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### Methods
**Terminate()**, **Activate()**, **Lock()**, **Unlock()**, **Kill()** work similar to the respective calls on the Manager object.
**SetIdleHint()** shall be called by the session object to update the idle state of the session, whenever it changes.
### Signals
Whenever **Active** or the idle state changes **PropertyChanged** signals are sent out to which clients can subscribe.
**Lock** (resp. **Unlock**) is sent when the session is asked to be screen-locked/screen-unlocked. A session manager of the session should listen to this signal and act accordingly. This signal is sent out as a result of the **Lock()** resp. **Unlock()** methods.
### Properties
**Id** encodes the session ID.
@@ -365,8 +362,6 @@ Whenever **Active** or the idle state changes **PropertyChanged** signals are se
**Timestamp** and **TimestampMonotonic** encode the usec timestamp since the epoch when the session was created, in CLOCK_REALTIME resp. CLOCK_MONOTONIC.
-**DefaultControlGroup** encodes the default control group of the session, in systemd's own cgroup hierarchy.
**VTNr** encodes the virtual terminal number of the session if there is any, 0 otherwise.
**Seat** encodes the seat this session belongs to, if there is any. This is a structure consisting of the ID and the seat object path.
@@ -381,6 +376,8 @@ Whenever **Active** or the idle state changes **PropertyChanged** signals are se
**Service** encodes the PAM service name that registered the session.
+**Scope** contains the systemd scope unit name of this session.
**Leader** encodes the PID of the process that registered the session.
**Audit** encodes the Kernel Audit session ID of the session, if auditing is available.
@@ -393,16 +390,8 @@ Whenever **Active** or the idle state changes **PropertyChanged** signals are se
**State** encodes the session state and one of "online", "active", "closing". See [[sd_session_get_state(3)|]] for more information about the states.
-**Controllers** and **ResetControllers** encode the cgroup controllers this session has been explicitly added to/remove from, using pam_systemd's command line.
-**KillProcesses** encodes whether the processes of this session shall be killed if the session ends. It's also controllable on pam_systemd's command line.
**IdleHint**, **IdleSinceHint**, **IdleSinceHintMonotonic** encapsulate the idle hint state of this session, similar to how the respective properties on the manager object do it for the whole system.
These D-Bus interfaces follow [[the usual interface versioning guidelines|]].