok, +1
+23:08 < robclark> stukreit, +1
+23:08 < danvet> agd5f, whot, keithp, marcoz ^^
+23:09 < marcoz> +1
+23:09 < danvet> mupuf_, ^^
+23:09 < stukreit> the vote is so that in case an Agency contacts me about this I can say I asked the committee if everyone was cool with it.
+23:09 < mupuf_> sorry
+23:09 < mupuf_> +1
+23:10 < danvet> yeah, sounds good, I'll record
+23:10 < danvet> stukreit, do we still have something pending from xdc?
+23:10 < whot> +1
+23:10 < danvet> last minutes say marek and the bill from the university are still pending
+23:10 < agd5f> +1
+23:11 < stukreit> I sent money to Jake and Marek, still haven't gotten a bill from Seneca
+23:12 <+egbert> agd5f: do you know if Tom has info about the bill?
+23:12 < agd5f> egbert, not sure, but I can ping him
+23:13 < danvet> agd5f, I've made a note
+23:13 < danvet> thx
+23:13 < stukreit> agd5f: your last ping to Tom was on 10/1
+23:13 < danvet> yeah we had that ping in the last meeting too ;-)
+23:13 < agd5f> yeah, I'll ping him again
+23:14 < danvet> so I guess that's it for travel/sponsoring
+23:14 < danvet> stukreit, thx for keeping track of all this
+23:14 < danvet> next up: bylaws
+23:14 < stukreit> sure thing
+23:15 < danvet> still missing acks from half the board on the bylaws mupus posted to board@ ...
+23:15 < mupuf_> yes, I think I left enough time since the last read that it makes sense for me to check it again
+23:15 < mupuf_> and send another ack
+23:15 < danvet> that's egbert, whot, robclark & keithp I think
+23:15 < mupuf_> (on top of the implied one of me sending it :D)
+23:15 < danvet> mupuf_, I figured since you've sent it you acked it too ;-)
+23:16 < whot> sorry, still catching up from my vacation, will do this asap
+23:16 < mupuf_> right :D
+23:16 < robclark> oh.. hmm, that thread probably has dropped off the first page of my inbox by now..
+23:16 < danvet> there's about 2 mails per week for board@, it's not much :-P
+23:17 < danvet> anyway, what else do we need to do to get spi ready for voting next year?
+23:17 * danvet has no clue at all
+23:17 < danvet> mupuf_, ?
+23:18 < mupuf_> hard to tell
+23:18 < mupuf_> it all depends on what you guys think
+23:18 < mupuf_> I think that was all
+23:18 < danvet> well I guess we need to ask them whether we can join spi or something like that ...
+23:19 < robclark> danvet, yeah, I just need to filter it into it's own folder ;-)
+23:19 < danvet> I wasn't around when that happened last time around
+23:19 < agd5f> just heard back from Tom, he hasn't gotten the bill yet from Seneca, he's pinning them again
+23:19 < mupuf_> there is the SFLC we wanted to contact, hence why I sent the email
+23:19 < danvet> agd5f, thx
+23:19 < robclark> ok, looks like just the two commits to bylaws since last version I looked at (assuming pdf in email matches 408f6e69)..
+23:19 < whot> I'm pretty sure we need to approach SPI again, they need to extend their offer for us to join (the last one has expired)
+23:20 < danvet> whot, who's done that last time around?
+23:20 <+egbert> i think the idea was to do this when we are ready.
+23:20 < whot> danvet: the secretary :P
+23:20 < danvet> meh ...
+23:20 <+egbert> that's what i remember at least
+23:20 < danvet> oh well
+23:20 < danvet> egbert, I've read somewhere it takes them a while to vote and all that
+23:20 <+egbert> keithp has done that
+23:20 < whot> egbert: yeah, we timed it so we were ready for voting and had the offer from SPI, once without the other doesn't make sense
+23:21 < danvet> ok
+23:21 < whot> oh, right, keithp pinged them at first. I just handled all the official bits after
+23:21 <+egbert> they need a board meeting where they vote on this.
+23:21 < whot> yep, and that can take a while
+23:21 < danvet> there's been at least some review of the bylaws by them
+23:22 < danvet> so we'd need to ping them again I guess once we're ok with the updated bylaws
+23:22 <+egbert> i believe keithp also knows how often their board meetings take place
+23:22 < danvet> but really no clue
+23:22 < mupuf_> egbert: it was every month IIRC
+23:22 < danvet> yeah keithp seems to not be around, probably travelling he said iirc
+23:22 <+egbert> last time we had 90 days after the invitation to do our election.
+23:22 < danvet> mupuf_, you have contacts?
