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## Notes for end users
+### Support for LDAC and AptX bluetooth codecs, plus so-called "SBC XQ" (SBC with higher-quality parameters)
+PulseAudio now supports the LDAC and AptX codecs for A2DP. In order to use them, the device has to support the codecs too. Also "XQ" configuration variants for the old SBC codec are available. The SBC XQ variants have a fixed (and higher) bitrate than "normal" SBC, so they may have more drop-outs if the wireless connection is bad, but on the hand the quality is always good if the connection is good.
+Switching the codec can be done on the command line with `pactl send-message /card/bluez_card.XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX/bluez switch-codec CODEC`. Replace `XX_XX_XX_XX_XX_XX` with the device address, which can be found for example with `LANG=C pactl list cards | grep Name`. Replace `CODEC` with one of the available codec names: `aptx`, `aptx_hd`, `ldac_hq` ("High Quality"), `ldac_sq` ("Standard Quality"), `ldac_mq` ("Mobile Quality"), `sbc`, `sbc_xq_453`, `sbc_xq_512`, `sbc_xq_552`.
### ALSA path configuration files can now be placed in user home directory
The code that loads the ALSA path configuration files now checks if the files exist in the directories specified with the `XDG_DATA_HOME` or `XDG_DATA_DIRS` environment variables (under `pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths` subdirectory). Those environment variables are defined by the [XDG Base Directory Spec](, and even if those environment variables aren't set, the XDG Base Directory Spec defines default locations that PulseAudio uses. In particular, in the usual case where `XDG_DATA_HOME` isn't set, the default value is `$HOME/.local/share`, so PulseAudio will look for path configuration files from that directory under the user's home. This is useful when it's necessary to customize the path configuration files. Previously the files in `/usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/paths` had to be modified, and the modifications were lost whenever upgrading PulseAudio.
@@ -75,7 +81,7 @@ PulseAudio's Meson build system was lagging behind the old Autotools build syste
### New API for sending messages from clients to modules
-The new "message API" was added to make it easier to implement client interfaces in modules. This new infrastructure isn't yet used in any modules, so for now applications have no reason to start using the API. TODO: Better documentation is being worked on, link to the docs once they're available.
+The new "message API" was added to make it easier to implement client interfaces in modules. It's currently used for switching bluetooth codecs.
### New mechanism for applications to disable shared memory on their connection to PulseAudio