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+Stand Alone Unit Test HowTo
+Beignet provides an independent unit test suite covered most OpenCL language feautures,
+including more than 800 cases which could run in a few minutes, it should be useful for
+testing and comparing different OpenCL implementations.
+OpenCL ICD. Please check your OpenCL ICD existance by command
+`pkg-config --libs OpenCL`.
+Build Stand Alone Unit Test
+The project uses CMake with three profiles:
+1. Debug (-g)
+2. RelWithDebInfo (-g with optimizations)
+3. Release (only optimizations)
+Basically, from the root directory of the project
+`> cd utest`
+`> cmake . # to configure`
+`> make`
+Once built, the 'utest_run' is generated in currenty directory.
+How to run
+You need to call in the utests/ directory to set some environment variables
+firstly as below:
+`> .`
+Then in `utests/`:
+`> ./utest_run`
+if the utest_run fail to run, please check /etc/vendors/OpenCL to confirm it calls the expected
+OpenCL driver, or export LD_LIBRARAY_PATH to establish the correct link.