+23:22 < whot>
+23:22 < mupuf_> The by-laws state that this must happen at least quarterly, but we aim for a monthly meeting at 20:30 UTC on the second Thursday of the month.
+23:22 < whot> "monthly on the second thu"
+23:23 < mupuf_> danvet: no contacts at all
+23:23 < whot> mupuf_ can google too :)
+23:23 < danvet> yeah cheap excuses
+23:23 < mupuf_> whot: yeepee!
+23:23 < mupuf_> danvet: ah ah, no seriously though
+23:23 < danvet> anyway sounds like nothing to except read them bylaws
+23:23 < mupuf_> I really have no contacts
+23:23 < mupuf_> waaaaaiiiiitttt!!!
+23:23 < mupuf_> I DO!
+23:23 < danvet> hah, volunteered
+23:24 < danvet> mupuf_, can you send the bylaws to those mysterious contacts too to double-check they'd still be ok?
+23:24 < mupuf_> they will have to vote and give us 90 days
+23:24 < mupuf_> so it is too early, I would like to have SFLC on the line so as we can discuss about how we could give them our status
+23:25 < mupuf_> and in favour of this, they would review our bylaws :D
+23:25 < mupuf_> but this time, I REALLY do not have any contacts!
+23:25 * danvet confused
+23:25 < danvet> what's SFLC now in there doing?
+23:25 < mupuf_> SFLC got us our status
+23:25 < mupuf_> we contacted them years ago
+23:26 < whot> no, we can ask SPI that if they offer an invitation it be valid until after the board election in $month
+23:26 < mupuf_> whot: oh, ok
+23:26 < whot> I think the 90 day time limit is just the default, we can modify that
+23:26 < danvet> yeah there's exception possible, as long as it's not unreasonable long iirc
+23:26 < mupuf_> and SFLC said they were interested in keeping the status for us because the situation changed and it is very hard to create a new 501.3c (or whatever the numbers were)
+23:28 < danvet> that sounds mighty complicated
+23:29 < danvet> anyway really need to get those bylaws acked now, so I guess we'll move on to migration
+23:29 < danvet> robclark, any more movement since that mail with daniels?
+23:29 < mupuf_> ack
+23:29 < robclark> danvet, no.. need to re-ping daniels..
+23:30 < danvet> hm :(
+23:30 < robclark> somehow I was thinking mtg was next week so I still had some time ;-)
+23:30 < danvet> nope ;-)
+23:30 < danvet> it's always one week earlier than you think
+23:31 < danvet> robclark, can you pls also push for the mail relay account thing that keithp's been talking about?
+23:31 < robclark> heh, sigh..
+23:31 < robclark> I thought that was already set up.. I just need to find a time when both keithp and I are around at the same time?
+23:32 < whot> theory goes you're even in the same time zone :)
+23:32 < danvet> well practically. same continent at least
+23:32 < danvet> anyway, I'd say that's well volunteered ;-)
+23:32 < danvet> do we have anything else?
+23:32 < whot> oh, right. keithp is still west coast, isn't it
+23:33 < whot> GSoC seems to be starting up again, are we joining in again? agd5f, mupuf_?
+23:33 < mupuf_> What?
+23:33 < mupuf_> Already? :o
+23:33 < agd5f> whot, it's always sooner than you think :)
+23:33 < danvet> oh that's starting up already again?
+23:34 * danvet had no clue
+23:34 < agd5f> not really much to do until feb IIRC
+23:34 < mupuf_> yes
+23:34 < mupuf_> they just had their reunion
+23:35 < whot> sign up as org is all that's needed, I think. didn't read the deadlines, I just remember the mail floating past
+23:35 < mupuf_> at some point, someone will have to go there :D
+23:35 < mupuf_> we NEVER go there
+23:35 < mupuf_> there is nothing on google-melange yet for the GSoC 2016
+23:35 < danvet> ok, sounds good
+23:36 < stukreit> do you mean go to mountain view? Its in my neighborhood
+23:37 < danvet> oh almost forgotten: I'm offline/travelling the next 2 mtgs
+23:37 < danvet> whot, can you pls take over interim?
+23:37 < whot> np
+23:38 < danvet> thx
+23:38 < mupuf_> stukreit: really? why do you never propose to go then? Maybe I should forward this kind of invitations to the board actually :s
+23:38 < mupuf_> I just assumed or asked, can't remember
+23:38 < danvet> I think that's it, if no one pipes up I'll close this mtg now a bit early
+23:38 < danvet> ok?
