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@page scrolling Scrolling
libinput supports three different types of scrolling methods: @ref
-twofinger_scrolling, @ref edge_scrolling and @ref button_scrolling. Some devices
-support multiple methods, though only one can be enabled at a time. See
+twofinger_scrolling, @ref edge_scrolling and @ref button_scrolling. Some
+devices support multiple methods, though only one can be enabled at a time.
+As a general overview:
+- touchpad devices with physical buttons below the touchpad support edge and
+ two-finger scrolling
+- touchpad devices without physical buttons (@ref clickpad_softbuttons
+ "clickpads") support two-finger scrolling only
+- pointing sticks provide on-button scrolling by default
+- mice and other pointing devices support on-button scrolling but it is not
+ enabled by default
+A device may differ from the above based on its capabilities. See
libinput_device_config_scroll_set_method() for documentation on how to
switch methods and libinput_device_config_scroll_get_methods() for
documentation on how to query a device for available scroll methods.
+@section horizontal_scrolling Horizontal scrolling
Scroll movements provide vertical and horizontal directions, each
scroll event contains both directions where applicable, see
libinput_event_pointer_get_axis_value(). libinput does not provide separate
@@ -55,6 +67,10 @@ a designated button is held down. For example, Lenovo devices provide a
<a href="">pointing stick</a> that emulates
scroll events when the trackstick's middle mouse button is held down.
+@note On-button scrolling is enabled by default for pointing sticks. This
+prevents middle-button dragging; all motion events while the middle button is
+down are converted to scroll events.
@image html button-scrolling.svg "Button scrolling"
The button may be changed with