BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
branch-0.9.1build: Update version info for bugfix releaseGert Wollny2 years
jakob-vtest-print-segfaultsvtest: Print segfaults to consoleJakob Bornecrantz5 years
mainvrend: Handle and report TEXTURE_MIRROR_CLAMP correctlyGert Wollny2 days
masterUprev Mesa to eeb6515096481d8e8a66f6d76a050e69716d791aCollabora's Gfx CI Team3 months
tintou/coverageci: Add code coverage supportCorentin Noël8 days
tintou/mesa-uprevUprev Mesa to adaf4460bd19a9cc8249a0ddac442b5a05f5828dCorentin Noël2 weeks
tintou/partial-shaderrenderer: Separate partial shader initialization from the shader objectCorentin Noël4 days
tintou/pipe_boxp_state: Decrease the size of pipe_box - 24 -> 16 bytesCorentin Noël5 weeks
tintou/virgl-format-cleanupformat: Add block depth to the format utilsCorentin Noël9 hours
tintou/virgl_resource_createresource: virgl_resource_create_from_fd always take the ownership of the fdCorentin Noël7 days
virglrenderer-1.0.0commit 9c9d55ecbe...Gert Wollny7 days
1.0.0commit 9c9d55ecbe...Gert Wollny7 days
0.10.4commit 88b9fe3bfc...Gert Wollny9 months
virglrenderer-0.10.4commit 88b9fe3bfc...Gert Wollny9 months
0.10.3commit 0922041ec6...Gert Wollny12 months
virglrenderer-0.10.3commit 0922041ec6...Gert Wollny12 months
virglrenderer-0.10.1commit 5c17304ee9...Gert Wollny13 months
0.10.1commit 5c17304ee9...Gert Wollny13 months
0.10.0commit f70a6640ca...Gert Wollny13 months
virglrenderer-0.10.0commit f70a6640ca...Gert Wollny13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2023-06-30Uprev Mesa to eeb6515096481d8e8a66f6d76a050e69716d791aHEADmasterCollabora's Gfx CI Team5-14/+2
2023-06-29format: drop ALPHA 16F and 32F emulation on coreGert Wollny5-62/+0
2023-06-29formats: Unify handling of LA formatsGert Wollny2-52/+57
2023-06-29vrend: rework the TBO swizzle shader key evaluationGert Wollny1-103/+107
2023-06-29vrend: Mark shader dirty when we bind a TBOGert Wollny1-0/+1
2023-06-29vrend: Add mapping for Alpha 16F and Alpha 32F TBO formatGert Wollny1-0/+2
2023-06-28vrend: Add a new mode for virgl fuzzer testDawn Han1-4/+56
2023-06-27Uprev Mesa to 99502b42b4d09195ba404173baa92d12216b6a96Collabora's Gfx CI Team2-7/+2
2023-06-26vrend/egl: allow EGL fencing for OpenGL contextsRyan Neph2-3/+2
2023-06-26vrend/egl: ensure pre-signaled native fence is created before exportRyan Neph1-0/+3