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Docs: update/clarify Haswell issues
Reflect recent beignet and Linux changes.
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@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ Supported Targets
* 3rd Generation Intel Core Processors
* Intel “Bay Trail” platforms with Intel HD Graphics
- * 4th Generation Intel Core Processors, need kernel patch currently, see the "Known Issues" section.
+ * 4th Generation Intel Core Processors "Haswell", need kernel patch currently, see the "Known Issues" section.
* 5th Generation Intel Core Processors "Broadwell".
Known Issues
@@ -161,22 +161,34 @@ Known Issues
But this command is a little bit dangerous, as if your kernel really hang, then the gpu will lock up
forever until a reboot.
-* Almost all unit tests fail.
- There is a known issue in some versions of linux kernel which enable register whitelist feature
- but miss some necessary registers which are required for beignet. For non-HSW platforms, the
- problematic version are around 3.15 and 3.16 which have commit f0a346b... but haven't commit
- c9224f... If it is the case, you can apply c9224f... manually and rebuild the kernel or just
- disable the parse command by invoke the following command (use Ubuntu as an example):
+* "Beignet: self-test failed" and almost all unit tests fail.
+ Linux 3.15 and 3.16 (commits [f0a346b](
+ to [c9224fa](
+ enable the register whitelist by default but miss some registers needed
+ for Beignet.
+ This can be fixed by upgrading Linux, or by disabling the whitelist:
`# echo 0 > /sys/module/i915/parameters/enable_cmd_parser`
- For HSW platforms, this issue exists in all linux kernel version after 3.15. We always need
- to execute the above command.
-* Some unit test cases, maybe 20 to 30, fail on 4th Generation (HSW) platform.
- _The 4th Generation Intel Core Processors's support requires some Linux kernel
- modification_. You need to apply the patch at:
- [](
+ On Haswell hardware, Beignet 1.0.1 to 1.0.3 also required the
+ above workaround on later Linux versions, but this _should not_ be
+ required in current (after [83f8739](
+ git master.
+* "Beignet: self-test failed" and 15-30 unit tests fail on 4th Generation (Haswell) hardware.
+ On Haswell, shared local memory (\_\_local) does not work at all on
+ Linux <= 4.0, and requires the i915.enable_ppgtt=2 [boot parameter](
+ on Linux 4.1.
+ This will be fixed in Linux 4.2; older versions can be fixed with
+ [this patch](
+ If you do not need \_\_local, you can override the self-test with
+ but using \_\_local after this may silently give wrong results.
* Precision issue.
Currently Gen does not provide native support of high precision math functions