BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
224-astc-textures-are-not-fully-supported-when-running-on-gl-hostsvkr: forward the host renderer hardware infoYiwei Zhang12 months
branch-0.9.1build: Update version info for bugfix releaseGert Wollny13 months
jakob-socket-protoheadervtest: Use default socket name from protocol headerJakob Bornecrantz4 years
jakob-vtest-print-segfaultsvtest: Print segfaults to consoleJakob Bornecrantz3 years
jakob-vtest-refactorvtest: Refactor vtest_server.cJakob Bornecrantz4 years
jakob-vtest-spacevtest: Unify ident sizeJakob Bornecrantz4 years
mastervrend: Guard the error with GL_NO_ERROR for any possible glTexImage2D errorYonggang Luo3 days
virtio-gpu-nextvrend: Swap bytes when reading back on a big endian archGert Wollny2 years
0.9.1commit 363915595e...Gert Wollny13 months
virglrenderer-0.9.1commit 363915595e...Gert Wollny13 months
0.9.0commit 2cd0803574...Gert Wollny14 months
virglrenderer-0.9.0commit 2cd0803574...Gert Wollny14 months
virglrenderer-0.8.2commit 7d204f3927...Gert Wollny2 years
virglrenderer-0.8.1commit 66c57963aa...Gert Wollny2 years
0.8.0commit 48cc96c9ae...Gert Wollny3 years
virglrenderer-0.8.0commit 48cc96c9ae...Gert Wollny3 years
virglrendere-0.8.0commit 5642ffb268...Gert Wollny3 years
virglrenderer-0.7.0commit 402c228861...Dave Airlie4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 daysvrend: Guard the error with GL_NO_ERROR for any possible glTexImage2D errorHEADmasterYonggang Luo1-1/+7
3 daysshader: free string buffers for dest registersGert Wollny1-0/+3
6 daysvrend: Clamp texture buffer range according to available limitGert Wollny1-3/+23
7 daysshader: Emit format layout if the image is not writeonlyGert Wollny1-5/+17
7 daysshader: Add the uniforms to the header buffer only when requiredCorentin Noël1-47/+40
8 daysproxy: switch to using uint64_t for fence_cookie internallyRyan Neph1-4/+3
8 daysdrm: switch to using uint64_t fence_id internallyRyan Neph3-14/+12
8 daysvkr: switch to using uint64_t fence_id internallyRyan Neph3-16/+11
8 daysvrend: switch to using uint64_t fence_id internallyRyan Neph4-23/+21
8 daysvirgl: push uint64_t fence_id down into each context's fence_retireRyan Neph8-11/+15