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will only run `some_unit_test0` and `some_unit_test1` tests
-Supported Hardware
+Supported Targets
+ * 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors
+ * Intel “Bay Trail” platforms with Intel HD Graphics
+ * 4rd Generation Intel Core Processors, need kernel patch currently, see below
+ for details:
-The code was tested on IVB GT2 with ubuntu and fedora core distribution. The recommended
-kernel version is equal or newer than 3.11. Currently Only IVB is supported right now.
-Actually, the code was run on IVB GT2/GT1, and both system are well supported now.
+The 4rd Generation Inter Core Processors's support requires some Linux kernel
+modification. You need to apply the patch at:
Known Issues
@@ -205,7 +210,7 @@ to the beignet mail list and send patches to it for review.
The official mail list is as below:
-Docs for OpenCL application developers
+Documents for OpenCL application developers
- [[Cross compile|Beignet/howto/cross-compiler-howto]]
- [[Kernel Optimization Guide|Beignet/optimization-guide]]