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PulseAudio's startup script ( for the normal per-user mode and for the system mode) defines the set of modules to load automatically on startup. At the end of the scripts there is now an include directive that loads files from `/etc/pulse/` or `/etc/pulse/`. This is primarily meant for distributions when they want to add some module to the configuration when installing a package: it's now easy to install a file containing the configuration for the installed package. Users can of course use this mechanism too if they prefer to add a module to the configuration without modifying the original startup script.
+### It's possible to exclude the daemon from a build
+When PipeWire is used to replace PulseAudio, libpulse and PulseAudio utilities are still useful but the PulseAudio daemon is not needed. It's now possible to compile libpulse and the utilities without compiling the daemon. To do this, pass `-Ddaemon=false` to Meson.
### Avoid loading X11 modules on Wayland (GNOME only for now)
PulseAudio traditionally loads a few X11 modules automatically on a graphical login via the `/etc/xdg/autostart/pulseaudio.desktop` file. That's not really desirable on Wayland, because that will autostart XWayland even if it's not otherwise used. The `pulseaudio.desktop` file now contains the line `X-GNOME-HiddenUnderSystemd=true`, so when using GNOME and systemd the X11 modules aren't loaded this way any more. If GNOME is run under X11, there's a new systemd service called `pulseaudio-x11` that handles loading the X11 modules.