+23:38 < agd5f> they pay for the travel too in some cases
+23:38 < whot> works for me
+23:38 < stukreit> the problem is I am not equipped to mentor the cutting edge projects. We're always doing catchup things
+23:38 -!- jcristau [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
+23:39 < agd5f> stukreit, I don't think it matters for the meetup as long as you were an mentor or an admin
+23:39 < whot> and you can sign up as mentor and not mentor anything. still gets you a free t-shirt :)
+23:39 < mupuf_> we still need to talk about XDC
+23:40 < stukreit> I once asked to attend and they refused. perhaps I should pursue those other avenues. I'm probably the only sw eng in the bay area who hasn't had lunch at google cafeteria
+23:40 < mupuf_> lol
+23:40 < danvet> oh dear right, totally forgotten xdc 2016
+23:40 < danvet> everyone still here?
+23:40 < marcoz> FINLAND!!!!! WOOT!
+23:41 < agd5f> maybe we should reschedule for summer :)
+23:41 < robclark> mupuf_, I think we'd need to know length of day vs proposed dates for anything that far north ;-)
+23:41 < marcoz> sorry, I'm supposed to be unbiased until after the vote right?
+23:41 < danvet> so everyone read the proposal from mupuf/intel
+23:41 < danvet> robclark, sept is fairly even worldwide
+23:41 < whot> mupuf_: what's the required deadline for a decision. theory goes there could be another proposal (unlikely) so maybe we should wait a bit
+23:41 < mupuf_> robclark: around this time of the year, it is the same as the ones for XDC2015
+23:42 < danvet> so definitely not party until 6am because never dark ;-)
+23:42 < whot> or, if nothing else put a public tender out. not sure if this really matters, I think everyone is mostly happy to have one proposal :)
+23:42 < mupuf_> if we want that, we will need to move the conference to the end of june
+23:42 < mupuf_> but students will be long gone
+23:43 < mupuf_> so it would be end of May :D
+23:43 < mupuf_> which is waaaayyyy too early
+23:43 < mupuf_> so..
+23:43 < danvet> sept is fine imo
+23:43 < mupuf_> yeah, and the temperature is normal
+23:43 < agd5f> we should probably shoot out a RFP just in case, but I'm fine with finland
+23:43 < danvet> whot, never done the process, I figured you just submit something for the next xdc ...
+23:43 < danvet> not aware of anything else
+23:44 < danvet> I guess I can send a mail to members@ asking for other proposals by the next mtg so the board can decide?
+23:44 < mupuf_> that sounds reasonable
+23:44 < mupuf_> we never had to do it
+23:44 < mupuf_> I did not want us to just commit to this one
+23:44 <+egbert> no, we never did.
+23:44 <+egbert> not sure if members would be the right list.
+23:45 < whot> there isn't really a process, except for last year we never had more than one proposal. so the question is mainly whether we are happy with .fi or give others the chance to offer another alternative. there's no rules either, we can make them up as we go along
+23:45 < mupuf_> just that we need a date by which we can start committing
+23:45 <+egbert> the audience there is a bit limited.
+23:45 < mupuf_> so as we can spend more time on it
+23:45 < danvet> mupuf_, did kimmo say anything about when he needs the confirmation?
+23:45 < mupuf_> nope, I guess the sooner the better
+23:45 <+egbert> i don't think we need to wait any longer.
+23:45 < whot> imo a public-enough process would be to email the usual lists (where the announcements go) with a request for proposals about next year's XDC
+23:46 < danvet> egbert, there's a bunch there from intel and former nokians right in helsinki
+23:46 < danvet> but more expensive than europe usually is for european students, but not much I'd say
+23:46 <+egbert> danvet: i know.
+23:46 < whot> but again, this is mostly for transparency purposes, nothing stops is with going with the first offer
+23:46 <+egbert> exactly.
+23:47 < danvet> ok, I'll self-volunteer to send out a mail to usual suspects and then we can vote in 2 weeks
+23:47 < danvet> that ok?
+23:47 < agd5f> +1
+23:47 < danvet> +1
+23:47 <+egbert> +1
+23:48 < whot> +1
+23:48 < robclark> +1
+23:48 < marcoz> +1
+23:48 < mupuf_> +1
+23:49 < danvet> excellent
+23:49 < mupuf_> there is also nvidia in helsinki
+23:49 < mupuf_> and laurent pinchart
+23:50 < danvet> laurent doesn't live there, but he is there fairly often ...
+23:50 < danvet> at least that's what I've thought
+23:50 < mupuf_> oh, ok
+23:51 < danvet> ok, I hope that's all
+23:51 < danvet> if no one pipes up while I finish the minutes I'll close this now
+23:51 < danvet> thx a lot everyone
+23:52 < marcoz> later have a good one!
+23:52 <+egbert> thanks! good night!
+23:52 < robclark> sounds good, let me know if you know when keithp is back and I'll ping him for that half of the expo email saga..
+23:52 < mupuf_> good night!
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