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AVRCP Absolute Volume allows PulseAudio to control the volume of the connected A2DP device (when playing to it) or for a connected device to control volume in PulseAudio (when the device plays to PulseAudio). Previously when playing to e.g. a headset, PulseAudio did its own volume control in software, and the headset did its own volume in hardware. Having two levels of volumes sometimes made it difficult to get high enough volume, now there's only one level of volume control.
+This feature can be disabled by passing `avrcp_absolute_volume=false` to module-bluetooth-discover in the `` configuration file.
### ALSA path configuration files can now be placed in user home directory
The code that loads the ALSA path configuration files now checks if the files exist in the directories specified with the `XDG_DATA_HOME` or `XDG_DATA_DIRS` environment variables (under `pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths` subdirectory). Those environment variables are defined by the [XDG Base Directory Spec](, and even if those environment variables aren't set, the XDG Base Directory Spec defines default locations that PulseAudio uses. In particular, in the usual case where `XDG_DATA_HOME` isn't set, the default value is `$HOME/.local/share`, so PulseAudio will look for path configuration files from that directory under the user's home. This is useful when it's necessary to customize the path configuration files. Previously the files in `/usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths` had to be modified, and the modifications were lost whenever upgrading PulseAudio.