BranchCommit messageAuthorAge bump to version 1.11.1 for the point releaseBryce Harrington5 years bump to version 2.0.0 for the official releaseBryce Harrington4 years bump to version 3.0.0 for the official releaseBryce Harrington4 years bump to version 4.0.0 for the official releaseDerek Foreman3 years bump to version 5.0.0 for the official releaseDerek Foreman3 years
6.0build: bump to version 6.0.1 for the point releaseSimon Ser22 months
7.0build: bump to version 7.0.0 for the official releaseSimon Ser20 months
8.0build: bump to version 8.0.0 for the official releaseSimon Ser15 months
9.0build: bump to version 9.0.0 for the official releaseSimon Ser7 months
masterlauncher: remove unused fieldJonathan Marler31 hours
9.0.0commit 04d3ae265d...Simon Ser7 months
8.0.93commit 13f501c51b...Simon Ser8 months
8.0.92commit 06d51cc4cb...Simon Ser8 months
8.0.91commit 905ddbb3b0...Simon Ser8 months
8.0.0commit 33b06bdece...Simon Ser15 months
7.0.93commit 0fa41030bb...Simon Ser15 months
7.0.92commit 105e0b9c27...Simon Ser16 months
7.0.91commit 404a84a03a...Simon Ser16 months
7.0.0commit 3180fa8a12...Simon Ser20 months
6.0.93commit 670ac1c0ed...Simon Ser20 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
31 hourslauncher: remove unused fieldHEADmasterJonathan Marler1-1/+0
3 daysbackend-drm/state-propose: Check the surface buffer dimensions for cursor caseMarius Vlad1-0/+11
3 dayslauncher: fix socket message race conditionJonathan Marler3-19/+63
6 daysgl-renderer: add note about fallback shader colorPekka Paalanen1-0/+9
6 daysgl-renderer: remove redundant 'target'Pekka Paalanen1-24/+19
6 daysgl-renderer: gl_surface_state has only shader_variantPekka Paalanen1-19/+18
6 daysgl-renderer: rework uniform value assignmentsPekka Paalanen3-190/+220
6 daysgl-renderer: move shader list destroy to gl-shaders.cPekka Paalanen3-4/+13
6 daysgl-renderer: pass 'gr' from draw_view()Pekka Paalanen1-10/+9
6 daysgl-renderer: move gl_renderer_send_shader_error() upwardsPekka Paalanen1-13/+13