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2010-01-18trivial: Rename a lot of the source files from dkp-foo to up-foo, no API or A...Richard Hughes1-804/+0
2010-01-17trivial: use g_set_error() in more placesRichard Hughes1-3/+3
2009-09-11Use g_ptr_array_new_with_free_func() in more places to make client applicatio...Richard Hughes1-11/+7
2009-09-11Add some self tests and fix up some obvious bugsRichard Hughes1-0/+27
2009-08-20Add some more warnings, and fix up a few errors. Still more to fixRichard Hughes1-2/+0
2009-04-22Add a has-capability to the org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Power.Wakeups interface...Richard Hughes1-0/+56
2009-02-27trivial: remove egg-stringRichard Hughes1-2/+1
2009-02-04bugfix: only enable the wakeups polling if a client requires the dataRichard Hughes1-36/+93
2009-01-31trivial: do moving average on the wakeups total valueRichard Hughes1-20/+35
2009-01-30trivial: translations belong in the GUI tool...Richard Hughes1-14/+22
2009-01-30trivial: ensure we get a cmdline when zero length and check for wakeups < 0.1sRichard Hughes1-7/+9
2009-01-30trivial: change the interface to be a double with per seconds, not per minuteRichard Hughes1-12/+12
2009-01-30trivial: implement org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Power.WakeupsRichard Hughes1-0/+646