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2016-01-11tablet: a tip event can replace an axis eventPeter Hutterer1-1/+2
2016-01-11tablet: add pressure threshold handlingPeter Hutterer1-0/+16
2016-01-05doc: add missing tip event to the allowed set of eventsPeter Hutterer1-2/+2
2016-01-05doc: fix and improve the tablet documentationPeter Hutterer1-49/+47
2016-01-05doc: improve absolute axis documentation a bitPeter Hutterer1-6/+12
2015-12-23tablet: add libinput_tablet_tool_is_unique()Peter Hutterer1-1/+3
2015-12-15doc: a couple of tablet documentation fixesPeter Hutterer1-0/+22
2015-12-15tablet: support tool-specific pressure offsetsPeter Hutterer1-0/+29
2015-12-14doc: add missing tablet-axes.svgPeter Hutterer1-0/+563
2015-12-14Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer1-0/+18
2015-12-14touchpad: add a special quirk for the Lenovo x220 with updated firmwarePeter Hutterer1-0/+18
2015-12-02doc: fix double full stopPeter Hutterer1-2/+2
2015-11-24Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer3-3/+6
2015-11-18doc: tablet documentation updatesPeter Hutterer2-3/+248
2015-11-18tablet: rename LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET to LIBINPUT_EVENT_TABLET_TOOLPeter Hutterer1-1/+1
2015-11-16doc: add a link to the dwt config call to the docPeter Hutterer1-1/+4
2015-11-09Documentation fixes to arrows in svg filesTomi Leppänen2-2/+2
2015-10-21Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer2-731/+757
2015-09-19touchpad: fix the number of button clicks in multitapPeter Hutterer1-759/+706
2015-09-11Add an API to change pointer acceleration profilesPeter Hutterer1-0/+17
2015-09-07touchpad: don't tap for 2fg down, followed by a single finger upPeter Hutterer1-96/+158
2015-08-26Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer18-17/+14805
2015-08-24doc: add a diagram for evemu and note that libinput doesn't recordingsPeter Hutterer3-0/+26
2015-08-22doc: fix more typosJason Gerecke9-12/+12
2015-08-21doc: ellipse instead of ellipsisAndreas Pokorny1-2/+2
2015-08-17doc: fix typosPeter Hutterer1-3/+3
2015-08-12doc: add pointer acceleration documentationPeter Hutterer7-0/+14762
2015-08-04Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer5-1/+261
2015-08-03doc: add a page about touchpadsPeter Hutterer2-1/+164
2015-07-30doc: add a page on how to report bugsPeter Hutterer3-0/+90
2015-07-27touchpad: disable 2fg scrolling on Synaptics semi-mt touchpadsPeter Hutterer1-0/+7
2015-07-24Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer11-2314/+8352
2015-07-24touchpad: only try thumb detection in the lowest 15/8mmPeter Hutterer3-0/+145
2015-07-16doc: use bootstrap for doxygen stylingPeter Hutterer7-3/+8069
2015-07-16doc: strip doxygen file from all default valuesPeter Hutterer1-2311/+0
2015-07-16doc: add a page about the available toolsPeter Hutterer2-0/+104
2015-07-16doc: group the "related pages" by general topicPeter Hutterer2-1/+35
2015-07-14Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer3-9/+29
2015-07-14evdev: use LIBINPUT_ATTR_SIZE_HINT for resolutionsPeter Hutterer1-5/+9
2015-07-09touchpad: work thumb detection into the tap state machinePeter Hutterer1-0/+18
2015-07-09touchpad: allow edge scrolling on clickpadsPeter Hutterer1-4/+2
2015-07-08Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer7-0/+1668
2015-07-07doc: add "mouse is too fast" to the FAQPeter Hutterer2-0/+9
2015-07-06doc: add documentation for touchpad gesturesPeter Hutterer5-0/+1659
2015-07-06Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer1-4/+27
2015-07-02Drop motion normalization of unaccelerated deltasPeter Hutterer1-4/+27
2015-06-29Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer2-349/+398
2015-06-23touchpad: hook up drag lock configurationPeter Hutterer1-343/+385
2015-06-23Add configuration interface for tap drag-lockPeter Hutterer1-6/+13
2015-06-16Merge branch 'master' into tablet-supportPeter Hutterer1-2/+18