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touchpad: add a special quirk for the Lenovo x220 with updated firmware
If an x220 is updated to the touchpad firmware version 8.1, the touchpad suffers from the same issues as the x230 and needs custom acceleration code. Unfortunately we cannot detect this otherwise, so it is left to the user as a custom hwdb setting. Signed-off-by: Peter Hutterer <> Reviewed-by: Hans de Goede <>
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@@ -117,4 +117,22 @@ defaults or any other reason. The effects of setting these properties, the
format of the property and the value of the property are subject to change
at any time.
+@subsection model_specific_configuration_x220fw81 Lenovo x220 with touchpad firmware v8.1
+The property <b>LIBINPUT_MODEL_LENOVO_X220_TOUCHPAD_FW81</b> may be set by a
+user in a local hwdb file. This property designates the touchpad on a Lenovo
+x220 with a touchpad firmware version 8.1. When this firmware version is
+installed, the touchpad is imprecise. The touchpad device does not send
+continuos x/y axis position updates, a behavior also observed on its
+successor model, the Lenovo x230 which has the same firmware version. If the
+above property is set, libinput adjusts its behavior to better suit this
+particular model.
+The touchpad firmware version cannot be detected automatically by libinput,
+local configuration is required to set this property. Refer to the libinput
+model quirks hwdb for instructions.
+This property must not be used for any other purpose, no specific behavior
+is guaranteed.